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YGOmaster's Zone
Some Cards That Might

February 5, 2007

Hey everyone.  OK, I got a lot of positive results, and only one or two negative ones.  So, thanks everyone for the positive ones.  Today, I'm gonna talk about some cards that might do really good depending on the next few months, and the upcoming Banned List.  Note* These cards are in no order and do not reflect the opinions of other people.
This card could be one of the best possible answers to the Gadgets and some Monarch builds that we have right now.  It is a great swarmer, and when you play him, depending on the amount of Monsters your opponent has in play, you have the potential to get out three 1600 ATK beaters.  If you back them up, with some of the next cards I'll look at, it's a very deadly card.  It crushes the Gadgets and most of their Monsters, and then brings out a second one to do that same thing.  They have an obvious downside, cards like Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute really hurt, robbing you of your field presence for the turn.  Another downside, if 1-2 of them get destroyed, it really lessends the damage of the second or third one, and might be a totally dead card.  Overall though, a great card that you might want to take a look at.
Pitch Black Werewolf/Mirage Dragon
As a side-note, I am probably going to look at a lot of cards that the Card of the Days have been this past week.  These cards are great, for just plain out defending your Monsters from Traps that your opponent might flip.  Great against Gadgets, seeing that there is three Sakuretsu Armor, three Widespread Ruins, and Mirror Force you can prevent with these.  It doesn't really matter which one you use, unless of course you run Strike Ninja or Freed the Brave Wanderer.  Their downside is pretty simple though, they fall to cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, Ring of Destruction, Torrential Tribute, and pratically almost every Monster Destruction card.
Gravekeeper's Spy
This card was another that was included in last week's Card of the Day packet.  A solid 2000 DEF, and provides a bit of swarming similar to Hydrogeddon.  Works great against the Gadgets, but might have a problem with Snipe Hunter, Exiled Force, Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, and Old Vindictive Magician.  Also, just to throw this out there, the release of Structure Deck Twelve will give us the all wanted Shield Crush, which will also have a negative effect on this card.  Looking past those though, it is a nice swarmer that gives you free advantage so you can tribute for your bigger Monarchs or other beaters. 
Mobius the Frost Monarch
The reign of Mobius the Frost Monarch is returning, seeing as three of them get 2nd place at Shonen Jump Orlando.  Waffle, or Mark, ran three of them, and it got him to Second Place, and also the new Crush Card.  Mobius itself is a great card, and is seeing a bit more play around the area.  It works great against Gadgets, and against Burn (not Chain Burn), and other Monarch builds.  A 2400 beastick that comes into play destroying threats, and giving you protection for attacking.  Downsides: you won't always have a Tribute, falls to Bottomless Trap Hole, Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, and Solemn Judgement.  Since every card has a downside, it shouldn't really make this card worse than anything else.
Sand Moth
Remember the release of Crush Card and Snipe Hunter which is getting very popular?  Those and Old Vindictive Magician, Exiled Force, Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, and other cards like Mystic Swordsman LV2 or Sasuke Samurai #4 all lose to this awesome rock.  It creates -1s for Shield Crush, Exiled Force, Snipe Hunter, and Torrential Tribute if your opponent use any of them to try to get rid of it.  As soon as that thing hits the Graveyard while it was Face-Down and never flipped Face-Up, bam, you just summoned a 2000 ATK moth from the sand.  Its downsides?  Not too many, but you need to remember that it does nothing Face-Up or Flipped Face-Up, so plain out attacking will prevent you from claiming its effect.  If however, it is flipped up, and not destroyed, you can always look forward to sacrificing it your next turn for something better. 
Neko Mane King
This card for pretty much the same reasons that Sand Moth was.  I really can't think of anything else to say about it, but instead of coming to the field, your opponent's turn ends immediately.  Same positives, same downsides. 
Moving on to the Spell and Trap Cards!
My Body As A Shield
One of my favorite cards, that I saw a ton of play with in the Shonen Jump Championship Orlando and Regionals down here in Florida.  It protects your Monsters from big destruction like Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, and Lightning Vortex, or other smaller ones like Smashing Ground, Ring of Destruction, Fissure, Sakuretsu Armor, Widespread Ruin, Old Vindictive Magician, and my absolute favorite, ZABORG THE BROKEN MONARCH.  I love it when my opponent sacrifices a Spirit Reaper, Apprentice Magician, or a Cyber Dragon to watch losing their favorite card, and now being totally open for other stuff to mull through.  There isn't too many downsides, but I can think of a couple.  One, 1500 Life Points is a hefty amount to pay, but could be worth it depending on how much damage you can push through with your Monsters.  Two, it is a Spell, meaning, if you Set it, you create the risk of Spell and Trap removal.  However, it is Quickplay so you can activ ate it from your hand during your turn. 
Royal Decree
What is there to say about this?  It is a great card for flipping when your opponent thinks he has you by flipping up one of his super-secret Trap Cards.  It also will completely dominate Chain Burn, and other Burn.  Gadgets have a bunch of problems with it, and so do Monarchs and pretty much everything else.  The slops about this card, is it is a Continous Trap Card, which means as soon as you're opponent draws into Spell and Trap removal, he's gonna throw it down to kill it.  It also prevents you from running a few Traps, and here's my chart for it.
Total Copies in Main Board\/Trap Cards in Main Board
1 copy of Royal Decree- 6 other Trap Cards in Main Deck
2 copies of Royal Decree- 3-5 other Trap Cards in Main Deck
3 copies of Royal Decree- 1-2 other Trap Cards in Main Deck
Solemn Judgement
Another great card.  Negating summons of Monarchs, and pretty much stopping everything else.  Mark/Waffle again played 2 copies of these cards in the Main Deck, which is probably the best amount to play.  A neat card that could see a lot of play in the New Age Monarchs, and Gadgets.  The only downside I see is the biggest one, half your Life Points can mean paying 4000.  Luckily though, you can never kill yourself by paying half of your LP. 
Thanks for reading.  If you want, try splashing some of these cards into your Main/Side Deck and see how it goes for you.  Well, that's the end of my article, and as always, you can send any comments/suggestions/deck ideas/deck help to zbarvian@comcast.net.  Thanks for reading.
-YGOMaster (I will now sign off)


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