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Aaron Fletcher on YuGiOh!
Metagame Breakdown - Jeff Baumgartner

June 18, 2007

When the Yu-GiOh! Game started people were not so much worried about the amount of cards in hand (now commonly know as advantage) rather, if they had a beatstick on the field and how many direct attacks it would take in order to descimate their opponent. This haphazard aggressive strategy was left to rot when the role of control came in. Recently newer decks, such as Cyber Stein OTK, Demise OTK and even to an extent Samurai OTK have been trying to break the mechanistic mindset of advantage players into how many turns until my lifepoints to zero. One of the defining characteristics is that no matter how many cards your opponent has in their hand, on the field or is in control, when you draw your ‘broken’ combo it means games: these decks ruined advatage theory.

Today I intend to add another card to this fast growing list of advantage smashers, and it all comes again from a long forgotten LON card, Summoner of Illusions. This little spellcaster, with 800 attack and 900 defense has the effect:

FLIP: Offer 1 monster on your side of the field as a Tribute (excluding this monster). Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster Card from your Fusion Deck. The Fusion Monster is destroyed at the end of the turn this card is activated.

Now if you do follow the metagame, and more importantly the OTKs of the metagame you will notice one common factor: both used a high attack fusion monster to reduce your opponen’ts life points down to zero. Cyber Stein summoned this card at a cost of 5000 life points, and Demise used metamorphosis to devastating effect, can you guess what it is yet?

Cyber Twin Dragon | Atk: 2800 | Def: 2100

"Cyber Dragon" + "Cyber Dragon" A Fusion Summon of this card can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. This card can attack twice during the same Battle Phase.

If your quick at maths you will have realised that 2800 + 2800 equals 5600 attack. If your good at YuGiOh! you will have realised this mens death in pretty much most cases.


Often in Yu-Gi-Oh! People make the mistake of unable to maintain the field. By this I mean they run loads of flip effect monsters with low defense which just don’t support their strategy. If you have noticed, this small phrase in the text of summoner of illusions‘(excluding this monster)’ is going to have a very serious impact on our final deck. In order to special summon Cyber Twin we need to maintain a constant supply of monsters to tribute, hopefully some which have a beneficial effect, or can replace themselves before being tributed. Here we meet a newer concept in Yu-Gi-Oh! Called floaters. Essentially a floater is able to replace themselves before or after leaving the field but usually have little impact on gameplay. Think about it, if replace monsters often enough eventually you will draw into your combo and be in a prime position to strike.

With this in mind we need to fill our Otk deck with loads upon loads of floaters

[3] Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locamotive

[3] Card Trooper

[3] Cyber Pheonix

[1] Sangan

[1] Treeborn Frog

[3] Mystic Tomato

Destruction is everything

Problem with OTK’s is that usually they either work or they don’t and one card could really ditch your chances of murdering your opponent. To stop this from happaneing we need to build in some destruction into this deck: Snipe Hunter

Snipe Hunter is arguable one of the best common, best monster and best card in the ‘advantage’ format. This card turns dead cards in hand into unrestricted field removal, and if its really bothering you, just have another, and another and another go. Who says playing the odds isn’t fun

Snipe Hunter | Atk: 1500 | Def: 600

Discard 1 card from your hand. Select 1 card on the field and roll a six-sided die. If the result is not 1 or 6, destroy the selected card.

Again, we can’t throw in these Snipe Hunters in without rational. As stated before we need to maintain field presence at all costs, so placing in a couple of mystic Tomatos, or three, will allow us to ensure were definitely getting monsters on the field and definitely have our destruction outs.

+ [3] Snipe Hunter

+ [3] Mystic Tomato


Pulling it together

Monsters: 23

[1] Jinzo

[3] Cyber Dragon

[3] Summoner of Illusion

[3] Mystic Tomato

[3] Snipe Hunter

[1] Treeborn Frog

[3] Card Trooper

[3] Cyber Pheonix

[3] Dekoichi the Battlehchanted Locamotive

Magics: 12

[1] Nobleman of Crossout

[1] Scapegoat

[1] Book of Moon

[1] Giant Trunade

[1] Heavy Storm

[1] Mystical Space Typhoon

[1] Limiter Removal

[1] Future Fusion

[1] Overload Fusion

[1] Premature Burial

[1] Pot of Avarice

[1] Snatch Steal

Traps: 7

[3] Threatning Roar

[1] Call Of The Haunted

[1] Ring of Destruction

[1] Mirror Force

[1] Torrential Tribute

The magic line up is pretty basic for any machine build, which we would be stupid to not include! We have 13 machine monsters in the deck rip for Future Fusion / Overload Fusion to target Chimeratech Over Dragon which in itself is a OTK strategy. Limiter removal enforces the machine ideas, while giant trunade provides alteratives to the usual heavy storm, and mystical space typhoon to clearing the opponent’s backrow.

The Traps again aren’t anything stellar, except for Threatning Roar. Threatning roar is an absolute treat to play in this deck as it knocks off attacks by opponent’s monsters on your Summoner of Illusions as this is one of the biggest tasks facing the player of this deck – maintaining the illusiosn face down.

Now you have seen the deck most people will have realised, ‘wait you can’t kill somone in one move with summoner of illusions and cyber dragon’ You would be highly correct. This leads me to redefine this deck not as a OTK but as a possible OTK which deals mass damage.

Anyway this is my Illusions OTK for this week, tune in next time for R3CUIT3RS

Aaron Fletcher



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