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Carrotizer on YuGiOh
Carrot Analysis: Earthquake
November 14, 2006



Carrot Analysis: Earthquake *Carrotifiably Corrected*
December 20th



iīll start of with a list of the cards:


Earthquake (49)


Monsters (23)


2x Ryu Kokki

3x Pyramid Turtle

1x Lava Golem

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Zombyra the Dark

1x Insect knight

2x Despair from the Dark

1x Patrician of Darkness

1x Archfiend Soldier

1x Time Wizard

1x Dark Dust Spirit

1x Exiled Force

1x Slate Warrior

1x Sonic Bird

1x Victory Viper XX03

1x Relinquished

1x Granadora

1x luster dragon

1x berserk gorilla




1x dark core

2x call of the mummy

1x graceful charity

1x hammer shot

1x malevolent nuzzler

1x tribute to the doomed

2x book of life

1x premature burial

1x black illusion ritual

1x lightning vortex

1x heavy storm

1x axe of despair

1x soul exchange

1x scapegoat

1x creature swap





1x torrential tribute

1x magic jammer

1x call of the haunted

2x compulsory evacuation device

1x blast with chain

1x shadow spell

1x damage condenser

1x mask of restrict


so there it is. I started this deck as a zombie deck, with alot discarding and then reviving. but from then on, I started swapping cards I felt didnīt quite belong in there for other cards I thought would do well. then I check if the card actually belongs in the current deck, and see if I should swap it again.


with every card, I asked myself: `will this card be useful when Iīm in a very thight spot and I draw this?` of course, you canīt leave offer cards and cards like magic jammer out, and if you look at the deck, I think half of it wonīt even work in a thight spot, because I knew I couldīnt base my deck on that question. this deck still has the core of the zombieīs but there are now fiends in there, and even a machine and a spellcaster (though both of them are in the test phase).


though you might think so, I havenīt based my deck on strength of monsters. I do like 4 level monsters with 1900 ATK and no bad side effect. I donīt exactly know what type it is (its kinda mixed up if you ask me) which means i donīt prefer anything to be in my deck. you can do with it what you want.


I would like the deck to stay at 45/55 cards, but if you really think more is better, go ahead :)


key combinations and strategies (TOP SECRET ^^):

pyramid turtle / creature swap:

I think you already know this one, but iīll explain it anyway, just in case:  if you creature swap pyramid turtle and defeat him, it goes to YOUR card graveyard, so you are able to pick up a monster from your deck.

Lava golem + spirit reaper:

just the idea of letting lava golem destroy your opponents life points and not letting him use the ATK strength of lava golem. the chance that I have both in my hand is quite small, but i usually have pyramid turtle, or even damage condenser. also, if I have more monsters on the field than just spirit reaper, I usually use patrician of darkness to redirect every of his attacks to spirit reaper.

returning from the graveyard:

I usually use tribute to the doomed, dark core, graceful charity etc. to discard cards to the graveyard and then use call of the haunted, book of life etc to bring them back.

pyramid turtle:

with 3 pyramid turtleīs, I usually have one in the first 12 cards I draw. I use them to summon ryu kokki, patrician of darkness or if the need is high spirit reaper.


I need this deck to be fixed, because I just donīt know anymore which cards are good for this deck, hell, I donīt even know what the name is! I win alot with this deck, so it must be pretty good, but now I want the deck to be proper and doesn't look like (and be like) I just put in the most butt-kicking monsters I have, because I didn't.







            I loved the “top secret” part.  However, Spirit Reaper won’t stay alive for long with all the Enemy Controllers & Smashing Grounds.  D.D. Warrior Lady and Exiled Forces add to the lack of Reapers’ longevity.  Thus, Lava Golem won’t be a good choice, although he (I guess it is a he…) may remove two monsters for no cost.  Furthermore,  it might even get Bottomless (which you kinda want, since there’s no more use for the Golem except 1000 LP damage per turn), and Torrential.  It is just not consistent enough for you to rely on the Fiend, while the theme is Zombie. For the same reason,  Zombyra the Dark, Insect Knight, Archfiend Soldier, Time Wizard (I like him, he’s not bad, but he’s a Spellcaster…), Slate Warrior,  Victory Viper, Relinquished, Luster Dragon, Granadora, and Berserk Gorilla will be gone first. 



            Before we do anything else, let’s think about Zombies.  Pyramid Turtle has THE best upper limit among the “battle searchers.”  First, anything below 2000 DEF Zombie-Type can be brought out during Damage Step, meaning no Bottomless Trap Hole/Torrential Tribute can be activated.  Ryu Kokki, Vampire Lord, and Patrician of Darkness are all viable choices, along with Spirit Reaper and other Zombies.  Second, you can Special Summon in DEF position, which you can only do with Masked Dragon (among the themed ones).  In addition,  Book of Life is a straight 1-for-1 that has added-bonus.  Remove 1 monster from opponent’s graveyard.  Treeborn Frog, Jinzo, Sacred Phoenix, opposing V-Lord…all those can be taken care of.  EDITED Carrot Alert: Removing 1 Monster is NOT mandatory effect.  It targets 1 Monster.  However, ruling has been changed (since last time I checked) that removing 1 monster does not have to resolve for the reborn part of the effect to happen.  Thanks, Junior and Masterdramon for mentioning this.



            Let’s set a goal: 

            1:  Bring out powerful monsters through Pyramid Turtle for no cost.

2:  Keep bringing back monsters with Book of Life, and disrupt opponent’s              strategies.

            3:  ???



            I left 3rd one blank deliberately.  I know what’s going to be there, but I want to explain first.  Hm…okay, before explaining, let’s cut down more on the cards.  Dark Core is inferior to Lightning Vortex, which I’ll keep 1 in case you draw 5+ star monsters. Soul Exchange will be too situational.  You need it when you draw high level monsters, which you don’t want to do.  Axe of Despair cannot be activated during opponent’s turn, and it easily leads to –1, even with V-Lord.  Hammer Shot is also inferior to Vortex and Smashing Ground, since it can be used against you.  Malevolent Nuzzler; look at Axe of Despair.  Shadow Spell, Mask of Restrict, and Magic Jammer don’t belong in your main deck. Tribute to the Doomed can destroy face-downs, but we won’t need that. 



            Damage Condenser…well, you don’t want to take LP hits, neither will you have to.  Compulsory can be replaced by Bottomless Trap Holes or Sakuretsu Armor. I’ll stick with Bottomless Trap Hole, to remove more monsters from opponent’s graveyard.  Pot of Avarice will be useless against them, but good for us! Let’s add that. I want another Book of Life. It’s a good support.



            Ring of Destruction is crucial, and so is Mirror Force. Okay, there…now, back to Zombie theme.  We need the mascot of the Zombies; V-Lord.  1 would be enough, and this is where your Blast with Chain comes in.  It will not lose any card advantage, since Breaker won’t dare break THAT!  You know what? Let’s add another one.  Instead of adding 3rd one, Mask of Darkness will both act as trap retriever and shield that protects your LP.  I want to take off Patrician of Darkness.  Smashing, Enemy Controller…easily manipulated.  Although I don’t like Dark Dust Spirit, that reminds me of Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys.  It will also work beautifully with Blast with Chain, and Smashing, Vortex, Torrential, Sakuretsu, Widespread Ruin will all be useless.



            Breaker will complete the spell/trap removal, while 1 Exiled we have will trigger Last Will to bring out Pyramid Turtles faster.  From your preference towards 1900 Normal monsters, I assume you like aggressiveness.  1 Asura Priest will do you a lot of good.  It will eliminate all the defenders, while providing extra combinations for Creature Swap.  We’ll add 1 more Swap, and remove 2 Call of the Mummy’s.  Hm… if we run out of Book of Life’s, Magician of Faith will come in handy.  2 Apprentice Magicians will be splendid.  It supports Hand of Nephthys to bring Phoenix, can defend your LP, search out Magician of Faith, and add extra counters to Breaker!!



            Let’s take a moment to check if we need more of anything.  We have access to powerful 2400 ATK monsters without losing almost nothing, and in case Monarch pops out, we can take care of them with Blast with Chain.  I think we should add 3rd Blast with Chain instead of adding Jinzo.  Playing that Mobius will be –1’s for your opponents. 



            We do have a lot of blockers, so Giant Rat will be pointless in your hand if you have Turtles/Apprentices out.  Exiled can either be used for or by Last Will.  I won’t add D.D. Warrior Lady because Enemy Controller/Brain Control/Creature Swap will turn her against your V-Lord and Phoenix. 



            Then, we have monster/spell/trap removals from Creature Swap, Exiled Force, Breaker and Phoenix supported by Spellcasters, Asura Priest, 3 Blast with Chains, and rest of the traps.  Oh, and that Vortex.  However,  sometimes, Cyber Dragon and Exiled Force can ruin your face-downs.  To lure them, Treeborn Frog and Sangan will both be added, also acting as sacrificial tributes for that holy Phoenix.



            We just need more flexibility.  Book of Moon is a good choice, since it can be used in any situations. Chainable, and stuff.  We don’t have Mystical Space Typhoon, do we?  That is also a good choice.  You can set it as Dust Tornado, or use it during Standby Phase to bring Frog.  Way too good to not use it.  Nobleman of Crossout will remove MORE!!



Maybe I’m biased, but this does look nice, doesn’t it?  Free 2400 ATK!  Not even Monarchs can do THAT! Shoot, you want at least 45 cards in your deck, eh? Let’s see…monster to non-monster ratio is less than 1, so we’ll increase it a bit.  We need 4 more cards…how about 1 Giant Rat and 3 Nimble Momonga?  No, wait…your opponent will not attack unless he/she has D.D. Warrior (Lady)/Exiled or other removals…1 Swords of Revealing Light and 1 Des Lacooda will get you a lot of advantages.  2 more? Hm…since you like 1900 ATKers, how about Royal Keeper?  1600 ATK, 1700 DEF, 4-Star, and when flipped face-up, increase ATK & DEF by 300. Oh and you can flip face-down. Try 2 Royal Keepers!




Carrotized Earthquake (45)


Monsters (20)


2x Ryu Kokki

3x Pyramid Turtle

1x Spirit Reaper

1x Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys

1x Hand of Nephthys

1x Exiled Force

1x Mask of Darkness

1x Vampire Lord

1x Breaker the Magical Warrior.

2x Apprentice Magician

1x Asura Priest

1x Sangan

1x Treeborn Frog

2x Royal Keeper

1x Des Lacooda




1x graceful charity

3x book of life

1x premature burial

1x lightning vortex

1x heavy storm

1x scapegoat

2x creature swap

1x Pot of Avarice

1x Last Will

1x Book of Moon

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Nobleman of Crossout 

1x Swords of Revealing Light




1x torrential tribute

1x call of the haunted

3x blast with chain

1x Ring of Destruction

1x Mirror Force

2x Bottomless Trap Hole




Oh, I want to say this…as a reminder.  These are REQUIRED if you want me to make suggestions/fixes.



            -Your name/nick

            -Your deck list (obv.)

            -Your deck TITLE – I don’t care if it’s absurd, as long as you think it’s cool.

            -How many cards you want in your deck. Please don’t be vague and say, anything above 40…=_=a

            -Primary theme

            -Any lockdown/combinations

            -Any cards you do not want removed

            -Personal playing style: Aggressive, Control…etc. You know.

            -Bolding (and underlining + italicizing) these facts will increase your chance of getting picked by…a lot? 50%? =P

            -Almost forgot.  When you send me an e-mail, it is more preferable if you past the decklist in the mail itself, instead of attaching it as a file.  Also, the title



            Feel free to send me any corrections with “proofs” about rulings to me, and I’ll make sure to put your name *cough* Masterdramon. *Sneeze*


By & Edited by Paul Yeem – Carrotizer @ paulyeem@gmail.com


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