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Fire Princess v2.1 - By Creon316

Space Coast Games, Palm Bay Florida

About 25 participants

April 9th, 2005

My favorite deck type is back again after some more tinkering. After a long break from dueling, I set foot in a live game again about a month ago using many older cards inspired by my deck in the Xbox game Dawn of Destiny. Since then I went on a week-long vacation, and while traveling I splurged on many booster packs and collector tins. A few of my new acquisitions found their way into my competition deck. Even better, this is actually fewer cards than my last model. I decided to take out some of the duplicates and instead trust the Heart of the Cards to bring me the one I needed at the right time. Here’s the rundown.

Deck total: 43 +5 fusions

Normal Monsters (1)

Aqua Madoor (because some times you just need defense)

Effect Monsters (20)

Marie the Fallen One (better off dead)

Spirit Reaper


Exiled Force

Night Assailant (to update my man-eater bug)

2x Magician of Faith

Bowganian (Dark, 3 stars, 1300 ATK, searchable with Sangan and Tomato, 600 direct damage just for being face-up, gotta love it--the prodigy here)

Balloon Lizard (nifty effect, people always panic to destroy it ASAP…just don‘t Call or Premature it or it can backfire)

Cyber Jar

Mystic Tomato

Mask of Darkness (always debate this one, but getting back my Call or Mirror Force can be lifesaving)

Lava Golem (This replaced my Magical Marionette…great way to destroy Jinzo and cause major damage)

Penguin Soldier

Cannon Soldier (sigh…I really need to master this card, it almost won me 2 matches today had I only recognized its power)

Cure Mermaid

Sinister Serpent

Mother Grizzly (this is mainly to get Serpent in hand, but will also work with Madoor or Penguin)

2x Fire Princess

Spell (12)

2x Heart of Clear Water (good way to defend 1000 Eyes--I think only a Torrential or Tribe can destroy it at this point--or maybe a Creature Swap/tribute, not sure about that)

Premature Burial

2x Messenger of Peace

My Body As A Shield (for Torrentials and Cyber Jars)


Pot of Greed


The Shallow Grave (dunno about this one…too situational)

Mystical Space Typhoon

Graceful Charity

Trap (10)

Call of the Haunted

Solemn Judgment

Solemn Wishes

Mirror Force

2x Magic Jammer

2x Gravity Bind

Judgment of Anubis (another new addition…works great in this deck, especially with the risk of Heavy Storm)

Ring of Destruction

Fusion (5) summon able via Metamorphosis

3x Thousand-Eyes Restrict (w/ Magician of Faith or Sinister)

Dark Balter the Terrible (w/ Marie the Fallen One)

Reaper on the Nightmare (w/ Marie)

Side Deck (15)

…okay, I haven’t put any thought into my side deck for a LONG time. I still have anti-Yata stuff in here. You can go ahead and laugh.

Vengeful Bog Spirit

Reverse Trap

Possessed Dark Soul

Ekibyo Drakmord

House of Adhesive Tape

Nobleman of Crossout

Ordeal of a Traveler

Prohibition (I need to deck this to use against Noblemans)


Giant Trunade

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Jirai Gumo (??? I forget why I have this)

Collected Power

Heart of Clear Water (this is covered in the main deck)

As you’ve noticed by now, the strategy of this deck is to drain all life points through direct damage effects, and not by attacking. Today, through 5 matches, I only declared 2 attacks. What seems to work most often is to get Marie The Fallen One into the graveyard and then summon Fire Princess with a Messenger of Peace and/or Gravity Bind in play, and then protect those cards while they do their dirty work. Solemn Wishes and Cure Mermaid will also work with Princess, but those cards are liable to get destroyed while Marie in the graveyard is only threatened by cards that nobody decks for serious play.

If Fire Princess/LP gain just isn’t enough, then there are other direct damage effects to fall back on or, better yet, speed it up. Cannon Soldier does the job, best when used with Sinister Serpent on every turn. Keep an eye on opponent’s LP and blow up your whole field with Cannon to finish the job when it’ll end the game. Bowganian will do a hefty 600 points damage all by itself, you just have to keep it on the field. Lava Golem is the most deadly, and lets you tribute 2 of your opponent’s annoying monsters to boot. Same idea with Ring of Destruction--if your points are high enough, which they tend to be with this deck type, you can end a game by blowing up a strong monster, or else cause a draw if you’re lower and feeling vindictive. Judgment of Anubis can do some hefty damage while blocking that Heavy Storm or MST threatening your poor Messenger.

Most important to this deck is preventing attacks while burning points. Obviously there is Gravity Bind and Messenger of Peace. Heart of Clear water equipped to a monster gives them a Spirit Reaper-like effect--battle doesn’t destroy them, and they can’t be specifically targeted and destroyed by any card effect. Unfortunately it won’t work on Fire Princess since her ATK is too high. I’ve thought of using Ring of Magnetism with this, but that’s too many continuous cards to mess with. My other secret weapon is 1000 Eyes Restrict. Nobody else can attack, and I don’t have to worry about flip effects. It can also digest an annoying monster with a troublesome effect.

Okay, now that I’ve totally given away my strategy, let’s see how it fared today. By the way, the judge threw someone out of the tournament for arguing loudly and then swearing. They eventually worked it out, and he rejoined and ended up in the top 5.

1st match: Me vs. Michael

You’ve heard of soccer moms? This guy was a Yugi dad. He’d brought his son to the tournament and was also competing himself. This brought us to 3 adults competing today. He was using a pretty brawny beat down deck, choosing to go with strength instead of removal. Easy prey for my deck. This match went smoothly for me, and I brought out one of my secret weapons in each duel.

First duel: My Spirit Reaper tripped him up while I drew my strategic cards. It wasn’t around for too long, but I drew Messenger of Peace in plenty of time. My Serpent held the fort in DEF mode when I activated it. On his turn he had some 1700 ATK thing and a Sangan. He asked me and then the judge if he could equip Axe of Despair to his Sangan in order to still attack. Survey SAYS! [XXX] I helpfully added that Injection Fairy Lily could still attack underneath that, and later wished I hadn’t. So he equipped it to his fighter and hit me with Sangan. Ouch, but serpent of course came right back. He informed me that I must be using Exodia, and asked if he was right. I said smugly that I can’t tell him that while we’re playing. Then I stuck Bowganian in ATK mode, but didn’t bother hitting his Sangan with it because that would be too helpful. The burning began. Then I set my Ring. Before much longer, as he continued to draw useless high-ATK monsters, setting out Marauding Captain, I drew Metamorphosis, and threw out Serpent as tribute fodder to get it summoned. Then I sucked up his Captain and also equipped it with a Heart of Clear Water. While 1000 Eyes stalled everybody and was very safe from removal, I continued to burn with Bowganian while also summoning Cannon Soldier to fire off Serpent repeatedly. About now, I assured him that I wasn’t using Exodia. Guess what he summons next? Injection Fairy Lily. So glad I brought that up. While his paying 2000 LP might help me in the long run, I didn’t want to risk a breach in my strategy and activated Ring on her for a mere 400 damage, but I was safe. He eventually put out a Heavy Storm, which would have damaged me had I not already set Judgment of Anubis. I finished the job on his points quickly by using it to blow up his Axe-equipped warrior thing to deal out 2700 damage for the game.

2nd duel: Wiser now, he decided to go first. I didn’t get the defense cards right away, but he didn’t get anything useful either. I did pull Lava Golem though. He attacked my Night Assailant, which destroyed his monster. His field was wide open, but that’s not usually a big deal with my deck. Just because I could, I threw out my Penguin Soldier in ATK mode, stuck it with Heart of Clear Water, and attacked him directly. Ooh, the gods tremble. I backed it up with a facedown Serpent. He MST’s my Heart and summons another warrior and kills Penguin. I then drew Messenger, and with Golem in hand figured I’d let him get cocky and summon aplenty and deal me some minor damage. He did. A few turns later I had Messenger and Bind going, with Lava Golem on his side and my Fire Princess/Cure Mermaid combo. He tried to Heavy Storm me, but Magic Jammer took care of that. Like an idiot I discarded my Shallow Grave with it instead of Marie the Fallen. Oh well, it didn’t matter. He had to spend almost the rest of the match doing nothing and watching me tell him how many points he’d just lost. He tried a Cyber Jar flip, but I was ready with My Body As A Shield. Heavy Storm? Solemn Judgment. I love it when a plan comes together. Yeah, these cost me a lot of points, but thanks to Cure Mermaid I could afford it. My next round of burning brought him below 3000 LP. Just in time, he tried to tribute Lava Golem but I blew it up with my Ring of Destruction, ending the game quickly with the score at 1600-0.

He was pretty frustrated but said that my deck was neat, and that it’s fun to play whether you win or lose.

2nd match: Me vs. Matthew

I was relieved to sit down at the assigned station across from a little kid. I got put against the son of the guy I just played, who also had a beat down. There were some high-powered monsters such as Jinzo and Summoned Skull, along with the usual host of 1800 attackers. He also had some magic and trap cards, but wasn’t playing them, which made him another easy target for my deck. His dad tried to warn him.

1st duel: Poetry in motion. While he brought out strong monsters, I was ready with a set Gravity Bind. I let him pick off my Mother Grizzly, Sangan a few times thanks to Call, and Penguin Soldier so he had to re-summon his S. Skull. When I was ready, it all fell into place: Fire Princess, Solemn Wishes, Marie in the graveyard, Bind, Messenger, Cannon Soldier/Serpent, AND 1000-eyes. Every turn I was gaining 700 lp and he lost 1500 between Princess and Cannon Soldier. When his points were low enough, I went nuclear with Cannon Soldier on my whole field and finished it quick. There was a small group watching, and everyone kept saying he needed to summon Jinzo. Turned out his Jinzo was on the bottom of the deck.

2nd duel. This one was even easier. My strategy here was like in Napoleon Dynamite: “I’m doing whatever I FEEL like, GOSH!” I never drew any LP gainers, but chewed through all 8000 of his points with only a Messenger of Peace and Bowganian, both played on my first turn. The little one-eyed archer machine single-handedly defeated him. I drew the Lava Golem, and flashed it to his dad while grinning. He did pull a Heavy Storm out, but again my Curse of Anubis took care of that. He did get Jinzo out on his last turn, but my Lava Golem took care of that before it could be a problem. By now his dad had finished and was looking on. He refrained from helping him during the game, which was good, but he kept grumbling that I wouldn’t get away with it if it were him playing this deck.

After this we still had some time before the next round, so I challenged the both of them to vs. me with my Dragon deck in training that I’m still fine tuning. It worked well against their deck, I beat him in 4 turns. We started a 2nd duel but didn’t have time to finish it.

Hmm…a Dark Room of Nightmare would be like clockwork in my burner deck, but I’d hate to top deck that, and with only 5 M/T zones, another continuous card with a minor effect is hard to justify. Plus I don’t have one.

3rd Match: Me vs. a Level-Up Warrior deck.

I played this guy last time, and was able to beat him with my previous version of this deck. He was using stuff like Gearfried the Sword Master and all the Level-ups/Graveyards in the 4th dimension you could shake a beatstick at. Not so today.

1st duel: He won this. I started to burn him, but 2-3 turns into that he got out a Heavy Storm while I had 4 M/T’s going that none could respond to. I lost a Mirror Force, active Messenger, and facedown Bind. I did chain with my Call on my Sangan and got a free search. He flipped a Cyber Jar, and I got some good replacements in hand along with my own Jar that I put facedown. He continued his battle phase and attacked the Jar purposely, which left me with some weak defenders. He had enough attackers to deal some damage, and on his next turn took advantage of those Level-ups, again broke through my defenses, and dealt enough damage for the win.

2nd duel: My win this time. I got better counter cards in the first few draws, and successfully burned him down. Fun stuff like Judgment of Anubis, My Body as a Shield, and Solemn Judgment all kept me safe while my burners made the field too hot for his Warriors to handle. I won’t bore you with the specifics, just reread my main strategies above and you’ll understand. I’d like to think that if Paris Hilton had watched this duel, she’d have said “That’s hot.” And then wonder why she was in a hobby shop just outside a dangerous neighborhood in central Florida.

3rd duel: After being down to my Spirit Reaper thanks to his using Delinquent Duo twice in a row, it looked bleak. However, I drew a Messenger of Peace and was able to defend long enough to draw some good cards. I quickly got the Cannon Soldier/Sinister Serpent cheap-o-rama in effect. I drew another Bind and got that in play, not to mention Marie in the Graveyard with a Magic Jammer, and Fire Princess reprezentin’. Math lesson, kids. After my Lava Golem got him to like 1600 LP, I had Cannon Soldier on field with 2 monsters, and hadn’t normal summoned yet. What would you do in this case? Not what I did. I normal summoned Sinister Serpent and fired it off for 500 damage, then ended my turn, planning to let Golem and my next Marie boost finish the job. Like I said at the top, I need to be more aware of Cannon Soldier. I could have had it right there. On his turn, he drew Heart of the Cards. He mst’d my Messenger, then Premature’d on Jinzo, negating my Bind, had enough attackers ready to clear my field, and attacked me directly with Jinzo and the Lava Golem for the win.

Let that be a lesson, kids. Be aware of everything at your disposal. I failed to realize that I could finish off all my monsters one turn ago to destroy his points. Grr…However, I had not yet learned my lesson and made a similar mistake in the next Match. I’ll never be regional champion and my sister won’t be able to get that eye surgery!

4th Match: Me vs…uhh, some guy, didn’t catch his name.

I remembered this guy from my previous run of tournaments over a year ago. He used to have these crazy decks with even lesser-played cards than I use. He used, with success, cards like Gryphon Wing, Kaiser Coliseum, Insect Barrier/DNA surgery, Heart of Clear Water, Exchange, off-the-wall stuff like that. Well, today he’s got a strong offensive deck and is all business. Never smiled once, and talking/playing very fast. The kind that after every single card he plays, says coldly “Do you respond?” even if I have no M/T set, and after every SINGLE card I played, said “Ok, my turn?” That gets old. Folks, people will announce when they’re done.

1st duel: Ok, what went wrong here. I can’t remember the specifics. The combination of my weak opening hand and his right mix of counter cards just bowled me over. No Jinzo required…oh yeah, he used lots of Nobleman of Crossout. As you may have noticed, I open many duels by putting out red shirts (see: classic Star Trek) so they can either attract removal cards or get killed and flipped so I can use their effects to draw the main players into my hand. For example, say in my opening hand I am holding Fire Princess, Cyber Jar, Bowganian, MST, Messenger of Peace. In case they are holding Nobleman, MST, and/or Heavy Storm, I am going to put facedown my Bowganian and MST. The rest of the cards I’m holding, I’ll need later or their effects are too valuable to risk losing. It works…people will use their MST to destroy mine, which I think is a fair trade. (If I’m holding Marie, I’ll put that Magic Jammer down so I can still activate it and get her discarded.) If they want to Nobleman my Bowganian, that’s fine, I can absorb one direct attack and I’m still holding my major player and the valuable Cyber Jar. So there you have the Red-Shirt Strategy.

So that was a lot of filler to use in place of a detailed Duel report, as this was fast. I put down my weak opening cards, they got destroyed, no flip or special summon effects thanks to Nobleman of Crossout, he used Delinquent Duo twice, I never recovered.

2nd duel: After such a quick defeat, I was kind of getting bored with dueling. My back hurt from sitting on these benches all afternoon, and my mind was starting to drift towards what I was having for dinner and my plans for the evening. I was about to just call it a day and drop out, but decided to keep going to see what else I could pull out. I did better on this duel. Uh-oh, he leads off with Spear Dragon which causes major trouble for my deck. Even with 0 DEF, it’s not safe to attack it when you’re leaving weenies in ATK mode to do so. I used a Ring on one early on, but it came right back with a Premature. Before too long, I got Gravity Bind which stopped it. Board control was being juggled back and forth, with me doing a little LP damage here and there. I managed to stall him when I had one defender on the field and on my next turn drew Metamorphosis. I was holding Marie the Fallen One. I tribute summoned her, then activated Meta to put Reaper on the Nightmare in face up DEF mode. This actually bought me a few turns since attacks don’t destroy it, while dropping Marie into the graveyard and cementing my LP gain. Reaper on the Nightmare can attack directly, so while doing this, I flipped my Reaper into attack mode and declared my second attack of the day, only to get a Magic Cylinder. He managed to get a Cyber Jar flip in, and I got a couple monsters including Magician of Faith, whom I of course put facedown. He attacked what he could but left the Magician. So on my next turn I flipped her, got back Metamorphosis, and activated it on her to summon the almighty Thousand Eyes Restrict. Without bothering to swallow a monster, I equipped it with a Heart of Clear Water, thus giving me pretty solid defense. I reminded him of both cards’ effects, and he got really snotty saying he knew that. I then added a Fire Princess to complement Marie. That was that. A few turns later I added Lava Golem to speed things up, making this match 1-1.

3rd duel: Remember the last match, where I came back in the second round, and then could have won the 3rd but stupidly missed the money shot? I did it again here. There were again clumsy shifts of field control as we whittled down each others’ hands. Again with the Spear Dragons. I remember having 3 monsters with 1900 ATK staring me down, and wishing I’d found space for my Obnoxious Celtic Guard. I was able to burn him with Fire Princess-Marie for several turns, while he was able to knock out my defenses and take potshots before I could regroup. We eventually got down to me with 800 LP and him at 1100, with no way to burn him. I had some useless spell face up, I forget what, a Magic Jammer f/d, and a My Body as a Shield which I couldn’t activate due to low points. No monsters. All I could summon was Cannon Soldier, which would be killed on the next turn and leave him free to wipe out my remaining points. So, since I was losing anyway, I summoned Cannon Soldier and tributed it to deal 500 points as a parting shot, leaving my field wide open. On his turn, he had a Sinister Serpent in ATK mode and some other beatstick warrior, I forget what. Apparently my facedown cards scared him, and he didn’t attack. On borrowed time now, I drew Exiled Force. Another math lesson, kids. There are no Messengers or Binds active, he’s at 600 LP, his Serpent is in ATK mode, and I’m holding exiled force. What do you do, WHAT DO YOU DO?! Shoot the hostage? Nope. Summon Exiled and attack Serpent? No, of course not, I put it in DEF mode and ended. Next turn he used Nobleman of Crossout yet again, and this time attacks for the win. He immediately told me about my mistake. You know, if I’d had Ring set and could have destroyed something to cause a draw, I’d have done so before the overflow damage thing occurred to me. Leaving a match at 1-1-DRAW, don’t think I won’t someday. Bwahahaha!

Jeez, I deserve to lose. I’ve got to be smarter about this. Once again my Cannon Soldier died in vain. A long time ago I won a duel with my Machine deck by putting two Limiter Removals on him, attacking a Witch in ATK mode, and then tributing it for the win. How soon I forget about my old friends. Well, maybe you can forgive me. He did have 3 traps down, and since I hadn’t attacked yet this round, he’d probably have something nasty that would finish me off.

Anyhow, with the record of 2-2, I still had a chance to go on, so it was on to Match #5. Another long day for me.

Match #5: Me vs. guy with Creator deck

Hmm, I’d never even heard of The Creator before, but found I didn’t like him. It made me think of Pauly Shore on MTV back in the early 90’s, remember Totally Pauly, right, when I came home from high school, right, he’d call himself The Crea-tor, remember? And he’d do that little weasel noise, remember, and make … that …hand ges--ture.. … .. Just me? Guess so. You’d have to be over 20 to get that reference.

This was yet another guy that was talking/playing way too fast, and constantly saying “You respond?” and “My go?” after EVERY card played. He also threatened to have me disqualified when I declared I was done, and then noticed I was holding 7 cards and said whoops, I have to discard. Jeez dude, chill out. From then on he kept asking me how many cards I was holding. Well that, and he kept re-arranging my graveyard for me. When I discard Marie I usually put her at the bottom with the name showing so I remember she’s in there. He grabbed my graveyard and told me to put her in the correct spot on top. Okay, I remember that one card where your opponent guesses the bottom card in your graveyard, but damn! I didn’t want the judge turning on me so I kept quiet.

Duel #1: Uhh…see duel #1 of the last 2 matches. He smacked me down with efficient removal and brawn. The Creator was out in 2 turns, it’s effect caused havoc, and he also used that Rock monster that destroys a card when tribute summoned successfully. Oh, and let’s not forget Nobleman of Crossout. Cybers, Penguins, Aqua Madoor, all were lost with no effects. I lost in under 5 turns.

Duel #2: Ok, see Duel #2 of the last 2 matches. It was my turn to win. It wasn’t easy, though. The Red-Shirt Strategy worked, I got Bowganian out right away and it lasted a few turns. I was holding a Fire Princess and got my 2nd from my Cyber Jar. He used Double Spell a lot, and kept trying to activate it on my used Pot of Greed. I magic jammed one activation so he used up mucho cards and I was able to discard Marie as fuel. He didn’t like that. He wasn’t able to break through my defenses, and was instead trying to keep his points safe. He had at least 2 Magician of Faiths (somebody besides me still uses them?) and kept using them to get back Pot of Greed and Double Spell, even backing them up with Book of Moon so he could recycle their effect. I put Balloon Lizard in attack mode…he read its effect and immediately summoned Exiled to destroy it. Works every time--it’s a pretty stupid card but people always panic and destroy it immediately by any means necessary! With Monster Reincarnation his Exiled Force returned and destroyed my Fire Princess. I summoned my second one, he used Premature on his Exiled to destroy it. I used my Call of the Haunted to bring her back. Ditto with his Exiled Force. I was holding Mask of Darkness, set that, and later flipped it to get Call back to again revive her. He was out of revival at that point. I topped it off with Cannon Soldier, executing my used Masks and Magicians to get him to 400 LP. He kept grumbling about where was his Heavy Storm. He did activate a Creature Swap on my Cannon Soldier, this time failing to ask “You respond?“ and declared he was tributing all his monsters and then the Soldier, and already had them all in the graveyard before I could get his attention with a Solemn Judgment. His last turn, he drew nothing useful and conceded, as my next Draw phase with Solemn Wishes/Princess would be the end. Good thing, too, because I was down to 5 cards in my deck and they were all traps.

Now he’s a bit shaken and starts side-decking. I remembered how heavy he went on Nobleman of Crossout and dug through my ancient side deck to see what I had. I thought of using my Prohibition, but wasn’t sure what to swap out. My solution instead was to deck out Shallow Grave as it was useless all day in favor of…Nobleman of Crossout. Figured with all the Magicians he was using, two could play that game. I was about to deck in The Seal of Oricalcos, but didn’t want to top deck that in a tight spot.

Duel #3: For the first time today, I had a legitimate loss in round 3 instead of doing something stupid that cost me a possible victory. So I lost clean, I was proud of that. I couldn’t tell you what he side decked in instead….he did say something about getting rid of higher attack cards in favor of something more useful. I let loose with the usual defenses and burn attempts, but he was able to break through and attack my points successfully. Delinquent Duo on the first turn. I tried to Red-Shirt him at the top of the duel, which brought the expected Nobleman on my Penguin and an MST to my set MST. I then put down Cyber Jar, figuring it was safe for now, and he was of course holding a 2nd Nobleman, which left me wide open. Game, set, and match. Phew, my back hurt and I was really hungry, I could finally get up and go.

So my record for the day was 2-3. Actually, had I been paying attention to all of my options, it would have been 4-1 at this point and I could have advanced further. Well, hopefully I won’t make the same mistakes again. That’s all I can hope for. It’d be nice to place higher in the tournament, instead of just being a stumbling block for the real champions. I’m like one of those Eliminators that Pegasus used to weed out novices in Duelist Kingdom. Or in wrestling terminology, a “mid-carder.”

Props and slops.


-Lava Golem for tributing annoying monsters like Jinzo and causing major damage, especially with Ring of Destruction. Win-win if you can keep it from attacking you. And when you have a stall deck like this, your opponent usually has a bunch of useless attackers sitting there, just waiting to be tributed.

-Bowganian: Rather than requiring 2 support cards like Fire Princess, just give it one that protects it from attack and watch the fun! More damage even.

-Curse of Anubis: Gold in this deck. Block that Heavy Storm and do further burn damage to boot!

-Balloon Lizard: Hate magnet. Let them blow cards on that, then put out your real defender.

-1000-Eyes Restrict: Once again, my secret weapon. 24 kt gold to a burn deck.


-The Shallow Grave: Useless today. Every time I had occasion to play it, my opponent had something uncool in the graveyard like Exiled Force or Cyber Jar.

-My lame side deck that hasn’t been updated since December 2003.

-My loss of matches 3 and 4 that were both 1 win, 2 losses because I wasn’t weighing all of my options. All I can do is learn from my mistakes, and hope that you do as well.

Most hated opponents’ card today: Nobleman of Crossout. Runners-up: Heavy Storm, Spear Dragon. Jinzo was not really a problem today.

That’s all for today. If you’re still reading this….wow. I’m off to update my side deck. By the way, people, there are many cards that can obliterate my strategy. Ceasefire I won’t see coming. Barrel Behind The Door? Just watch me try to Ring your monster. Bad Reaction to Simochi? I’m totally screwed and will likely deck out. Lucky for me, none of you have any imagination. Put some thought into your side decks as well, in case you meet me or someone like me in your local tournament one day, a renegade who is too cheap to buy booster boxes or eBay and thus makes quirky decks to catch others off guard. Till next time, I remain “that Rob guy” as some of them called me.

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