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The Doctor
A new dimension - Neo Monarch

April 17, 2008

Hello, I’m back again with another insight into the yugioh world. My last article found it’s way into the tips and rants section, but this should be another featured presentation.
With the advent of the Dark deck a lot of people have been complaining that the current metagame is just too expensive to compete in, and as a result of that have taken it upon themselves to quit the game.
It’s not hard to see why this is, what with DaD selling for as much as $300 a piece, getting hold of 3 of them could prove to be quite tricky. Not to mention allure of darkness, CCV and DMoC all slowly climbing the price scale.
For this reason I have decided to build a fairly obvious, but effective deck for under $30, a tenth of the price of a Dad. The deck itself will also be designed to counter the Dark deck emergence, so not only are you getting a dirt cheap deck, you’re also beating (hopefully) the most expensive deck out there. If this isn’t worth a read, I don’t know what is.
Ok , before I go into detail with each of these cards you’ll need to get your heads around one mindset and discipline. “If my opponent has monsters in the grave I am not winning”
The foundation that any DaD deck is built on is having the correct value of darks in the grave, and then if not, sending that number of darks to the grave. That’s why we’re going right for the jugular with this one and cutting them off at the source. No monsters, no DaD, simple as.
The deck I’m going to build, as you may have figured out is from a compilation of cards from the recently released Dark emperor structure deck. I have found this deck to be , without a shadow of a doubt the best structure deck yet released. The changes made by upper deck, to my mind, have really helped this deck along. I know there was some controversy in that with many people eager to get their hands on common monarchs and solemn judgements, but I feel what they were replaced with makes this deck, as a deck all the more powerful and consistent, and by buying 3 copies you can make a GREAT deck.
Well, let’s start breaking these cards down shall we? Starting with the big guy himself.
Caius the Shadow Monarch :
This is the 2nd best monarch. 2nd only to the recently restricted Raiza, that’s undeniable. However, because of that restriction, and in this deck in particular , Caius stands amongst some of the best monsters ever made.
For a simple tribute you get you’re standard 2400 atk monarch with his individual effect of allowing you to remove ANY card on the field from play. This versatility lends itself to so many situations and is the key to Caius’s strength. S/T or a monster card, whatever’s in your way and it’s out of there.
As a bonus effect, if you were to remove a Dark monster you’ll deal them an additional 1000lp damage. So, worst case scenario, you’re opponent has brought out their DaD, you simply zap it off and send them a 1000 lp bill. In today’s fast paced meta this is a handy bonus, particularly with all the Darks making appearances.
Caius should find his way into your deck in triplicate, as he is the figurehead and heavy hitter required, as well as a consistent form of removal.
Macro Cosmos
Possibly the most vital card in the deck. Macro Cosmos is a continuous trap that I’m sure you’re all familiar with. It forces any card that would be otherwise sent to the graveyard to be removed from play instead. This means every time a dark monster hit’s the deck, or any card for that matter, instead of going to the graveyard it’s zapped off through time and space instead to the removed from play pile. This ability rids the opponent of any graveyard resources as well as setting you up for combo’s as well.
The DD warrior family has always been a welcome and powerful addition to any team. With neither DDW or DDA making it on the restricted list we are free to use as many as we’d like. In the case of DDA this is definitely 3. DDA warrior has his uses though, mainly removing walls such as Spirit Reaper or marshmellon, as his effect of removing himself and the opposing monster from play is entirely involuntary. This proves useful.
DDA however is packing an impressive 1700 atk and 1600 def with means it can hold it’s own as a standard beat down monster. This means it can beat on some opposing monsters as well as take a sizeable chunk out of the opposing lp. And of course, when destroyed in battle it takes it’s opponent with it.
DDWL is the most versatile of the 3, and for that reason she’s considered the best. So good in fact, she still finds her way onto the restricted to 1 list whilst her brother and sister are allowed to roam free. By giving the player the option to remove the card, as well as fairly decent atk at 1500 she definitely makes the cut.
The DD family definitely find their way into the deck making up the majority of the monster removal and beat down in the case of DDA.
DD Survivor
The lost cousin of the DD family, DD survivor. His initial function was to serve as their downfall, y being able to attack them freely and return to the field at the end of the turn. Times have changed however and he now finds himself working alongside them, thanks to the brilliance of Macro Cosmos.
With Macro on DD Survivor becomes virtually impossible to get rid of, as every time he’s sent “to the grave” he finds himself back where he started moments before because of Macro’s power. Think Captain Jack from Torchwood and you get the idea.
This means that DD Survivor can be used as both a defensive wall, and offensive repetitive force (boasting 1800 atk) and tribute fodder all whilst Macro is up and running.
This helps facilitate Caius as well as making up for that lost Spirit Reaper.
DD Scout Plane
This card does Survivor’s job to what could be described as a lesser extent, possessing virtually the same effect, but with lesser stats. However, if you look closely Scout plane can be a lot more than that.
Were DD Scout plane removed by any effect it’ll find it’s way back to the field. That way NoC is built in. It’s a small difference, but one I feel is worth bringing up. Also Scout plane will work when sent from the hand to the removed from play zone, as opposed to Survivor’s from the field to the removed from play zone condition.
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer :
I was so glad that this monster found his way into this deck. Kycoo is awesome. I said that in my last featured article.
1800 atk is great, and marks him out as a heavy hitter in today’s environment, hitting for roughly ╝ 0f the opposing lp with a direct hit.
He’s Dark, which does have it’s obvious benefits , and he also has the ability of preventing the opponent from removing any cards in either grave from play. This in itself shuts down DaD, but Kycoo’s primary effect is where the fun begins.
When Kycoo hit’s the opponents lp, you are able to remove up to 2 monsters from it. This helps the cause dramatically if you’re finding it hard to come by Macro at the right time. He makes it difficult for the opponent to amass any graveyard resources which is where most DaD decks slow down. A vital and worthy inclusion.
Banisher of the Radiance :
This is a 1600 atk monster with a built in Macro effect, translating as another essential monster. Asides from acting as a back up Macro, 1600 is enough to hold it’s own, making Banisher a great card to have, and a lifeline in this deck.
Great Maju Da Eiza :
In terms of consistency Maju falls a bit short, I’ll give you that. But as the game goes on he becomes a god card.
400 atk for each of you cards removed from play means his attack power could reach over 3000 easily in the late game. For a no tribute monster this is outstanding. I’m sticking him in just because of his power potential. If it all goes wrong he can just be used as discard fodder or a defence monster if need be. If you’re on top of things this won’t be the case, but I’m looking at the worst case scenario here.
Return From the Different Dimension
With all the removal going on I’d be a fool not to include a copy of this masterful card. This card, in this deck particularly is a game ender.
Bring back all your huge 1700 + monsters for a final swoop no matter what the lp situation is, or even al your DD family for a mass field clearance. RftDD can even be used defensively, to foil and opposing attack.
Must have.
DDR - Different Dimension Reincarnation
A new card from the deck, and one that you just must use in order to take the place of the monster reborn’s and pre-mature burials that everyone else will be using.
DDR is the removed from play version of Premature burial but instead of using lp as a cost the designers instead opted for a discard. This is arguably more of a cost, but if you combo it with DD Scout plane, or a multiple copy of Macro it’s not really that must of a big deal.
A useful and vital card for the deck.
Reinforcements of the Army:
With all the warrior in this deck it makes sense that this card would be included. RoA adds much needed speed to the deck, and allows you to search out a DD whenever you need it.
DD Dynamite
In my recent experience this card has proved very potent. For every opposing card removed from play, deal them 300 lp damage.
If the deck had been fully committed to this cause then it could have proved quite a valid strategy and this card would have been used in triplicate, but as it stands it’s only a card with potential for hefty burn. I must say, not for everyone.
Bottomless Trap hole
This card is truly one of the best inclusions of the deck. Whenever the opponent brings out a big monster you just flip this and it’s removed from play. It’s as simple as that. It’s more monster removal, suited to theme.
Also, a major worry of this deck is that the opponent can just pop out a copy of their own RftDD on you and end the game with all the cards that you have worked so hard to remove. Well, bottomless addresses this issue nicely.
If the opponent brings out their hoard of removed monsters, pop this bad boy out and remove all of the monsters brought back that have more than 1500 atk. Not too bad huh?
The Deck :
Here’s how an initial draft of the deck should look simply with cards from the structure deck itself :
Neo Monarch
Monsters (20)
Caius the Shadow monarch (x3)
DD Assailant (x3)
DD Warrior (x3)
DD Survivor (x3)
DD Scout Plane(x2)
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer (x2)
Banisher of the Radiance (x2)
Great Maju Da Eiza
Spells (8)
DDR (x3)
Reinforcements of the Army (x2)
Nobleman of Crossout
Mystical Space typhoon
Brain Control
Traps (12)
Macro Cosmos (x3)
Return from the Different Dimension
Bottomless Trap hole (x3)
Sakuretsu Armour (x3)
DD Dynamite
Torrential Tribute
I chose the name Neo monarch meaning new monarch, and that’s what I think it is. Although I could see it being known as Macro Monarch.
Problems, solutions and other options :
The deck itself is fairly consistent, as it’s packed with one for one’s, but it’s immediately obvious that it’s very trap heavy. Royal Decree practically shuts the deck down if you can’t get rid of it, and Jinzo also presents a problem. Still, Caius can take care of both problems by himself.
The deck is also fairly slow, that is compared to DaD, and I’m aware that one of their key strengths is speed., still the deck can stand strong against any deck.
Other options (From the deck)
Karma Cut :
With face-up removal lacking this is a decent wall-removing card. The discard cost is a little bit risky, but it’s fairly solid nevertheless.
Helios the Primordial sun:
With Macro playing such a significant role this could be interesting, as it present a free tribute fodder monster and defensive wall, but if picked up outside of this situation it’s fairly pathetic and unusable, especially with Maju flexing his muscles more effectively.
Soul Release :
A fairly decent card with the ability to remove up to 5 cards from either grave. If you’re missing you’re Macro’s then this is a definite benefit.
Dimensional Fissure ;
With Macro and Banisher this card is fairly redundant, but it still helps the cause.
Lightning Vortex ;
A decent form of face up removal. Again, a good way to remove walls.
Enemy Controller:
A great utility card, with many options in any deck.
All of the above mentioned cards would be decent support in the side deck, as well as multiple copies of the cards in the actual deck.
Other options (From outside the deck)
Mirror Force :
This is a major one to definitely get a hold of. No explanations necessary.
Heavy Storm :
With a lack of S/t removal this is a good card to run, just be weary of activating it with Macro on. Giant trunade may be a better option.
Mobius the Frost Monarch:
A great way of addressing the S/t issue. The deck is already formulated for monarchs and with Mobius around you’ll be hitting the opposing backfield for 2 when necessary.
Cyber Dragon :
A great card from tribute fodder and reliability.
Marshmellon / Spirit Reaper:
Two great walls that can only help the cause.
Snipe Hunter:
An excellent form of varied removal. Easy to come by, and fairly consistent.
Morphing Jar ;
If you need hand replenishment then look no further. A good card this format.
Shrink :
A decent card to help on the Kycoo Vs DaD front.
Grand Convergence :
A truly great card with Macro out, but otherwise it is a bit risky to include. Without macro it’s useless, so you’re call.
Book of Moon :
Very resourceful and effective.
Dimensional Prison:
This card is a must as a replacement for the Sakuretsu Armours, as it does the same thing , but more suited to theme. In the mean time, the Sakuretsu’s will suffice, that’s what I’m gonna be using.
Ok, well that about covers it. The above listed cards aren’t what’s required for this deck to work, indeed if you put all the above cards into a deck I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t work, but you’ll have to find out what works for you on your own. I started out by trying to make a good deck for under $30 and I think I’ve done that. Hopefully it’ll be enough.
Remember, if they have a monster in the grave, you’re not winning.


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