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An Interview with Kris Perovic
By Aaron Fletcher


Metagame Breakdown: Kris Perovic

Out there in Yu-Gi-Oh! land there is a certain player who has reached top eight in over a quarter of all fifteen Shonen Jumps. Known online as ‘Superman’, Kris Perovic has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the competitive scene and hotly tipped to be the next Shonen Jump Champion. Kris has taken the time to complete an interview for all the readers of Pojo, which I thank him greatly for.

As said in previous articles, if you would like to read coverage on Kris, and all other Shonen Jump championships, please visit www.metagame.com.

  1. Could you briefly outline your accomplishments in Yu-Gi-Oh! and explain what you think it is about yourself which makes you such a good player across multiple formats?

    I've T8'd in 4/15 SJCs. I don't really think that's good at all and I try not to brag about it (especially because Dario Longo and Emon Howeveryouspellit overshadow me). I mean, I think T8ing 40% of the time is pretty good and that's what I aim for but sometimes things just happen, you know? I would say that I consider myself to be a great player, but there's no room to inflate your ego in this game. I just prefer to have people play me and discuss the game with me and make up their own opinions about me.

  2. So, you have been placed into day two on four SJC but have never outright won an SJC. Do you feel that Emon should have given you the win for the SJC Houston and why?

    I told everyone on Over Dose a while ago that if we were to play one another for the title, I wouldn't want it to be given to me. I hear a lot of people saying, "Emon should've given it to Kris," and stuff like that. Honestly, if he did give it to me, who would respect that win? Everybody would say, "You only won because Emon gave it to you," and I don't want that. Besides, I've come to terms with the fact that I'll never win a SJC. Good things like that just don't happen. All I hope to do at this point is get far enough in events where OD can consistantly take home a nice payday and I can beef up my credentials.

  3. You're a part of Team Overdose, one of the greatest teams to hit the Yu-Gi-Oh! scene. What assets do you think that you bring to this team and in return what does Overdose offer you?

    I conceptualize and playtest a lot of unusual things because I don't like getting caught up believing that there's nothing else to use except Sakuretsu, Smashing, Enemy, and Dekoichi. I don't like to settle and I think I bring that quality to the rest of the team. I keep an eye and an ear on the internet community and foreign metagames. I give my opinion, like everyone else, and it influences the decisions OD makes. All of us play our part, however small (Hi Bonez!), but without anyone of us I'm sure we wouldn't have had as much success as we've had to date.

  4. Too often in Yu-Gi-Oh! at a competitive level players often fall into the trap of belittling others. Has winning changed you, and do you believe in this Yu-Gi-Oh! elite?

    I call it like I see it. I don't sugarcoat things. I'm like that outside of YGO too. I may not be the nicest YGO player, but I'm probably the most honest. There are tens of thousands of people who play this game, but I'm sure everyone knows the same 30 or so because they stand out because of their credentials, personality, etc. It really is empowering to know that you're known. I think I do a good job of keeping myself in check most of the time, but it's hard because anytime I say something mean I get blamed for having an ego. It's like I'm not allowed to tell a bad player why he's bad or why the wrong move is the wrong move. I think everyone needs to chill out, recognize that the people who stand out in this game are just people, and stop giving them such a hard time.

  5. Recently on the Pojo forums a thread entitled with my name appeared where you felt that you were the one who pioneered the DDT deck type for this format. Could you outline your views on this and why you felt you deserve the title 'pioneer' of the DDT deck type?

    I think anyone who was paying attention to the game between the time since the new ban list was announced and SJC Houston should understand and agree with why I feel the way I do on this subject. Going into detail anymore is only going to set myself up for someone to call me an egotistical maniac later on. (You're trying to get me into trouble!)

  6. With the March banned and restricted list people thought that the 'Airblade' deck was dead with two of its key cards getting restricted. What prompted you to run this deck when most others thought it would fail at SJC Houston?

    I played the deck for months before it hit American soil. I wanted to go to St. Louis and play it because I was extremely confident in my ability to win. However, McNabb just sold his Crush for 1200 and the ticket to St. Louis was 600. That doesn't include the price of picking up the cards last minute. It was also a Pre-Release weekend so I felt I stood to profit more by staying home. When Houston came around one week later, I didn't have any other deck in mind. I accepted that the deck was much slower, had less room to misplay but however could still win consistantly... so I just went with it.

  7. What approach would you take to side against your deck type, DDT, effectively?

    You are a sneaky one. I'm definately not answering this question.

  8. What deck types would you look out later in this format and why?

    There are a lot of viable deck types at the moment that will live on, and a lot of not-so-viable ones that will still see play. In addition to the plethora of decks we have at the moment, we can surely expect Chaos/Recruiter later in the format along with some decks main decking Banisher of the Radiance. Outside of that, I'm afraid, I've nothing to say, as I don't really try to inspire innovation. ;)

  9. Do you have anything else to say, or any shout outs to make?

You should all know that I'll gladly accept Troopers or Stones for my birthday (4/7)!! No joke!! Also, I'd like to say that all of us on OD miss Rhymus and wish he would come back to the US already. I hope American players haven't forgotten about him. Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Cherish!

So there you have it, an interview with Kris Perovic. One of the key impressions that I got from this interview is how hard this individual actually works at this game. It just goes to show that four Shonen Jump top eight’s do not come easily and he has put time and effect into this game.

From this interview and talking to Kris over the Internet, I infer Kris has this ‘bluntness’ about him. Sometimes this trait won’t make you the most popular person there is, but it certainly means its easier to cut the rubbish and get straight in there, in short its an honorable trait in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I wish Kris the best of luck at future Shonen Jumps, and in his future endeavors.

On a final note, all Card Troopers and Magical Stone Evacuations can be sent to me for Kris, only kidding!

Until Next Time!

Aaron Fletcher

If you would like an interview, and think your one of the meta’s better known players please send me an email at emuron@gmail.com.








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