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Carrotizer on YuGiOh
Deck Fix: Gravekeeper's Insurrection
January 2, 2007

Tribute: 2

End of Anubis
Gravekeeper's Chief

Non-Tribute: 16

Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Gravekeeper's Guard
Mystic Tomato
Mystic Tomato
Mystic Tomato
Dark Jeroid
Dark Jeroid

Spells: 15

Giant Trunade
Giant Trunade
Mystical Space Typhoon
Nobleman of Crossout
Last Will
Creature Swap
Creature Swap
Graceful Charity
Bait Doll
Tribute to the Doomed/Smashing Ground/Magical
Tribute to the Doomed/Smashing Ground/Magical

Traps: 9

Torrential Tribute
Magic Drain
Magic Drain
Solemn Judgment
Forced Back
Forced Back
Rite of Spirit
Rite of Spirit
Rite of Spirit

Total: 42

Main Theme: Gravekeepers

The Gravekeeper Deck remains to dominate the formats, however with some additions of support meant for other themes, the deck has been modified to become extremely fast and extremely versatile.

Simply put, it's a deck built on swarming the opponent, and due to its support cards, the Gravekeeper Deck is able to storm the opponent with a ton of level four 2000 attack monsters that can simply decimate the opponent's defenses.

Overextension is not as much of a problem for the Gravekeeper Deck as it is for Warrior Toolbox/Monarch Control. The reason for this lies in the deck's ability to simply rebuild field presence through Gravekeeper's Spy, Dark Jeroid and Mystic Tomato.

Key Combinations:

Creature Swap + Any Searcher

Necrovalley + Army of Gravekeepers

The deck almost perfectly speaks for itself in its tactics and strategy.

Playing Style/ Strategy:

I prefer to force my opponent to react to a move that I make instead of making moves for my to react to. I
would rather intercept the opponent instead of taking a full hit, thus minimizing casualties and lifepoint
loss. I tampered with the thought of adding in 3 Drop Offs, but unfortunately the large number of traps
would have hindered me greatly.

I hope this isn't too long,

Well, I guess you are a tempo-wise a very aggressive player! I like that. Gravekeeper is indeed one of the fastest yet safest swarm deck ever, because of its supports. First off, I want to nail the necessary cards down and take out unnecessary ones. With all the Mobius, teched Phoenix, Breaker the Magical Warrior, Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, Magician of Faith, Dust Tornado, and whatever there maybe (Magic Drain?), 3 ‘Necrovalley’s are necessary. Even with Terraforming to increase speed, backup Field Spell is always nice. 3 ‘Rite of Spirit’s seem to be favored personally, so it will be kept. It’s not merely overkill. It’s tactical, chainable Monster Reborn. By the way, nice title =)

End of Anubis questions me. Although ‘Necrovalley’’s graveyard effect can be bypassed through Gravekeeper’s Chief, End of Anubis’s effect won’t classify friend and foe. We don’t want 3 Rite of Spirit to go to waste. That fiend must go. Magic Drain is questionable, but it does not lead to card disadvantages. Some situations may call for these trade, and it might force the opponent to discard important Spell, say, Graceful Charity or Heavy Storm for one another. I think one will be good as tech. Giant Trunade brings up another problem. No matter how you look at it, card-wise, it is –1. Yes, you can play Necrovalley again, and yes, you can go for the win, but it doesn’t quite fit the theme…let’s find another way to solidify the win, that also can be used other ways.

I just finished dueling against a Gravekeeper deck with my Dark World Lockdown, and one of the main problem of that deck was that only Gravekeeper’s Chief with Necrovalley on the field could surpass Sillva/Goldd’s ATK, and even that was interrupted by Traps. Though you can only have 1 Gravekeeper’s Chief, 1 backup will be okay. Also, Deck Devastation Virus literally devastated all the face-down monsters in one sweep. Without Necrovalley, we need a way to stop those cards. You already have 1 Solemn Judgment, so why not another one and remove Forced Back? Your aggressive play will need the Counter-Trap

Dark Jeroid makes me wonder, though I understand it. 800 ATK can’t be refilled unless they hold more than 1 Rush Recklessly, but it is only 1-time use. If you need monster removals, in addition to Solemn Judgment, try 1 Lightning Vortex. This card should stay limited in my opinion.

If you haven’t noticed, with Necrovalley, Chief, Spear Soldier, and Assailant all qualify for the cost of Deck Devastation Virus. Since these cards cost almost nothing to use (except Chief), your opponent will less likely use Spell/Trap removal on your set cards because of their chainability. To catch opponent off guard, Mirror Force is a necessary addition, and Ring of Destruction adds chainability. Call of the Haunted is refutable. While Rite of Spirit adds up to scary Monster Reborns for your Gravekeepers, much like Zombies with Book of Life, Call WILL be negated by Necrovalley without Chief on the field. You can’t bring back Chief from graveyard if you don’t have one on the field, and it won’t work that well. Same for Premature.

2 Deck Devastation Virus would mean too many traps, and there are always possibilities of running into triple Decree with Jinzo. 1 would be enough, and Mask of Darkness will be a nice addition to reuse the valuable traps.

If you haven’t noticed, all copies of monsters, except Chief, are vulnerable to opposing DDV without Necrovalley. Also, though Spear Soldier is a good card, the new Cyberdark Horn and Cyberdark Edge can easily surpass 2000 threshold. I’ll dump 1 Spear Soldier and 1 Assailant, along with both copies of Solemn Judgment. They belong in Side Deck in my opinion. Treeborn Frog can’t be utilized to its maximum due to the number of Traps and 3 Necrovalley, so we need other ways to generate advantage so that we can safely overextend (was that an oxymoron?).

Breaker the Magical Warrior and Magician of Faith are both awesome cards. I’ll drop 3 Mystic Tomato and both Creature Swap, along with Bait Doll to add those two cards and a Nobleman of Extermination and Heavy Storm. NoE can stop any trap-based strategies by removing all copies of the targeted Trap, if not chained. Heavy Storm is one of those cards that can generate advantage without any help.

We have 7 slots to solidify and reinforce stratagem, totaling 42 according to plan. Since Rite of Spirit can be used during Battle Step (when you declare assailant and target), you want to let them use Ring of Destruction, Mirror Force, and Torrential Tribute so that when your 2nd or 3rd one activates, you can wack them for good 2k. To annihilate the hindrance of Sakuretsu Armor and Widespread Ruin, 1 Dust Tornado will enhance Mask of Darkness’s ability and add to yet another chainable list.

What we need is advantage + monster removal, seeing that we are heavily focusing on beat-down side. Night Assailant does both. Graceful Charity and Lightning Vortex will now get you +1 if used correctly and since you have Magician of Faith/Mask of Darkness/Gravekeeper’s Spy, target won’t be an issue. If Necrovalley forbids the effect, then just use it as a sniper to kill Strike Ninja and any other annoying monsters.

Cyber Dragon seems to be run in 3’s, and it has just 100 ATK over your GK monsters. Because you like to swarm, it will be incredibly easy to pull his trigger. We can’t rely on traps anymore, or otherwise enemy Jinzo will cause many dead topdecks. Smashing Ground can’t be used outside of Main Phase, so Quick-Play should be assistants. If you have YVD, you can use Shrink the prize card, but since it costs a fortune in life, Rush Recklessly is easy to get and easy to use. Even without Necrovalley, GK’s are capable of disassembling the machines with the Quick-Play. 2 will suffice.

4 left. Almost done. Confiscation and Premature Burial will take two spaces. Think about Premature Burial. You can play it THEN play Necrovalley, but Call of the Haunted will have to be set beforehand. Confiscation can take out anything before it lands on the field. Book of Moon reuses Spy, Magician, Night Assailant and negates Smashing Ground when you have 1 GK or anything valuable you wish to protect. Finally, to add more monster removal and trigger for Last Will, 1 Exiled Force will be added to your dark arsenal.

Carrotized Gravekeeper's Insurrection

Tribute: 2
Gravekeeper's Chief
Gravekeeper’s Chief

Non-Tribute: 14

Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Spy
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Gravekeeper's Assailant
Gravekeeper's Guard
Mask of Darkness
Breaker the Magical Warrior
Magician of Faith
Night Assailant
Exiled Force

Spells: 18

Mystical Space Typhoon
Nobleman of Crossout
Last Will
Graceful Charity
Nobleman of Extermination
Smashing Ground
Smashing Ground
Lightning Vortex
Heavy Storm
Rush Recklessly
Rush Recklessly
Premature Burial
Book of Moon

Traps: 9

Torrential Tribute
Magic Drain
Rite of Spirit
Rite of Spirit
Rite of Spirit
Mirror Force
Ring of Destruction
Deck Devastation Virus
Dust Tornado

Total: 42

With 13 monster removal cards and 5 Spell/Trap removals, not counting Confiscation, Magician of Faith, Magic Drain, Last Will, Mask of Darkness, and other multi-bladed cards, this looks as “orangy” as carrots. Rite of Spirit helps you draw out mass removal cards, and beating up with GK swarm will generate advantage through raw battles.

I didn’t add Pot of Avarice and Spirit Reaper because once you win, you don’t need any card advantage. Assailant can take down Cyber Dragon and Monarchs, along with Jinzo and Phoenix, with just Necrovalley, and Spear Soldiers will pierce any floaters/sheeps. Phoenix will be a grave problem since there’s no Bottomless Trap Hole. They will be a good sidedeck choice, but buffed up GK/Breaker with a Spell Counter can easily drag down the burning Phoenix. CC Monarch decks will have trouble without an active Frog, and Asura Priest/Hydrogeddon/Old Vindictive Magicians can be conquered through Quick-Plays and Rite of Spirit.

The most important thing of all that you must understand playing this cool Gravekeeper deck: always, always, never forget to, HAVE FUN =)

By Paul Yeem – Carrotizer @ paulyeem@gmail.com

P.S.: If you include Side Deck in your “application,” and it looks as if you took some time to build, I’ll also make some suggestions on that. Keep in mind that although this is a “deck fix,” it is a merely a corroborated suggestion, not an assertion. Also, I know I have talked to some people whose decks are chosen. Please wait and have patience ^_^ yours is on the way. Bombed an AP Chem test…had to study like a…busy carrot (just wanted to say carrot) to get my grade back up T_T



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