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YamiBakuraFan's Little Shop of Horrors
YamiBakuraFan's Look into Shadow of Infinity!

November 18, 2005

          Well I’ve been quite the lazy bum of a featured writer lately, so to make amends for another two weeks of no-show I’ve decided to put my observation skills to the test in a nice look into the new Japanese Shadow of Infinity expansion set! Please note this article will be looking into a great amount more cards than usual so you may want to pack a lunch. Of course I’ll try not to go as in depth for my sanities sake! 

Thanks to DMComet for the early translations of the set! Keep up the good work guys!

Divine Flame Emperor - Uria
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card cannot be special summon other than sending 3 face-up Trap cards from your field to Graveyard. This card's attack strength would be increase by 1000 for each Continuous Trap cards in your Graveyard. Once per turn, you may destroy a Magic/Trap card that is set on opponent's field. The effect of that Magic/Trap card cannot be activated.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare

The first of three Legendary Demons that was featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime series. Uria is a monster that will only see play in a deck filled with trap cards. You’ll need lots of continuous traps to make full use of his summoning and boost effect. Trap monsters work very well especially cards like Zoma and Reflect Slime. He’s also instant m/t removal and prevents chains, no wonder he’s so legendary!

Descending Thunder Emperor - Hamon
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card cannot be special summon other than sending 3 Continuous Magic cards from your field to Graveyard. When this card destroy an opponent's monster and it's send to Graveyard, do 1000 damages to opponent's Life Points. When this card is on your field in face-up defense mode, opponent cannot choose other monsters as target of attack.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare

The second of three Legendary Demons that was featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime series. Hamon is the opposite of Uria and in my opinion is the weakest of the three Legendary demons support wise. He can be summoned through dropping three continuous magic cards, but there is a limited amount of useful cards in that category. While in attack he can deal a good amount of damage when destroying opponent’s monsters and while in defense he becomes the ultimate blocking wall. Try this guy out in a Ouija Board deck!

Phantom Emperor - Ravel
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card cannot be special summon other than by sacrifice 3 Demon sub-type monsters on your field. Whenever opponents summon a monster, special summon a "Phantom Token" (Dark/Demon/1/1000/1000) to your field. The tokens cannot declare attack. Once during your turn, you may sacrifice a monster on your field; this card's attack strength would be increase by the original attack of that monster until the End Phase of the turn.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare

The third and final of three Legendary Demons that was featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime series. Ravel is my favorite of the three, one because I love demons and two because I love tokens! Sacrificing three demons is very easy to do, my favorite combo would be to use Giant Virus (Giant Germ) or Puppet Master for quick demon summons. This guy is a lot like Sun God of Ra in the original anime with the fact he can sacrifice monsters to gain power and his tokens can be very good targets if you have no monsters at the time.

Elemental Hero – Bubbleman Neo
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card can only be special summon by sending a [Elemental Hero – Bubbleman] on your field and a [Metamorphosis] in your hand to Graveyard. When this card is face-up on the field, this card has the name [Elemental Hero – Bubbleman]. Destroy the opponent's monster battling with this card at the end of Damage Step.

This set is very Hero light considering that the next set may mark the end of the decktypes support line. Neo is well, nothing astounding. E-Heroes have a lot better support right now, and have no need to run a Metamorphosis (also it being restricted hurts). Neo could be used in a casual Bubbleman deck, and is the only monster in the game with a “battle and destroy” type effect. Plus the art is amazing!

Hero Kids
When this card is successfully special summon, you may special summon any number of [Hero Kids] from your deck to the field.

Hero kids is another card with simply amazing anime art style to it. The ability to deck thin by three cards and set up for a possible sacrifice is pretty cool too. I could see someone playing a fun deck around these cards and Aqua Chorus or Hell Alliance (Chthonian Alliance). Being a warrior also makes it easily searched and re-used.

Cyber Barrier Dragon
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card can only be special summon by the effect of [Attack Reflect Unit]. When this card is in face-up attack mode, once per turn, you can negate the attack of one of opponent's monster.
Super/Ultimate Rare

The first of three Cyber Dragon support cards in this set, Barrier is the worst of the three. He can only be summoned by Attack Reflect Unit which can be quite a problem if you don’t draw one. Also negating only one attack on a battle phase is not very good considering the attack. The defense is good though, it is a “barrier dragon” after all.

Cyber Laser Dragon
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card can only be special summon by the effect of [Photon Generator Unit]. Once during your Main Phase, you can choose and destroy a monster on opponent's field with attack or defense strength higher than this card's.
Ultra/Ultimate Rare

Cyber Laser is very good compared to its brother Barrier Dragon. Although it still needs a certain support card for its summon it has decent attack and a removal effect. Not many monsters with more than 2400 see play sadly, so your stuck trying to kills cards like Black Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon, if your lucky maybe Laser will destroy a Legendary Demon!

Antique Gear
When [Antique Gear] is face-up on your field, you may special summon any copy of this card in your hand to the field in attack mode.

A weaker version of Don Turtle, It has very low stats so the only thing it can really be used for is a quick sacrifice for Antique Gear Golem. Gadgets actually work a lot better than this card with Compensation of Blood (Ultimate Offering) on the field and it’s very hard to get more than one of these in your hand at once. Skip it unless you’re a devoted Chronos (Crowler) fan.

Antique Gear Cannon
Sacrifice this card, do 500 damages to opponent's Life Points. During this turn's battle phase no player can activate Trap cards.

I kind of like Antique Gear Cannon, not for the damage effect but for the way it can shutdown your opponent’s traps. This will allow bigger monsters, like that Cyber End Dragon you just played Limiter Removal on to get through with there attacks without interference. And oh how traps are a nuisance in this format especially. Also combos well with Machine Duplication!

Proto Cyber Dragon
When this card is face-up on the field, the name of this card is treated as [Cyber Dragon]

More support for the Cyber Dragon deck type! I can see Konami wanted Cyber Dragons to be played more like Ryo (Zane) from the GX anime series with all of this support. This card is good because it basically lets you run a total of 6 Cyber Dragons in your deck. This helps with fusions and playing Barrier/Laser dragon. It only works while on the field but if you sacrifice it with Generation Change you could pull a normal Cyber Dragon from your deck!

Instantaneous Bomber
When this card is attacked by opponent's monster when in face-down defense mode, damage calculation would not be deal and this card would become an equipment card onto the attacking monster. During the next opponent's Standby Phase, destroyed the equipped monster.

A weakened version of Sphere Bomb, this card will see play in all those who wanted to run bomb but could not due to it’s difficulty to obtain. It works for field removal, as a decoy, and is an unpleasant surprise to the opponent. Just watch out for Mystic Swordsman!

Machine King - Prototype
The attack and defense strength of this card is increased by 100 for each Machine sub-type monsters on the field other than this card.

A weaker version of the machine king, If RDS had The “Perfect Machine King”, this card is the “Imperfect Machine King”. 2100 is the highest it can get, and that’s with a full field as well, it sounds like a fun card in a machine deck that’s casual, but for an expert machine player you’ll find it oddly outdated among all of the crazy machines running amok.

Giant Battleship - Covered Core
When this card is Normal Summon put two counters on this card. This card cannot be destroyed as result of battle. When this card battle, at the end of Damage Step flip a coin. If it's head, remove a counter from this card. When this card do not have counters on it and battle, destroy it at the end of Damage Step.
Super/Ultimate Rare

Yet another Giant Battleship straight from the Gradius games. This Core helps the Boss Rush deck with even more everlasting field presence. Unlike the other Cores this core takes a double sacrifice which is a pain.  Plus it only gets two counters on it from the start. If your lucky though it will survive longer than the others, but no special effects were built into it this time, quite a disappointment indeed.

Guide of another Dimension
When this card is successfully Normal Summon, give control of this card to opponent. During each End Phase, the opponent of this card’s controller chooses one card in the Graveyard and removes it from the game.

The art on this card is on the brink of insanity! I call it “The Hippy Reaper”. Really Guide is not that good of a card on its own. This is mostly because when it’s summoned it becomes your opponents card immediately and you just lost your summon for the turn. Unless you’re running a deck based on filling your opponents field like a Spatial Collapse deck, or are a heavy fan of Removing cards from game, this card is better slapped into an avatar or banner for online message boards. The art is just that amazing! 

Chain Slasher
In additional to the normal attack, this card can attack another time during Battle Phase for each [Chain Slasher] in your Graveyard.

Another monster with a wonderfully drawn anime-like art theme, Chain Slasher works best when you have three in the cemetery. Dropping them in can be as easy as a quick Foolish Burial on your turn. This card reminds me of a Surprising Mataza (Mataza the Zapper) that you actually need to do work for, which is a shame because the art is very well drawn.

Fuuma No Denshousha (“Successor of Demon Sealing”)
When this card is successfully summon, reversed summon, or special summon, for each [Fuuma No Denshousha] in your Graveyard, name a main-type. When this card attack monsters with the named main-type, destroy them without going into damage calculation.

This is an interesting card indeed. Many compare it to the recently banned Exclusitivety Virus (Tribe Infecting Virus) because it has the ability to shut down themed decks. This is however wrong, because it only gets it’s effects on attributes and at the most can have only up to two at a time. I think this card may be run in three’s in some sideboards.

Tenkabito Shien ("Conqueror of Heaven - Shien")
This card is not affect by effect of Trap cards.

Another monster with the effect of E-Hero Wildman (Elemental Hero Wildheart) but this time a pyro type monster rather then a warrior. I hope that one of these monsters is released for every type of deck trap immunity is pretty good in this format where traps are running rampant.

Parasitic Body Dani (Kisentai Dani)
This card attack and defense strength is equal to the number of token monsters on the field x500.

A monster that bases its strength off of how many tokens are on the field, Its almost too bad that Scapegoat was limited because it would have great synergy with this card. You could also play it in a deck that focuses on dropping Ojama tokens on your opponent’s field and then playing final attack orders, but that wouldn’t be very competitive, heh heh.   

When this card is destroy in battle and sends to Graveyard, add an Insect sub-type monster with attack strength of 1500 or less from your deck to hand.

I hope that this is also a trend for future card sets. Gokipon is a searcher that is limited to a certain sub-type and yet has the effect of Critter (Sangan) with an additional 500 boost on the searched monster. If we get one of these for each sub-type, Critter and Witch can face being banned for good.

Silent Insect
When this card is successfully Normal Summoned or Reverse Summoned put it in defense mode. When this card is face-up on the field; negate the effects of all Continuous Magic and Continuous Trap cards.

A card that was made to shut down stall decks. While on the field cards like Level Limit and Gravity Bind are completely useless. This is also a counter on the strategies of both Uria and Hamon.

Chainsaw Insect
When this card battle, at the end of Damage Step opponent draw a card.

A huge beat down monster with a drawback, It can take on almost any sacrifice monster in the game, which is a pain in the butt since sacrifice monsters were hard enough to use effectively before. This card takes down Cyber Dragon, Vampire Lord, and even ties Nephytys! But with every attack your opponent gain card advantage which will deter many from using it.

Ooarikuikuiari ("Giant Anteater Eating Ant")
This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card cannot be special summon other than by sending two Magic/Trap cards on your field to Graveyard. Instead of this card attacking, you can destroy a Magic/Trap card on opponent's field.

I find this cards art to be absolutely hilarious! You have to sacrifice two magic or traps on your field to summon this guy, which makes him a lot like a smaller version of the Legendary Demons. He has a built in M/T removal effect as well, which is not too shabby,

Saber Beetle
When this card attack a monster in defense mode, and the attack strength is higher than the defense strength, do battle damages to opponent equal to the difference.

Meet the Dark Triceratops of insect monsters! With the same attack and everything, it’s basically the same card except this time it gets insect support out of the bargain rather then Dinosaur support.

This card cannot be Normal Summon. This card cannot be special summon other than by removing 2 Insect sub-type monsters from your Graveyard. When this card does battle damages to opponent, send the top card from opponent's deck to Graveyard.

Insect monsters now have a card similar to Chaos and Necrophia. 2800 attack is nothing to scoff at either, it also has a built in deck depletion effect too. A fairly good card, it will be a new trump card for many insect based decks arising from this sets support cards.

Yomigaeru ("Yomi Frog")
When this card is in your Graveyard at your Standby Phase, and you don't have Magic/Trap cards on your field, you can special summon this card to your field. This effect cannot be activated if a [Yomigaeru] is face-up on your field.

Many argue Yomi Frog as the most playable card in the set. It works a lot like another great reptile card that was recently banished to the list of no return. I find it to be an interesting tech for field advantage, you just need to make sure not to set a magic or trap card if you want it revived next turn. Also, Yomi frog has kept itself from ever being limited by stopping more than one from using there effects in unison.

Devil Frog
This card's attack strength is increase by number of [Tadpole] in your Graveyard * 300.

More support for the interesting frog deck type. The most it can gain is a 900 boost while all three of your Tadpoles are in the cemetery, but that will make it a 2000 attack level 4 monster, which is not bad at all in my books. Try it our in your frog decks to increase the fun!

Princess - Pikeru
This card can't be normal summon. This card can only be special summon by the effect of [Ordeal of Princess]. During your Standby Phase, gain Life Point equal to the number of monster on your field x800.

Princess - Kuran
This card can't be normal summon. This card can only be special summon by the effect of [Ordeal of Princess]. During your Standby Phase, do damages to opponent's Life Points equal to number of opponent's monsters on the field x600.

Although these cards are extremely cute and very welcome to all Pikeru and Kuran fans around the globe I find them to be the biggest letdown of the century! Konami has pretty much dangled these two maidens in front of our wanting eyes but made them nearly impossible to play. The only way to get them to the field is to have a Pikeru or Kurran kill a huge monster which is really hard. If you can get them on the field however, there effects are very cool and painful to the opponent, especially Kuran.

Memory Crusher
When this monster successfully direct attack opponent, do damage to opponent equal to number of monsters in opponent's Fusion deck x100.

This card made me chuckle evilly the first time I read it’s effect. It’s basically a way to rip apart those who have kept there huge fusion piles for no real reason after the era of goat control came to its close. If you have a huge fusion deck I would consider disbanding it now, because when Memory Crusher wipes you out in a single attack you will be regretful. Also E-heroes beware! This card makes for a great sideboard against many decks.

Amplified Malice
When this card is face-up on the field, during opponent's standby phase, for each [Amplified Malice] in your Graveyard, discard a card from the top of opponent's deck.

A late addition to the undead deck destruction theme, Malice has art that makes a fan of ghoulish cards like me squeal louder then when I saw the Princesses a few cards back. The hard part about Malice is just playing it though, which is quite the weakness. At it’s peak it will discard two cards from the opponent each turn, which isn’t really worth the work of keeping it alive or dumping 2 more into your cemetery.

Grass Phantom
This card's attack strength is increase by number of [Grass Phantom] in your Graveyard * 500.

A plant support card! Although it’s quite weak any plant support is fine with me. Grass Phantom gains 500 for each additional copy in your cemetery, so at best you have a 2000 attack level 4 plant. It’s also searchable via Mother Grizzly which is a pro, but it falls just short of being really good. I could see it popping up in casual plant decks in no time.

When this card is destroy while in face-down defense mode other than by battle and send to Graveyard, special summon this card to your field with original attack and defense strength switch.

To put it straight, this card is just weird. It fits the whole idea of the rock based deck, with a stable 2000 defense to keep it alive. However if it’s destroyed while face down by an effect other than battle (ie. Mystic Swordsman, Shield Crush) it is special summoned back to the field with its attack and defense swapped. Not bad, it goes from a defender to a power attacker, which can turn the tables on the unsuspecting opponent.

Divine Dragon - Excelion
When this card is Normal Summoned, for each [Divine Dragon - Excelion] in your Graveyard, you get one of the following effects. You cannot get the same effect more than once.
- Increase this card's attack strength by 1000.
- When this card destroy an opponent's monster, this card can attack once more in continuous
- When this card destroy an opponent's monster and send it to Graveyard, do damage to opponent equal to the attack strength of the destroyed monster.
Super/Ultimate Rare

Another of the cemetery power boosters, This card has probably the most complex effect of them, being a sort of swiss army knife card it can have up to 2 of the 3 different effects available. Being 1500 it can be special summoned easily in a dragon deck or a deck based around it. My favorites would be to choose a 2500 attack monster with a double attack, but since all of its abilities can be used and abused equally it will take a lot of experimenting to find out just how good this card can be. This is another type of card I would love to see more of in the near future.

Goddess of Eradication – Ruin
This card can only be Ritual Summon with the Ritual Magic Card, [End of the World]. You must also offer monsters whose total Level Stars equal to 8 as a Tribute from the field or your hand. If this card destroyed your opponent's monster as a result of battle, it can attack once again in a row.
Super/Ultimate Rare

King of the End – Demise
This card can only be Ritual Summon with the Ritual Magic Card, [End of the World]. You must also offer monsters whose total Level Stars equal to 8 as a Tribute from the field or your hand. Pay 2000 Life Points and destroys all cards on the field except this card.
Super/Ultimate Rare

Many players call these cards the Chaos monsters reborn, but this is just in effects. Art wise many will notice these cards have a slight resemblance to the unfathomably rare Xexex and Eternia cards. Both Rituals have very great effects and an okay attack and defense amount. Ruin can keep attacking for every time a monster is destroyed in battle while with a mere 2000 life payment Demise clears the board! My only beef is that you have to offer exactly 8 levels worth of monsters for there summoning, but just the fact that they share a ritual make them a very viable ritual based decktype.

Frog Sandeath
[Death Frog] + [Death Frog] + [Death Frog]
When this card is Fusion Summon, it can only be done by the above cards. This card's attack strength would be increase by 500 for each [Yomigaeru] in your Graveyard.

Frogger is back with a vengeance! Sandeath is another card supporting the frog themed deck type. It can be a huge monster when you have a few Yomigaeru in youre cemetery, with its max attack towering at a good 4000! Imagine a frog taking on Cyber End Dragon that would be a funny scene to behold.

Hero Heart
Magic - Normal
This card can only be activated when you choose a face-up monster with [Elemental Hero] in its name on your field. Half the attack strength of the chosen monster and it can attack two times during a battle phase.

A kind of out of place E-Hero support card, and I’m not very fond of it. Unless it supports the fusions a lot of E-Hero support cards feel a bit weaker then there unthemed counterparts. Double Attack is by all means a better card then this one, but I’d have to give the art a credit for being flat out wonderful!

Magnet Circle LV2
Magic - Normal
Special Summon a Machine sub-type monster from your hand with Level 2 or lower.

More Gear support, well this is more of an indirect support for Gear decks actually. A good combo with this card would be to special summon Heavy Mecha Support Platform even though Frontline Base is a bit better in that department. I’m guessing it would work in a combo with Antique Gear and a quick sacrifice for a bigger monster like Antique Gear Golem.

Antique Gear Factory
Magic - Normal
Choose a monster card with [Antique Gear] in its name in your hand. Remove from game cards with [Antique Gear] in their name from your Graveyard until the level of them is doubled of the chosen card. The chosen card, during this turn, can be summoned without sacrifice.

Gear factory continues the Gear support trend, at first it looks like it can be a good way to special summon a huge Gear monster from your hand, but this is a misconception. Antique Gear Golem would take the removal of 16 monsters! There isn’t even that many Antique Gear support monster cards out there. Skip this card, even in your Antique deck, it just won’t help with such a hefty cost.

Antique Gear Drill
Magic - Normal
This card can only be activate when there's a monster with [Antique Gear] in its name on your field and discard a card from your hand. Choose a Magic card from your deck, and set it onto your field. That Magic card cannot be activated during this turn.

This is the Gear Support card you should be playing! It gives you the ability to bring any magic card from your deck straight into play! If you choose a quick play card like Enemy Controller or Shrink you can set up for a quick defense on your opponents next turn. It is also a great way to play out your combos quickly.

Martyr of Phantoms
Magic - Normal
This card can only be activated when your have two or more cards in your hand, and you have face-up [Divine Flame Emperor - Uria] and [Descending Thunder Emperor - Hamon] on your field. Send all cards from your hand to Graveyard, special summon 3 [Martyr of Phantoms Token] (Dark/Demon/1/0/0) in attack mode to your field.

I thought Gear Factory was a tad too situational but this card takes the cake as the most situational magic card or for that matter most situational card ever made. You have to have two of the three Legendary Demons on the field, which really shouldn’t even be played in the same deck to begin with and you lose your entire hand as well. Its just well…..it should NEVER EVER be in your deck. Awesome art though!

Cyclone Boomerang
Magic - Equipment
This card can only be equipped on [Elemental Hero – Wildman]. Increase the attack strength of the equipped monster by 500. If the equipped monster is destroyed by other cards' effect and send to Graveyard, destroy all Magic/Trap cards on the field. Do damages to opponent equal to number of destroyed Magic/Trap cards * 100.

Another situational E-Hero support equip. This one is for one of my personal favorite of the E-Hero line, Wildman. Its possibly one of the best equips for any Hero as well, even better then Spark Gun. It makes Wildman a 2000 attack trap resistant monster and if destroyed will clear all of the magic and trap cards on the field and burn your opponent as well.

Seal of Heritance
Magic - Equipment
This card can only be activated when you have 3 monsters with the same name in your Graveyard. Choose one of those monsters and special summon it on to your field, and equipped this card onto it. When this card is destroyed, destroy the equipped monster.

Many take this card as an omen of the possible future banning of Early Burial (Premature Burial). To be able to use Seal you have to have three monsters of the same name in your cemetery at a time and then you get to special summon one. This can be kind of hard to do unless your playing a deck based on the monsters that gain strength from having numerous amounts of themselves in the cemetery, I would try this out in an Excelion themed deck.

Ordeal of Princess
Magic - Equipment
This card can only be equipped on a [White Magician - Pikeru] or [Black Magician - Kuran]. The attack strength of the equipped monster is increased by 800. When the equipped monster destroy a monster with level of 5 or higher in battle, sacrifice the equipped monster, and special summon a [Princess - Pikeru] if this card is equipped on [White Magician - Pikeru], or [Princess - Kuran] if this card is equipped on [Black Magician - Kuran], from your hand or deck to the field.

The support card for the Princesses, its way to situational to make good use of. Like I said earlier it’s almost like Konami is dangling a possible awesome thing in front of our faces but keeping it just out of reach. I hope we get more support for the Princess theme in a later set that will make it all worthwhile, I really love the theme of these cards! Another card with great art too.

Photon Generator Unit
Magic - Quickplay
This card can only be activate by sacrificing two [Cyber Dragon] on your field. Special Summon a [Cyber Laser Dragon] from your hand, deck, or Graveyard to the field.

The card used to summon Cyber Laser Dragon to the field. It’s the only way to play Cyber Laser and in a Cyber Laser deck is the only place you will find it run.

End of the World
Magic – Ritual
This card is used to Ritual Summon [Goddess of Eradication – Ruin] or [King of the End - Demise]. You must also offer monsters whose total level stars equal to 8 as a Tribute from the field or your hand.

The Ritual support card for the two “Chaos” ritual monsters, My only problem with it is that you can only sacrifice exactly 8 levels worth of monsters, otherwise these rituals would be so much better to use. You can still sacrifice multiple copies of themselves or two level four monsters with ease, but the technicality is bound to get you sometime while running a deck with these cards in it.

Antique Gear Castle
Magic - Continuous
Increase the attack strength of all face-up monsters on the field with [Antique Gear] in its name by 300. Whenever a monster is successfully Normal Summon, put a counter on this card. Whenever a monster with [Antique Gear] in its name would be sacrifice summoned, you may remove counters from this card equal to the number of sacrifices required instead of tributes.
Super/Ultimate Rare

In my opinion Gear Castle would have been cooler as a field card, but its just as good here. Castle is one of the better Antique support cards in the set, way better then Factory (ugh). It not only gives an attack boost to Gear monsters but it can allow you an easy sacrifice for your other Gear monsters with a few counters on it. By all means play this card over Antique Gear Factory! 

Metempsychosis Transmigration (“Reincarnation”)
Magic – Continuous
Return the monster(s) card which are use to sacrifice summon for a ritual summon does not go into the Graveyard but is send to the deck of the owner. Shuffle your deck after this.

A very questionable Ritual support card, It may actually hurt a player more then help since it adds to the deck you have been trying to thin throughout the duel. It also removes the chance of possibly having some monsters in the cemetery you want to special summon back. I can see some use in a deck that uses only ritual monsters because you can reload them into your deck after they sacrifice each other for a summoning. 

Super Junior Confrontation!
Trap - Normal
This card can be activate when opponent's monster declare attack. Negate that battle, and a monster in face-up attack mode with attack strength lower than that monster on opponent's field and a monster in face-up defense mode with defense strength lower than that monster on your field would battle instead. At the end of that battle, Battle Phase would end.

A far too situational card to see any use, I really don’t like this card besides the fact it has Hero Kid on it, which I really like. Unless you have a taste for odd cards or play a strict Juudai (Jadan) themed deck I would skip this card.

Miracle Kids
Trap - Normal
Until End Phase of this turn, decrease the attack strength of an opponent's monster by number of [Hero Kids] in your Graveyard * 400.

Miracle kids is some support for your Hero Kid deck! It can really lower a monsters attack after you have a lot of Hero Kids in your cemetery. This card is strictly for a non competitive deck like a Juudai (Jadan) deck. Again, awesome art on it.

Attack Reflect Unit
Trap - Normal
This card can only be activated by sacrificing a [Cyber Dragon] on your field. Special summon a [Cyber Barrier Dragon] from your hand or deck.

The card used to summon Cyber Barrier Dragon to the field. It’s the only way to play Cyber Laser and in a Cyber Barrier deck is the only place you will find it run.

Damage Condenser
Trap - Normal
This card can only be activate when you receive battle damages, and discard a card from your hand. Special summon a monster from your deck to the field with attack strength equal to or lower than amount of battle damages received in face-up attack mode.
Super/Ultimate Rare

One of my favorite cards in this set, it’s a card that fights against the tyranny of Don Zaruug (Don Zaloog) and the current reign of Soul Hunting Spirit (Spirit Reaper) in the current metagame. Its very situational, but you could use it to get out your own Reaper or Don. Other than that I just like it for the art, whatever it is.  

Karma Cut
Trap - Normal
Discard a card from your hand. Remove a face-up monster on opponent's field from the game. If there're monsters card with the same name as the removed card in opponent's Graveyard, remove all of those cards from the game.

Karma Cut will be a favorite of players that want more removal in there decks. This card is a great way to fight against Undead decks that use Vampire Lords or the common Tomato Control themed deck. It will wipe out all of your opponents main monsters, since that’s what your opponent will likely run 2-3 of. I find it a great surprise and just the fact that it can remove cards from game rather then sending them into the cemetery makes it worth a try.

Lost Next
Trap - Normal
Destroy one face-up monster on your field. Send the card with the same name as the destroyed card from your deck and to the Graveyard.

A good way to amass an army of your monsters in the cemetery at once, This card is meant to combo with a great deal of the cards in this set, Seal of Heritance being one of them. It’s also a way to trigger off the effects of the monsters that power up for copies of themselves in the cemetery.

Generation Change
Trap - Normal
Destroy one face-up monster on your field. Add the card with the same name as the destroyed card from your deck to hand.

Another card that combos well within the set, A favorite combo of mine would be the sacrifice Proto Cyber Dragon and grab the real Cyber Dragon from your deck to your hand. It can be a good deck thinner and gives abilities to the cemetery based monsters as well. More Excelion support! Also, this card has my favorite overall art from the set, it reminds me of some of that shoujo manga I read far to often. Good work on the great art this time Konami!

Full Burst
Trap - Normal
After this card is activated, send your entire hand to Graveyard. Do damages to opponent equal to number of cards send this way * 200.

Not really a good idea in my opinion. This card DOES NOT TRIGGER THE EFFECTS OF THE DARK REALM MONSTERS! And on the note, it only inflicts a meager amount of damage as well. There are better burn engines out there my friends, stick to these alternative methods, especially in a format where top decking can equal a quick defeat.

Successful Rating 0%
Trap - Normal
Randomly send two Fusion monsters from opponent's Fusion deck to Graveyard.

Kozaaki and Magical Scientist were friends? Cool, this a card I’d love to see a fanfic written about someday. Other than that its pretty much an anti- Hero/V to Z/ Cyber Dragon/ Fusion deck card. It can eliminate your opponents main fusion combos, but with most decks based on fusions decking three of each, this may not work to well.

Option Hunter
Trap – Normal
You can only activate this card when a monster on your side of the field destroys a monster as a result of battle and sent it to Graveyard, increase your life point equal to the attack strength of the destroyed monster.

This card has a kind of “life leech” effect, letting you increase your life points by the attack of a monster you destroy. Unless you are a fan of life gain, or run a Big Bang Girl (Fire Princess) deck, this card may not be for you. The name is another play on Gradius as well, which is a pretty cool little cameo to all who caught it.

Goblin's Perfunctory Actions
Trap - Counter
Pay 500 Life Points. Negate an activation of a Magic card, and then return that Magic card back to owner's hand. (That card cannot be activated again during this turn.)

A quick way to negate a magic card that would turn the duel around for your opponent, and then make it unplayable for the remainder of the turn. It can be a cheap way to disrupt your opponents plays, or can be just there to watch your opponent suffer the cost. Would your opponent discard a card twice for the effect of Lightening Vortex? Or pay the hefty 2000 of Twilight Fusion (Dimension Fusion) again?

Erroneous Operation (“Faulty Operation”)
Trap - Counter
Pay 500 Life Points, negate an activation of a Trap card, and then set that Trap card back onto the field again.

This card works much like the last one, being able to stop a crucial trap and force it to be reactivated on the next turn. This is a good way to save your big monsters on the battle phase and may be more game breaking then its magic halting counterpart. Not to mention both this card and the last combo with Devil King Dragon - Vandalgion as well.

That’s all for my look into Japans newest boost set Shadow of Infinity! I hope this gave you all a heads up of the upcoming combos in store for your use and abuse in the near future. I also encourage everyone to try and build new and interesting decks with these cards as well as incorporating them into your current decks for some playtesting! Now get out there and get your game on!

Also stay tuned for future articles for me!


- YamiBakuraFan


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