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Aaron Fletcher on Yu-G-iOh!
Article Competition

February 20, 2007

On obeliskblue.uni.cc something rather interesting dropped into my PM box. It was an article written by Zaiura that explores the ideas behind deck types. He asked if I could showcase it for him, which I am doing.

This has leaded me to an idea, a journal contest. I would like all budding journalists to come forth and email me with their entry. I will circulate entries amongst people that I feel would grade them correctly and post the winning article in my section, there is one stipulation, focus it on psychology, the aim of my section. Happy Writing!

Here is the article that landed in my PM box, and an example for you to judge against!

This article is all about you. How do you play? What do you play? When do you play it? Even why do you play it? What makes you tick? What makes you tick your opponent off? I'll discuss these and other attributes of your play style in this article.

First off, let me start by explaining the four main deck types. Forget what you read about the differences between zombie decks, warrior decks, beast decks, and water decks. Those are miniscule and relatively unimportant at the moment. Before you can have Hydrogen, Oxygen, Iron, or Mercury, you must have protons, neutrons, and electrons. There are smaller parts to an atom than that, but if you're reading this article, odds are that you aren't ready for the diverse quantum mechanics of Deck Theory.

The four main play style types, are Aggressive (or aggro for short), Control, Aggro/Control (clever, eh?), and Combo. Knowing what type of play style you are is vastly important beyond explanation. If you're a pure aggressive player (like me, actually), and you try and play a control oriented deck such as a Swap Control, Clock Control, Zombies, or any other controllish deck, you're probably going to screw up, and not understand why.

Aggressive players are right up my alley. We're not like control players. We don't care about such trivial subjects as "Card Advantage", "Tempo", etc.. We just want to WIN. Players who are aggressive would use a deck such as a Beast Deck, which in fact, was my best deck in the April 06' format. Another deck they'd use would be Dark World. A common attribute of these duelists is a tendency to overextend, which unfortunately, is not regulated on the current format, or the next. Perfect!

Control players are interested in controlling the game. They like to make their opponent's decision for them. These are the duelists concerned with the aforementioned Card Advantages and Game Tempo. They like to make sure they have more options than the opponent, and control the rate at which the game is played. Common deck types of these duelists are Swap Controls, Tomato Controls, Macrocosmos/D. Fissure decks, and even Water decks. They have a pretty interesting perspective when it comes to dueling.

Aggro/Control players are the most common. They prefer a generalized balance and compromising system. They like to go on the offensive when necessary, but find over-extension distasteful. They have no objection to controlling the field, but who does? Common decks of these types of players are Monarchs and Toolboxes of all types.

The last of the fantastic four play styles is the Combo play style. These guys just love to run combo decks of all types. They take up a good 75% of the population who have 50 or more decks for one format, because they LOVE to tinker. Their decks are typically OTK's, like Chimeratech OTK, Rescue Cat OTK, Reversal Quiz OTK, as well as Ectoplasmer decks, Reasoning Gate decks, Burn Decks, Chain Strike, and Counter-Trap Fairies to name a [small] few.

Now that we've got that covered, you must be wondering "Where do I fit into all of this?", eh? Well let's find out. Below is a little quiz by yours truly, to help you determine your play style. Write down your answers on a piece of paper, add up how many of the answers you have (such as 4 aggressive, 2 control, 3 aggro/control, 1 combo) and you'll have it right there. In the event of a tie, you must do pretty well with both. In a 3-way tie, you must be pretty gifted. But don't let it get to your head. It takes years to turn a gifted Padawan into a fully trained Jedi. On to the quiz. 1st answer is Aggro, 2nd is Control, 3rd is Aggro/control, and 4th is combo.

1. Do you prefer to go first or second? First, Second, Let opponent decide, Either

2. Is your ideal play summon Cyber Dragon and Exiled Force, or Cyber Dragon and Zaborg the Thunder Monarch? CD and ZM, CD and EF, either, I maindeck none of the 3.

3. Do you play Graceful Charity the turn you draw it? Yes, No, Depends, Don't maindeck it.

4. It's turn 12 in the game. how many cards do you have in hand? Topdecking, 4 or more, 1-3 with strong field presence, It's the card I don't have in my hand

5. How many Royal Decrees do you side/maindeck? 1, 3, 2, none

6. Pick a monster. Zaborg the Thunder Monarch, Jinzo, Mobius the Frost Monarch, Exodia the Forbidden One.

7. Pick a duo. Cyber-Stein + Megamorph, Royal Decree + Spell Canceller, Chaos Emperor Dragon + Last Will , Magical Scientist + Catapult Turtle

8. Pick a Deck. Beast Deck, Zombie Deck, Monarch Deck, Life Equalizer OTK

9. Pick an Attribute. Earth, Light, Dark, Fire.

10. It's turn 6. How many lifepoints does your opponent have? 1800, 7200, 5600, 0 or 10000

Ok. If you scored 5 on any of the styles, then you are predominantly that style. If you tied, then you are tied on those styles, and most likely use both equally well. In my next article, you will learn about the Three S's, a mystical but extremely efficient formula of deck building that is sure to give you immediate results. Its like magic. Have a nice day!

Pretty interesting stuff eh? What are your thoughts? Here are mine.

I believe that the writer stated a lot of things that are obvious to you and me, but none the less his message is quite a potent one  There are many different deck types, and different players adopt these deck types.

I would personally like to add other deck types then just Aggression, Control, Combo and Aggro control as it doesnt cover OTK, which arent aggression in my opinion. Secondly you can have Combo Aggression (Dark World) and Combo Control (Dark Designator/Mind Crush) there is a lot differing opinions in this area.

The writing style is very good, its not as formal as my own but It allows the readers to instantly connect to the writer and join his train of thought. One thing that I would say is that the author has a slight tendency to over emphasis his own play but bias is something that we all find hard to shake off.

Lastly Im not convinced of the rating system at the end and its relevance. It is a good attempt but personally its not for me and I would try and make it a bit more scientific. Ah the scientist in me.

My Rating would be as follows

  1. Relevance (4/5)
  2. Usefulness (2/5)
  3. Writer Style (3/5)

Please submit all entries to emuron@gmail.com

Aaron Fletcher



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