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Tournament Report

Tournament Tag

  • Deck name: BeastDown

  • Writter: Hercules Papatheodorou a.k.a Arty2

  • Organiser: Kaissa

  • Place: President Hotel (Athens, Greece)

  • System: Swiss/Elimination

  • Type: Advanced

  • Participants: 215

  • Date: 20 March 2005

Approximately 215 people participated in this tournament (around 180 stayed till the final round).
Here's a complete list of my deck for that tournament (I ensure it has changed a lot till then so don't send "fix your deck" e-mails):


Trample Beastdown - Total: 41 cards

Monsters (3+16):
	1x Jinzo
	2x Manticore Of Darkness

	1x Sinister Serpent
	1x Tribe-Infecting Virus
	1x Cyber Jar
	1x Magician Of Faith
	1x Bazoo The Soul-Eater
	1x Gigantes
	3x Mad Dog Of Darkness
	3x Enraged Battle Ox
	3x Berserk Gorilla

Spells (15):
	2x Fissure
	1x Smashing Ground
	1x Offerings To The Doomed
	1x Mystical Space Typhoon
	1x Heavy Storm
	1x Monster Reincarnation
	1x Premature Burial
	2x Nobleman Of Crossout
	1x Scapegoat
	1x Pot Of Greed
	1x Snatch Steal
	1x Giant Trunade
	1x Creature Swap

Traps (7):
	3x Compulsory Evacuation Device
	1x Magic Cylinder
	1x Ceasefire
	1x Ring Of Destruction
	1x Call Of The Haunted

Side Deck - Total: 15 cards

	1x Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer
	1x Gaia Power
	1x Mobius The Frost Monarch
	1x Morphing Jar #2
	1x Mystic Wok
	1x Card Destruction
	1x Gigantes
	2x Soul Release
	3x Cursed Seal Of The Forbidden Spell
	3x Waboku


The decks main idea is to do damage the opponent even if his/her monsters are in defence mode, using the effect of Enraged Battle Ox. The best situation is an opponent that used Scapegoat or Stray Lambs thinking that they will protect him/her. It also uses Manticore's recursion effect quite a lot too, creating a serious field control situation.
The tournament was organised by Kaissa, Upperdecks official partner in Greece. They were running a 4-round Swiss system and then the first 16 would battle using the Elimination system. The winners would get FET boosters. There was also a booster give-away draw for the ones that didn't make it to the 16 and everyone that registered would get a TP5 for no entry fee.
My friends Dinos, Spyros, Nick, Kostas and I took the train to Athens at about 8:00 am. We arrived in Athens at about 9:15 and took the Metro to station Panormou which was close to President Hotel where the tournament was. Just as we entered the tournament hall, I met some people from the #yugi-gr (on GRnet). Then we headed to the counter and left our UDE membership cards so that the organiser would register us. I was looking for 2x Book Of Moon but unfortunately I could find none although I traded a Luster Dragon for a Spirit Reaoer for my secondary Zombie deck which Nick was going to use that day. At about 11:15 we learnt who our opponent would be, so I wished good luck to my friends and walked to my table.

**Round 1, me VS Christos

I was really prepared to meet a lot of Chaos decks and Christos's deck was one too. He managed to get Chaos Sorcerer out at a point, stall a bit with Swords Of Revealing Light but the Berserk Gorillas, Gigantes and Mad Dog just dominating. I won both games quite easily as he was obviously a new player to the game. - Record: 1-0

Spyros also won and so did Dinos and Kostas, unfortunately Nick lost in the first round. While waiting for the next round matchings I met a few more friends and searched for any trades that would interest me. I finally traded a Skilled White for a Graceful (which I gave to Nick if I remember correct). Strangely enough Dinos managed to gather 6 Exodia pieces and created an exodia deck which he used in that match he had and also managed to get all the pieces in his hands without any support cards; pure luck that is.

**Round 2, me VS Stavros

On the first game I won quite easily with the gorillas monstly. Next game he used Zaborg quite a lot killing my monsters including Jinzo and also managed to get End Of Anubis on the field, negating my Premature Burial which I stupidly activated while EoA was on the field. In the third game, I abused TIV's effect and managed to get the game after a few rounds. - Record: 2-0

Spyros faced a Chaos deck and lost, Nick also lost and Dinos defeated Kostas getting all the Exodia pieces on his hand again without using any support cards.

**Round 3, me VS Panagiotis

That guy was really desperate; he got his Nokia mobile stolen and would offered me 50 Euroes and another 50 Euroes worth of cards, I of course told him that I would give it to him for nothing if I found it. He played a CC Chaos deck, he managed to use Exiled's effect quite a lot too and although I managed to win the second game I lost in the third. - Record: 2-1

After the match I traded an ultimate rare Hollowed Life Barrier (wanted to get rid of it) for a Bersek Gorilla (which I later gave to Dinos), another Graceful for my Zombie deck and a Scapegoat. I also traded a Lava Golem (special edition) for a Scapegoat, a Nimble Momonga and 2 Euroes. Nick won against someone who was playing with a 70 card deck, Dinos lost due to Jinzo, Kostas lost to a Water/Exodia deck (wtf?) and Spyros lost to a Stall/Burner (he didn't have a proper side-deck).

**Round 4, me VS George

George was playing a beatdown, with Zaborg, Gorillas and Mad Dog, I managed to win the first game but in the second game I did the crucial mistake that lost me tha match: while he I at 700 LP and he was at 3100 without cards on the field and I was with a Jinzo on the field and a face up attack position MOF that I creature swapped from him (giving him the MOF I had just used) he used MST on my CEDevice and instead of chaining and sending the MOF back to his hand I let it go, so he summoned a Mad Dog and attacked the MOF for game. I lost the third game mainly due to Zaborg.- Record: 2-2

Nick won because his opponent didn't show up, Kostas lost to a Stall/Exodia, Dinos lost to a Chaos deck and Spyros managed to wina gainst a zombie deck with gorillas. We knew that no-one of us had gotten to the next round so we just waiter for the booster give-away (Dinos, Nick and I managed to get one and I opened an ultimate Deck Devastation Virus). But while looking around for traded and stuff and after some casual duels, the bad news came: Spyros left his deck for a bit on the counter and never saw it again. That was really sad because he managed to do many trades in the tournament, like get another Dark Necrofear for his fiend deck, found 3 Archfiend Soldiers, 3 Giant Germs and other stuff and that deck worthed like 80 Euroes; it was really really sad because he was quite new too and also knew how to play. I hope the buckethead that stole it gets his hands burned; I didn't feel good for the next 2 days, so imagine being in Spyros's place.


The tournament was well organized (yay FET was not playing like some stated pre-tournament), the judjes were good and helpful, well done guys. If I remember well I placed around 70-71, not that it matters anyway.


  • To my friends Nick and Spyros who came together to a tournament for the first time!

  • To Dinos for getting full Exodia and for getting a Vortex in his free FET booster.

  • To me for getting an ultimate Deck Devastation Virus.

  • To Kaissa for organising this good tournament.

  • To the good opponents I played against, they deserved their victories.

  • To the people I traded with.


  • To those bloody thieves that got away with 2 cellphones and 2 decks, including Spyros's deck.

  • To Zaborg for existing (just kidding, but it really annoyed me today).

  • To Kostas not listening to my words of advice, get that Nobleman Eater Bug OUT of the deck man!

  • To not being able to find those Books Of Moon I needed.

Thanks for reading this report; I hope it gave you a taste about what the game is like, here in Greece. Please don't send hate mail, the spam filters will dump it anyway. And if you really want to contact me place "YGO Tournament report" as the topic, otherwise I can't guarantee I'll read your e-mail.



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