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My Turn, An Inconvenient Truth!

January 29, 2007

Hey everyone, I'm sorry I haven't returned your emails or posted any articles or Card of the Days lately, I've been kind of busy with everything.  First though, I would like to congratulate the Create a  Card Contest winners and other contestants.  Now, I'm pretty sure almost every Featured Writer on this site has had a useless rant, so, before I get too far behind, I decided to start mine.  I may be a bit offensive, so be prepared.  This is gonna be long and hopefully good. 
The game is dying.  Now, that line and the article have been written and said like a gatrillionbillion times (Note: Gatrillionbillion is an extremely large number and yes, I may use words that aren't found in the dictionary), but, I think that you guys need to pay attention to all of them.  Because, frankly, a lot of you are killing the game, and choosing not to do anything about it.  Some of you may try to help, but I'm pretty sure a lot of you out there don't.  Really, the reason you guys should listen to rants, is because they are coming from those people that care and hope to help the future of the game, why else do you think they write them?  Just because they feel like it?  No, although some of them do write them because they are mad about losing to a deck, and want you guys to feel their hate.  This one will not be because of me losing. But mostly, believe it or not there is a ton of thought put into them.  Usually, that first line "The game is dying" will probably make people put their hand on their mouse, move the pointer up to the top left corner, and click that little arrow that says BACK.  Then, they move on with their lives and forget about ever reading this.  Well, here's to the people that decide to keep reading.
I want to tackle all the problems, so I'll start here.  Upperdeck and Konami don't realize it, that the game is crumbling and falling to pieces.  Because, according to their little charts and statistics, they have nothing to worry about.  Make new crappy sets, pull in some more money.  More crappy sets, more money, that's how some of them look at it.  Unfortunately for them, they're little constant flow of cash coming in is getting thinner and thinner.  I haven't bought a back in months, because, really, what's the point of getting these new sets?  So I can build a super-de-duper-aweomse-fantastic-fudgey Elemental Hero Deck?  No thanks.  I don't really have that much against the Heroes, because built right they can be pretty decent.  But they're overdoing it on the amount of support, we don't need all that new nasty Neo-Spacian, or the other 59 cards in the packs that are aimed towards GX fans. 
We need cards out there to help our themes now.  Sure, a new random theme here and there wouldn't be too bad, but what about what we already have?  These new packs are probably hurting the game the most.
After being practically destroyed at Shonen Jump Orlando, I realized something.  People are taking this game the wrong way.  Brain Long and a ton of other peoples' decks were stolen.  Some of those people probably went home that night, depressed and angry, and grabbed the rest of their cards and a camera.  Suddenly, Ebay has more cards being auctioned, and that player who used to love the game and play for all the right reasons, shut and locked that door, and never opened it to play his once loved game again.  If I was the person that stole his cards, I would feel like a living piece of walking crap.  Too many people are having their decks and cards stolen, and that's what the creators of the game had playing in their minds. 
Originality is probably the most discussed topic, along with netdeckers or people who copy other duelists' personal decks because of how successful they've been.  That's the basic way the CC is born, because of all the people who choose to copy decklists, instead of making their own.  This falls under the same topic of originality, which is just pretty much a deck or a bunch of cards that make something different from everything else.  People need to start creating their own decks, and not build a card for card clone of another build.  Like I say, everything is original, but then the netdeckers come along.  If you do build something original, but it doesn't work, don't go to the netdecker side, just learn from your mistakes.  If you realize that big beaters are an issue, and more Monster Destruction like Smashing Ground, Fissure, or whatever else you find. 
My last topic, the game isn't about winning, losing, prizes (even though I would like a shiny new laptop), or money.  The game was created for fun and enjoyment, two words that some duelists have never heard of.  We don't play so we can jack other players' cards, win some money, some prizes, and then start trying to win it all over again.  We aren't in Yu-Gi-Oh Vegas here.  I personally don't give a damn about the rankings.  I know it's fun keeping track of them and everything, but so what if you are #1 in your state or the US?  Does that mean you can't be beaten by anyone in your area?  Of course not.  Saying that, I would like to say that I have never dropped from any event, instead, I choose to play on and play for the reason that this game was created; to have fun. 
That pretty much concludes my article, and I've got my list of responses for when some Flame email comes to find my computer.  Seriously though, YOU CAN HELP this game is you truly care about how it's going.  Complain about the sets, build new and unique decks, try to get people who haven't locked that door back into this game, and most importantly, have FUN.  Now, I know you guys always think that these things won't do anything, but seriously.  I am trying really hard to get my point across, that unless you want to watch this game die and us with it, you need to help, and trust me, don't think you can't.  If you and 200 other people send complaints and requests for new and better cards, then it will help.  Some choices have already been made to help this game, and you can make sure more people get into this game, and it'll be fun and no-worryish just like it used to be.  Don't copy decks, build your own.  Please help, because if everyone of you tried just a little tiny bit, I'm sure something would get done.  Don't be lazy.   As always, you can send any comments/suggestions/deck ideas/deck help to zbarvian@comcast.net.  Thanks for reading, and please try to help.  I'm sorry if I offended anyone or anything in this article, I didn't mean to, and please don't send me emails saying something stupid, because they will go straight to my interactive Trash.  I am trying to help, because I want to play this game for a few more years.  CYA.
YGOMaster, has signed off


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