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Aaron Fletcher on YuGiOh!
Metagame Breakdown - Jeff Baumgartner

June 18, 2007

One of the defining things which makes a player great at YuGiOh! is flexibility. I have here today one such duelist, Jeff Baumgartner, who has demonstrated this skill by placing highly recently in Shonen Jump with Perfect circle and Six Samurai. Lets take a look at what he has to say on Yu-Gi-Oh!

  1. Currently you have 3 top 16 appearances , one of which netted you a Crush Card Virus. (CCV) Now there has been a lot of talk about the impact of crush card virus, but is it that good? Exactly what impact does it have on gameplay?

    Actually I at least top eighted in all of them. I received a crush card at SJC Collinsville (AKA Missouri) where I sold it within five minutes for 2500 cash. Crush Card Virus most definitely is that good. It is currently one of the only cards in the game to generate huge swings in advantage for a very little cost. One example was my match against Shane Scurry in Minnesota, where I had two cyber dragons on the field with the third in hand along with malicious snipe hunter and ring. He had zero cards drew removed for malicious set a card. I went to snipe hunter where he chained crush card and killed every monster I had. It really affects the game tremendously, and even though there are only 32 released, it is still going to be a major threat at nationals.

  2. One of the hot issues on various forums is the legality of cards which aren’t available to the mass market in the USA nationals. Is it right to allow good players exceptionally good cards? If so why?

    It is right to allow players who win prize cards to play them, even if they are ridiculously good. There are so few that you will probably only see them at large scale tournaments, or one at max at a regional event. It just adds more strategy to the game, by now having to watch out for cards like CCV. Also most players will know who is running CCV at an event and know when to protect themselves against it.

  3. What team are you currently on? What impact does being on this team have to you and do you think teams are important in YuGiOh!?

    I am currently on Team Kamikaze Sponsored by ShopCCG.com (Opening July 4th, where you can have a myspace type profile post your inventory and selling prices and trade/sell with all the users)

    The impact and importance of being on a team is being able to play test with people you trust and not worrying about your ideas getting to the public before a large scale event. Right now our team has a new original deck for nationals that we wouldn’t want leaked, nor would have come up with if it wasn’t for everyone’s contributions. We also get cards for each other, like at SJC Collinsville three of us top8ed because we all tested with each other to make the deck perfect. (Though everyone on the team ran the same deck but me, I Couldn’t afford the cards)

  4. At the last Shonen Jump Force of the Breaker didn’t make that much of an impact, why do you think this is?

    The only new cards in top16 of the event were Raiza the Storm Monarch, and volcanic shell. There was a lot of new deck archetypes being played at the event, just none were strong enough to make the top16 cut. The main deck’s of the new set, chaos and crystal beasts, were being played in inconsistent forms. Maybe people have found a stronger way to run the new cards, and are keeping it secret for nationals.

  5. It seems that the Meta for this format has become largely undefined and fluctuates very rapidly. For example, Its gone from Bazooper to D.D.T to Demise OTK to Monarchs to Perfect circle and much more besides. Do you think UDE/ Konami of Japan got the list right this time, and do you have any predictions for the next big Meta shift?

    The list will never be right, but I have heard the fewest complaints about this list than any other. The current list is outdated because of so many new cards released that have made a large scale impact on the game. The next big Meta shift is going towards the T deck originally piloted at SJC Anaheim. It is gaining high momentum and is the deck to beat at nationals.

  6. One of the decks that you’re most famous for playing is Six Samurai. How did you stumble upon the awesome one turn kill aspect of the deck?

    Well I originally gained interest in the deck and saw them fit for play when it first top16ed at SJC Houston. I decided to make a build to run at a regional. I honestly didn’t think that they would win at all, but I decided to play them anyway because it was one of the more fun decks in the game. Throughout the regional games were lasting very short, and when I won the regional I decided to take the deck to the next level, and SJC. I play tested and play tested, and found that the best way to win was as fast as possible, before my opponent could take advantage of their high card advantage. The deck was very strong for that brief period, where decks were far slower than the pace now.

  7. Lately it seems Sixth Samurai has fallen to the wayside in place of Perfect Circle. Are there any improvements that you would suggest to budding Samurai Players in anticipation of this match up and why?

    Once again I took samurais to a regional, this time in the brink of everyone playing monarchs or Perfect Circle, which I expected. This caused me to main deck multiple copies of pulling the rug, which is really all you can do versus perfect circle. With the speed of the game gaining momentum, Samurais are being left in the dark. Also Interesting fact on Perfect Circle Monarchs, at SJC Ohio Paul Levitan was running what I thought was a new deck, so I had to watch. He was sporting new cards such as fear monger, and destiny hero Discman, which I thought was called destiny hero perfect circle, for some reason. So when I got back home I made versions of the deck and posted it on forums calling it perfect circle, surprisingly the name stuck, and we are here with it today.

  8. What are you running at the nationals this year and why?

    Well, I am not for sure yet, being as there are so many competitive decks. But for certain, being as the best players in the country will be participating, I am going to run the most consistent deck possible.

  9. Who and what do you hotly tip to place highly (besides yourself) at the USA nationals and why?

    First off, anyone with CCV has a high advantage in nationals, and they have the best chance of placing high with T’s deck. I believe most all of the decks in top16 will be T’s deck, and PC, with a gadget deck in the mix, and a few rogue decks.

    My top pics for nationals will be that Kris Perovic, and Shane Scurry will do very well. T has had a great run since his return so he will be up there. Keanson Ye has been doing very consistent also; I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the cut.

  10. Whats the most funniest, craziest or surreal thing that’s ever happened to you while playing YuGiOh!?

Actually I posted a list of my most memorable moments in this game on a forum a couple days ago. The grammar in the list isn’t the best though.

Obviously Pojo.com cannot endorse any sort of this behavior at tournaments, but it really is quite funny!

  1. Joe Crisara threatening to eat Danny’s ultimate Gatling dragon, Danny saying he wouldn't, and Joe eating it entirely, swallowed it and all.

    2. Joe Crisara getting banned from pastimes, and a couple months later, the parking lot.

    3. 2005 Nats when I was playing box tourneys from Friday until nats started and people were sleeping under the ude tablecloths.

    4. Me complaining to a judge that mike glo touched my deck during a match (I did it as a joke) and he got a game loss. ROFL. I kind of felt bad but it was so epic.

    5. My ride bailing out on me for Ohio SJC 2006, crystal calling me at last minute to give me a ride. So me crystal Gustavo Jeffrey and Greg smith head to jump. We get there early and sleep in a motel parking lot, except for Jeffrey who goes out side of the car to make a deck. During the process he befriends a cat and plays with it for a couple hours. lol???

    6. Rob pace filling out Joe Crisara's deck list and writing, "Joe The D*** Sucker Crisara". He was given a game loss.

    7. At SJC Indy 2005, Joe Crisara gets his 2nd loss to some guy, and says, "I Am Much Better Than You and Should Not Have Lost, and You Should Give me The win."

    8. Alexi Simpson Flipping out when given a bad ruling, throwing a chair, and his deck hitting me in the back of the head and just going everywhere.

    9. Some Guy thinking my last name was pronounced boner-getter, and being serious, he really thought that is what it was.

    10. Josh Cohen sitting down to every round and saying, "You Belong In A Circus" to every opponent. They like are confused and say something, where he quickly replies, "High roll", as if nothing every happened.

    11. I activate my body as a shield, my opponent reads it, I call a judge saying, "Judge, He Touched My Body", my opponent received a warning for touching my body without permission.

    12. Me asking some kid if he wanted to sell me a harpie lady 1 for 2 bux, he replies, "NO NOT IN THIS LIFETIME". Everyone starts cracking up, so I offer him a pile of unplayable cards he is like, "Deal, I actually need these". He then offers to pay for Dan Alexander and Joe Crisara's entry fee if they promise to stop being mean to him. Bullying ftw???

    13. The after regional team war that went from 8 P.M. To 4 A.M. 5 on 5 endurance. We went from pastimes, to taco bell, to dunkin donuts, to out side taco bell. Dunkin donuts stays open until people stop buying things lol.

    14. Dan Tate and roidburn. I didn't think it was a yugioh deck, I thought it was an std.

    15. Watching kids win multiple JR. Regional’s while 17 years of age.

    16. Garret Beaumont Aka "Pretty Vinny" tripping over the infamous, pastimes to wendies fence and ripping his pants. But wait, he had ANOTHER PAIR!!! the sad part is he lives really close to pastimes and went there from home for the day and had two pairs.

    17. When Harry potter top8ed a regional, and people started believing in wizards.

    18. Matt brasic losing to gravekeepers on the bubble of a shonen to gravekeepers.

    19. Me saying wow, wtf why can't I pull an ultimate cyber dragon, and Alex priebe responds, "You did", Billy just stole it. I say, "Huh?" Alex says, "Yea he stole 1 pack from your box and pulled it and traded it to me for a super one." Damn Billy lol.

    20. At SJC Collinsville/ St Louis, Me Joe crisara Billy fulfer Andrew tenjum and josh Cohen stayed in 2 rooms. We get back from day 1 I go in Joes room wipe the seet for obvious reasons flush it wash my hands when I hear leaking, and what u know the bathroom is flooding. Convientely every1 disappeared when I was in the bathroom. So I go in the hallway to look for them. The door locks and I don't have a key. I keep calling everyone until they pick up where they take 20 minutes to get up. By this time the hotel room is now in a flash flood with about 2-3 inches of water. We go downstairs to tell the guy, and Joe comes by and says what’s going on. "Our room flooded Joe". He whispers something in joshes ear and sprints to the elevator. the guy is just giving us weird looks but gives us a new room. We get up there and Joe has all his stuff out of the room. He also shuts the water off and calls us retarded (me and josh) because we didn't know how to turn it off. Sorry for not being plumbers Joe.

    21. Josh Cohen playing against a burn deck on the bubble at an Ohio regional. (his opponents name was Ross Blackburn, he was playing burn lol) its game 3 and joshes opponent sets 5 turns ends, turns to his friends says he top8ed. Josh sets a monster when he draws; the guy is like whoah guy whoah guy u got to declare your phases. His friends are all like wtf Ur cheatin. So a judge is called and the guy says judge when I was talking to my friends my opponent set a monster. LOL HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. So obviously they side with Cohen and so he has 3 monsters and ojama can't be activated. Next josh activates storm goes to like 800 life from just deserts and attacks for game. his friends were like THAT SHOULDA BEEN REPLAY REPLAY REPLAY REPLAY. Then Ross says in a really loud voice, similar to how yami yugi would say it, "ROSS BLACK BURN WILL TOP, WITH BURN," and storms off.

22. Me losing to exodia reversal quiz horus and zombies at nats 05.

23. Jeff Jones wrecking everyone at regional’s with Horus.

24. Alex priebe going undefeated in Swiss at regional then his parents making him leave.

25. Getting crush card and 2 minutes later getting offered 2500 and selling crush card.

26. Billy fulfer playing Japanese crush in a regional and it being legal, and he won the regional.

27. At SJC Indy 06 watching mean people getting inflatable poke balls and running up to fat kids and saying I choose you snorlax.

28. Joe crisara getting his deck stolen 19 times total.

29. rob pace falling down an escalator

30. Joe crisara cutting his toe open falling down an escalator

32. me top8ed a regional going 0-2 losing round 1 and round 2 to both the people that were undefeated going into round 8

  1. Do you have any shout outs, messages or anything which you would like to add?

Visit ShopCCG.com for all your card needs. You can also make friends have a profile and add stores and people to your buddy list. Post your inventory and selling rates. Shipping automatically calculated. An in depth tour is also on the site. That’s WWW.ShopCCG.com

I want to throw some shout out’s to Josh Cohen for telling me to run Machine Duplication at Collinsville.

My team for helping me with my samurai deck.

Kris Perovic for convincing me to run T’s deck at SJC Minnesota.

Paul Levitan for motivational talks.

And everyone in my area who I consistently play test with.

I wouldn’t be the duellist I am today with you guys.

Pojo.com, and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour at the U.S. Nationals, and congratulations on your sterling performance so far!

Aaron Fletcher



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