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September 2010 Forbidden/Limited list
August 18, 2010

   PDtamer03 here, and I'm bringing to you the OCG forbidden/limited list.  As many of you know, the TCG list is usually a copy and paste of the OCG, thus my choice in covering it.  I'm going to try and go in-depth with some of these choices, and offer a tiny bit of my perspective to the cards that were hit or unlimited.


Rescue Cat:  It needed to go.  As much as I am biased about keeping the adorable kitten around (moja) when 2 formats are influenced by the summon of a single card, something needs to be done about it.  I've played through the terrors of Synch-Cat and Sabers, and I'm for one glad that Konami sent it to the big animal shelter in the sky so it can no longer be abused.

Heavy Storm:  The only card that became forbidden that I didn't see coming, Heavy Storm has long been a staple in virtually any deck.  Its destructive plays made it one of the more feared Spell cards in the game, even invoking a move named after it called the "Pro-Storm."  I'm still up in the air about it going, especially looking at our limited list to find out what we got back.

Brain Control:  "Life points are nice, but i only need 801 to sack you."  Never has there been a truth clearer than that.  Brain Control is one of the few cards in the game that allows for you to be in a topdecking scenario, and be able to come back and win the game out of nowhere.  Although some can argue that the card only capitalizes on openings the opponent has created, it's become more of a "sacking" card than anything, and has countless "Bad Beat" stories with it being the prime offender.  Glad to see it's gone.

Substitoad:  Considering the dominance of FrogTK, it's no one's suprise this card went bye-bye.  Banning Substitoad cuts the head off of FrogTK, and murders pretty much any other frog deck.  R.I.P., 'Toad.


Black Whirlwind: Ahh, Black Whirlwind.  A staple in Blackwings.  And a pain in many necks when more than one is played and resolves properly.  With more than one out, it creates the potential to gain too much card advantage and overwhelm the opponent.  It allows you to toolbox your deck for things such as a piercer, a theme-specific "Honest", and multiple tuners, all while maintaining advantage.  We have other cards that search too.  (RotA, Stratos, etc.)  They're also at 1.

Royal Oppression:  Another iffy choice in my opinion.  It helps to nerf swarm decks, but since it's been seeing lots of play, Konami's answer was to drop it down to one.  Creates a hard field condition to come back from in some decks, but I'd still prefer to see it at one.

Infernity Launcher:  This card is needed for Infernity decks to explode for a one turn kill.  Without 3 copies, an OTK is very hard to accomplish.  Good move by Konami.

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier:  Since this is the OCG list, this may not appear on ours.  But believe me, it's a welcome limit.  Trishula is a "go-to" synchro, like Brionac and Goyo, so it had to be dropped to one.  At 3, it allowed for some rediculous plays that robbed the field, hand, and graveyard so bad that it rarely left chance for a comeback.

Monster Reborn:  Part 1 in our WTF? moments begins here.  One of the best spells in the game, and they hand it back to us?  Forget Brain Control, this card is gonna be behind a lot of moaning and complaining.  Shouldn't have come back in my opinion.

Dark Hole:  Part 2 in our WTF? Moments.  Another very good spell, it wipes all monsters off the board for no cost.  My question is, why take Storm away and give us THIS back?  Storm is easier on a player, since you can set more than 1 spell or trap a turn.  But monsters don't have that luxury.  Dark Hole punishes overextensions, and can be negated by other specialty cards, though, the basic options being Starlight and My Body as a Shield.  Not a fan of it coming back, but I can start to see why they did this.


Mystical Space Typhoon:  Since Heavy Storm is now forbidden, they've given us 2 Typhoons to play with.  I like this move in the absence of Storm, since it's now 1 for 1 removal, and it's selective. 

Chaos Sorcerer:  This card's status goes up and down more times than an elevator at the Sears Tower.  Konami can never seem to agree on a number the old Sorcerer should stay at.  Personally, it was fine at one, since 2 started to provide players with a look back to Chaos Return decks.

Snipe Hunter:  The card is based on luck, and no one has really ran it competitvely with good results in a LONG time.  It's not going to hurt anything by going back up to 2.

Ojama Trio:  This scares me.  Ojama Trio was a part of some very famous lockdown and burn decks in the past, Chain Burn being prevalent.  In that deck, Ojama Trio is an auto +1500 damage on Just Desserts and +600 on Secret Barrel, and it can help to lock down swarms.  I think it should have stayed at one.

Magic Cylinder:  Another card that no one has ran competitvely in a while.  It does have the ability to end games, though, so I'll wait to see what kind of an impact it has.


Black Rose Dragon:  WTF Moment Part 3.  Remember what I wrote just a little bit ago, about how "go-to" synchros should be at 1?  BRD is the quintessential "go-to" synchro.  Nuke the field for synchro summoning it seems pretty nice to me, and now it's at 3?!?!  Quickdraw variants are gonna have a wonderful format, if D.D. Crow doesn't wreck their plans first.

Goblin Zombie:  After Mezuki and Burial from the Different Dimension went to one, Zombie decks virtually died.  This guy at 3 allows for easy tutoring, but since the archtype has been nerfed so bad in the past, that it doesn't really matter anymore.  It's ok at 3 until someone breaks this thing.

Cyber Dragon:  They limited him to 1, fearing Synchro Summoning gone crazy.  They let us have a sample of him at two, and since no abuse happened again, they're giving us our playset back.  Chimeratech decks could be scary again, but I don't see CyDra hurting us at 3 in the long run.

Treeborn Frog:  I was suprised when they even let him go up to 2, but 3?  Monarch decks now have 3 chances at "infinite" tribute fodder, and I'm not too sure I like it.  It's not as game-breaking as it once was, but it's still a force to be reckoned with.  I would've kept it where it was or dropped it back down to one.

Royal Decree:  This is one of the cards that keeps shifting.  I like it at three in a Heavy Storm-less format.  Provides more control over a predicted out-of-control backrow heavy format.

United We Stand:  Everyone's favorite offensive equip spell.  The only decks I see this helping are Morphtronics, and Ben Kai.  And both of those decks with triple United We Stand is a scary thought.

.....and that about does it!  Say hello to our (potential) format!  It's gonna be a bumpy ride.  Overall, I think it's a fun list that's going to show some of the creativity that the players have.  Any comments/questions can be e-mailed to PDtamer02@hotmail.com

'Till next time!


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