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Aaron Fletcher on Yu-G-iOh!
Aaron’s Take on the Manchester Regional

February 12, 2007

Before I begin I have a confession to make, well two actually. Firstly it wasn’t a regional as I hyped it up to be, it was a city championship and secondly I had loads of notes on which to report, with my scores in the various games but I had lost them due to some reason, so I’m working off memory here. If you want to skip the report please go to the end, where I will look at one of the most ingenious decks that I have seen top 8.

So henceforth this report should be renamed: Manchester Report: The Day that Aaron Got Schooled.

It was about 10:30 when registration started, I came down with a friend (it was his first competitive tournament) and we waited for what seemed like ages. We signed up, and paid our 6 pounds, I was anxious to see what other people’s decks were as I was trying to counter the meta, as I was playing a dark world variant. This was one of the first lessons of the day which I’ll come back to later on. There were six rounds in total. It intresting as soon as the rounds started people realized that I was a pojo featured writer, and I was surprise the amount of people who could relate to what I wrote about. This apparently gave me access all areas, so much so I got a few decklists at the end.

Anyway in the City Championship there was 44 players, some new faces, some veterinary players and 17 players in the Duelist Academy. Now I have abstained from playing competitive for most of this format as I have had personal views on the ban list so I decided to try and counter the meta with my deck list, it failed. From the hype I gathered that Gadgets were going to be played in their masses, so hence the dark world variant, of which this is the deck list of:

Main Deck

[3] Goldd, Wu Lord of Darkworld

[3] Sillva, Warlord of Darkworld

[3] Cyber Dragon

[2] Mobius the Frost Monarch

[3] Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive

[1] Sangan

[1] Spirit Reaper

[1] Morphing Jar

[1] Giant Orc

[1] Injection Fairy Lilly

[1] Treeborn Frog

[1] Breaker the Magical Warrior

[1] Magician of Faith

[1] Pot of Avarice

[2] Enemy Controller

[3] Dark World Lightning

[1] Graceful Charity

[1] Heavy Storm

[1] Mystical Space Typhoon

[2] Smashing Ground

[1] Card Destruction

[3] Bottomless Trap Hole

[2] Deck Devastation Virus

[1] Mirror Force

[1] Torrential Tribute

[1] Ring of Destruction

[Total 42]

Side Deck

[2] Royal Decree

[1] Jinzo

[2] Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

[2] Legendary Jujitsu Master

[2] Mystic Tomato

[1] D.D. Warrior Lady

[1] D.D. Assailant

[1] Don Zaloog

[2] Creature Swap

Now I really don’t require fixes to this deck for the reason that this meta is over in the matter of weeks, which hopefully in the next one I will play more competitively.

Let’s discuss the deck briefly

  • Designed for dark world stability (which Is a fine line to get)
  • Geared for a fast kill with all the special summoning
  • Designed to counter a gadget Meta
  • Main deck should have had 3 Legendary Jujitsu Masters in, but as I only had two, I played Dekochi the BattleChanted Locamotives instead
  • I had 0 Des Wombats, and only 2 Royal Decrees. So my side deck was slightly unequipped to counter burn or chain burn.

Out of the 6 rounds that I played I lost 3. Now this is a poor score but I count every game you play as experience so I’m not that sore about loosing, and I lost to some experienced players.

The decks which I encountered (In this order were)


Burn DeckWon

Beat Down - Won

Monarch - Lost

Exodia/Heart of the Underdog OTK - Won

Chain BurnLost

Notice something? A deck that I had was geared to kill Gadgets, but I played Zero gadgets. From my understanding only 4 players were playing Gadgets that day. This leads me to my first lesson of the report don’t ever try to counter a meta that your unprepared for. I haven’t played competitively in a while, and the forums were not an accurate representation of what decks people are playing on the top tables, believe me.

As I have notes for the last game that I played, I will use them as an example. I was playing Domal Coleman who was from what I gathered an experienced player. He was one of two players here today playing chain burn, but it seemed that Chain Burn just didn’t have it in it to Top 8 a tournament. At this stage we both knew that neither of us could Top 8 the tournament.

1st Game

Dominal Coleman, 8000 – 7500 –5100 –3500 -2100

Aaron Fletcher, 8000 – 7000 – 2600 – 1800 – 200 - 0

He activated firstly Tremendous Fire and chained Strike and Secret Barreled for the win.

So I decided to side the only 3 cards that I have to beat a Chain Strike Deck, which were Jinzo and two Royal Decrees. I decide that in order to win I must become a seriously more aggressive player (which isn’t my play style) so this is game two.

2nd Game

Dominal Coleman, 8000 – 900 - 0

Aaron Fletcher, 8000 – 7200 – 5400 – 3100

Basically he set one monster, which I summoned Cyber Dragon too. I then proceeded to normal summon Giant Orc, and card destructioned into Two Gollds. This finished him off before he could set up a Chain Strike burn

3rd Game

Dominal Coleman, 8000 – 7700 - 4700

Aaron Fletcher, 8000 – 5700 – 2700 – 400 –0

Again he set up the Chain Strike Win and beat me to it. I thanked him for that game, and lesson in side decking (i.e. have an adequate side deck) and proceeded to go and find some my notes which I had just lost. This is my second lesson of the day: Use an adequate side deck. Of the games which I played, there are two which a properly constructed side deck would of helped me so much.

Onwards to my third lesson of the day: Don’t use YVD as your only deck-testing tool. Now to some this may seem self explanatory, as YVD doesn’t emulate the pressures that you are under on the day, but YVD is great for testing theories but its drawing algorithm has flaws, and it isn’t an accurate representation. This I believe was the reason why online this deck faired so well, but in real life, the draws were that good.

All in all it was a good championships and I enjoyed myself. People of mention (well people who want mention) is Mustafa who I give the best of luck for his application to do medicine. He seemed impressed when I informed him of my offers to do Veterinary Medicine, James for giving me a lift down and being a friend and my opponents for teaching me so much.

So to Sum up the lessons of the day

  1. Don’t ever try to counter a meta that your unprepared for
  2. Use an adequate side deck
  3. Don’t use YVD as your only deck-testing tool

Little did I know that the best was yet to come….

The Top 8

Micheal Jackson (Aka Matty) played Gadgets

Tomas Morrisey played Horus

Wayne Pickney (UK National Champion 2006) played [Unknown]

Mark Griffith played Chimeratech One Turn Kill

Ahmed Matthews played Monarchs with apprentice engine

Tom May played Gadgets

Mark Pilkinton played Chimeratech Recruiter

Adam Simpson played Gadgets/ D Hero.

Its interesting isn’t it, out of 4 gadgets, 3 had top 8, along with Horus, Monarch and two chimeratech decks? To be honest we have all seen people top 8 so I didn’t pay that much attention to it, but I did to Adam Simpson’s deck and he has gracefully offered us a decklist to digest, after which his friend played me with his deck.

Destiny of the Gadgets [Adam Simpson]

Main Deck

[3] Cyber Dragon

[1] Jinzo

[1] Blowback Dragon

[1] Dark Magician of Chaos

[2] Green Gadget

[2] Red Gadget

[2] Yellow Gadget

[3] Monster Gate

[3] Reasoning

[3] Dimension Fusion

[3] Overload Fusion

[1] Future Fusion

[2] Lightning Vortex

[1] Card Destruction

[1] Graceful Charity

[1] Heavy Storm

{2] Giant Trunade

[1] Limiter Removal

[2] Spell Reproduction

[1] Premature Burial

[1] Gravity Bind

[3] Threatening Roar

Side Deck

[3] Destiny Hero - Dasher

[3] Destiny Hero - Diamond Guy

[2] Destiny Hero - Fear Monger

[2] Reinforcements of the Army

[2] Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade

[3] Royal Decree

Now the main deck runs exactly like a gadget deck, well with some minor modifications. It’s geared towards swarming the field to create a one-turn kill with the Giant Trunade… pretty standard stuff. Here is where it gets interesting, into game two you side deck out all, yes all, of the machine components and add in the Destiny Hero stuff, and Voila you have a stable Phoenix Blade OTK on your hands.

The text of Destiny Hero – Diamond Guy reads

"Once per turn, you can look at the top card of your Deck. If it is a Normal Spell Card, send it to the Graveyard and you can activate its effect during the Main Phase of your next turn. If the card is not a Normal Spell Card, place it on the bottom of your Deck."

The ruling that we are concerned with is

"Since you are only activating the Normal Spell Card's effect, and not the Normal Spell Card itself, you do not pay costs and you do not have to meet any activation requirements. For example, you would not pay 1000 Life Points for "Confiscation", or discard 1 card for "Monster Reincarnation", or need a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" on the field to activate the effect of "Burst Stream of Destruction".

Let me outline the point of this deck - It’s to play things for free, and mill extremely fast. The Destiny Hero - Diamond Guy is one of the crux to this whole plan, it allows you to play Dimension Fusion, (no life points cost), Graceful Charity (3 card draw), Spell Reproduction (1 free spell card), Lightning Vortex (free destruction), Monster Gate (free monster) for free, i.e. no costs, whilst thinning out your deck.

The Reinforcements of the Army reinforce this whole plan, allowing you to search for these cards and have them work their magic immediately. The traps Gravity Bind and Threatening Roar stall to allow you to activate Destiny Hero - Diamond Guy in multiples, while the Destiny Hero – Dasher once in the grave allows you to summon that Dark Magician of Chaos which you just drew, for free. In short this is an extremely complicated, extremely fast, extremely potent one turn kill. Royal Decree stops any sort of traps interfering with your plans

To cap it off besides the swarm, and cost less advantage that this deck generates there is another one turn kill, Divine Sword Phoenix Blade

The text of Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade Reads

"You can only equip this card to a Warrior-Type monster. Increase the ATK of the equipped monster by 300 points. If this card is in your Graveyard during your Main Phase, by removing from play 2 Warrior-Type monsters from your Graveyard, add this card to your hand."

This card removes from play your Destiny Hero – Dashers (Preferably) or the other Destiny Heroes as Dark Magician of Chaos removes itself from play these cards instantly create synergy with the Dimension Fusion. As Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade is activated at any time during your main phase and if it ever hits the grave (which it will with all that milling which just occurred) it turns a drawn Dimension Fusion (or a previously sent to the graveyard, and cost less one) into a force to be reckoned with. Another snazzy thing which I’ve seen is bring it back before you activate Card Destruction, as its can cancel out the –1 effect of Card Destruction.

Now I’m not a guy to preach about this deck to anyone, but it came out of no where. This deck top 8 and I would have never though to fuse the two together, this shows a class above that the TCG has seen in a long time. This is just one of those decks which has to be played in order to appreciate the beauty, so that’s exactly what I did.

In order to do all my deck testing on YVD (which for reasons above shouldn’t be your only source of testing) I play against the very skilled people at www.obeliskblue.uni.cc, if you ever need to hone your skills, I would urge you to go there.

So far I have played against Chain Strike, Gadgets, and a Strike Ninja. It completely walked all over them. The side deck was not seen by any of them and they completely (like me) admired the beauty of the deck. Seriously, add it to YVD, proxy the deck or just make it, then play. The only fix which me and Obelisk Blue have come up with for the deck (I have showcased the deck in order to generate interest) is instead of running two Spell Reproductions, run two Magical Stone Excavations

So this concludes the day that Aaron got schooled, the best thing about being a player is that you can always learn more.

For people who attend Manchester Tournaments or in this area, or need information on them here is the next dates of the upcoming events in that area.

City Championships:

Fanboy 3, Manchester, 10th March 2007, Contact: enquiries@fanboy3.co.uk


Roundabout Toys, Manchester, 24th March 2007, Contact: dave@thegamingcrypt.com

Fanboy 3, Machester, 14th April 2007, Contact: enquiries@fanboy3.co.uk

Duel Academy:

Fanboy 3, Manchester, 31st March 2007, contact: enquires@fanboy3.co.uk

Sneak Peaks (Strike of Neos):

Zombies ate my wookie, Blackpool, 25th February 2007, contact: emuron@gmail.com (I’m judging)

Fanboy 3, Manchester, 24th February 2007, contact: enquires@fanboy3.co.uk

Thanks for taking the time to read!

If you would like to chat, discuss or want more details please contact emuron@gmail.com

Aaron Fletcher


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