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TheMcShakeAlchemist on Yu-Gi-Oh!

Getting Back Into the Game and Attacking the Meta.
(Top 16 At Regionals)

Hey everyone! Long time no speak eh? Sorry for the random hiatus, got out of the game for a bit and didn't wanna come back without doing anything first, so I waited until I actually went to a tournament before coming back so I could have something to talk about, as well as knowing about the meta itself. This definitely won't be my most creative article I ever write, but, this is my regional report from Piedmont, SC on 2/11/12. For those who don't already know. I played Gallis Agents and top 16d with it and for reference, here is the list I played:
3 The Agent of Mystery - earth
3 the Agent of Creation - venus
3 mystic shine ball
3 herald of orange light
2 master hyperion
2 archlord krystia
2 chaos sorcerer
1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the beginning
2 Gallis the star beast
2 Genex Ally birdman
3 Tour Guide to the Underworld
1 Sangan
1 Gorz, Emmissary of Darkness
2 Tragoedia
3 Effect Veiler
2 Maxx C
1 Cyber dragon
1 D. D. Crow
1 Honest

1 mind control
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 heavy storm
Extra (Forgive me if my numebrs are wrong)
Gachi Gachi gentetsu
Number ??: Leviathan
Leviair, The Sea Dragon
Number 39: Utopia
Steelswarm Roach
Ally of Justive Catastor
T. G. Hyper Librarian
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Orient dragon
Black Rose Dragon
Ancient Fairy Dragon
Stardust Dragon
Thought Ruler Archfiend
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Chimeratech Fortress dragon

1 Cyber dragon
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Maxx C
1 D. D. Crow
1 Metaion the Time Lord (spelling?)
3 Kao'Ki Meiru - Doom (spelling?)
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Book of Moon

As far as explanations, the deck itself isn't super under the radar, but it also isn't a meta deck. In the end I opted not to maindeck the combo between Gallis, Birdman, and Doom due to lack of deckspace. I wanted to tackle the meta in a different way than most people were. I haven't really played anything significant in this game since Nationals and only had the Pojo.com forums to go off of as far as knowing what the meta was. Looking at the Results from YCS Guadelajara I could tell that the biggest contenders would probably be Wind-Ups and Inzektors, with some Dino-Rabbits hopping (get it?!) around the tables.

Main Deck Choices

3 Effect Veiler - I hate starting the game without a hand against Wind-Ups and hate Inzektorz looping against a deck without trap cards. Even decks with staple traps play 3 of these and I can't argue, even the matchups where you start to clump them it's a tuner.

1 D. D. Crow - I was really going for a Monster Hand-FX disruption theme and really liked the miser copy. It isn't nuts in every matchup, but it's really good in the Wind-ups and Inzektor Matchups. At worst it can turn off a Call/Reborn/Stardust (I thought people still played Synchros some going in.... I was wrong.) and it is a dark monster for Sorcerer/BLS. At best it makes them overextend into a really harsh combo fizzle.

2 Maxx C - At a bigger event I would definitely maindeck the full 3, but sometimes at smaller regionals like this one (they have a 150 person fire marshal cap) you will find a lot more, for lack of a better term, 'budget' palyers and Maxx C really suffers against those decks, and doesnt have the benefit of being a chaos monsters or tuner like veiler/crow.

2 Birdman - Had to make space and this guy got the axe. It was hard to pick him, but there were a lot of times I really wasn't super excited about drawing him. He's cute for tourguide tricks though, as well as Venus tricks

2 Hyperion - Everyone who has every played Chaos Agents knows about the 5 boss monster openers. I figured Hyperion was the worst boss monster in the deck and it was ok to cut one of them. It was this or Chaos sorc and I didn't want to go to a single Sorcerer

1 Cyber Dragon - I kept fluctuating between 1, 2, and 3 copies of this guy, he is absolutely bonkers right now, especially considering I don't own a Wind-Up Zenmaines. He is a great Topdeck against the Wind-Up and not a bad one against Inzektors. Most of the Wind-ups are similiar to Scraps and look like Machines without actually having the subtype, but, if I'm not mistaken all of their Xyz monsters are machines so it's great to tag out a couple of Zenmaighty's for a 3000 beater.

Sidedeck Choices
3 Koa'ki Meiru Doom = I ended up not maindecking the combo, but this was a monster form of Shadow-Imprisoning mirror against inzektors, as well as being good sidedeck tech against Agents and Lightsworn. For those who don't know how the combo works, lemme break it down for you.
Step 1: Normal Summon Doom
Step 2: Activate Gallis from your hand
Assuming you mill a monster (38 out of 42 cards are monsters) you special summon Gallis and burn your opponent
Step 3: Activate the effect of Genex Ally Birdman
The cost of Birdman requires you to bounce a monster from your side of the field to your hand. Use Birdman to return Gallis to your hand
Step 3b: Koa'Ki Meiru Doom negates the effect of your birdman
The returning a monster to your hand is a cost so you have to pay it, but the actual special summon of birdman is negated, so it stays in your hand
Step 4 i: Repeat steps 2-3 until your opponent is dead
Step 4 ii: Repeat Steps 2-3 until you hit a spell and burn your opponent

I would also board the combo in against any of the Royal decree decks that are running around, since they can't really interact with the combo. All of the things that would actually stop the combo (as far as monsters that interact in-hand) are negated by Doom (Effect Veiler, Thunder King Rai-Oh and Herald of Orange Light are Light, Chaos Hunter is dark), so generally your opponent's game plan against the combo is pray for you to hit a spell card.

0 Solemn Judgment - This deck takes a decent amount of damage just from direct attacks and venus and the lifepoint payment is a bit too steep a lot of the time.

1 Metaion the Time Lord - This card is a great topdeck later in the game, great for the gallis combo, and harder to deal with than most people give him credit for. He is a good topdeck and/or card to have in general against Windups. It's less good against Inzektors, but, I thought there would be more Wind-Ups towards the top tables because of the results they put out in Guadelajara

On to the Tournament itself!

Round 1 - Chaos Stun
Game 1 - I had turn 1 Earth into Venus. He played Kycoo and dealth with my Gentetsu I synch'd for via book to kill venus. I baited his s/t and sandbagged Envoy and Honest. Eventually he played his BLS and I hit him for 9000 via Soldier+ Honest into Soldiers second attack. He had Gorz in hand.
Side: +1 Cyber Dragon +1 Solemn Warning -2 Maxx C
Game 2 - He drew a very monster heavy hand, and in a monster war, mine are generally better in a monster fight
1-0 (Games 2-0)

Round 2 - Wind-Ups
Game 1 - I open with Earth, Birdman, Heavy Storm, Kryst, Hyperion going first.
Side: +1 Maxx C, +1 Cyber Dragon, +1 D. D. Crow, +1 Metaion, +2 Warning, +1 Torrential +1 Book of Moon +2 bottomless Trap Hole
-3 Gallis the Star Beast -1 Genex Ally Birdman -2 Tragoedia -1 Gorz, Emmissary of Darkness -1 Mind Control -1 Agent - Earth -1 Agent - Venus
Game 2 - I start this game without a hand
Game 3 - Best Game all day. It came down to him comboing turn 1 and me stabalizing with a cyber dragon off the top into an honest he couldn't get over for a few turns. I ended up finally winning with soldier running the show for a little bit
2-0 (4-1 games)

Round 3 - Inzektor Ninjas
At the beginning of this round the judge came over and took my deck, and then came back and said there was an error on my decklist. It write my twos with a loop at the bottom, rather than a horizontal line, apparently they thought my chicken-scratch that I call a 2 was a 3 with a gimp bomttom and I got a game loss
Game 2: His Dragons Flew indeed. I died on his second turn
2-1 (4-2 games)

Round 4 - Lightsworn
Game 1 - Soldier and Honest Puttin' in work, I didn't see any traps, except 1 Judgment in his Mills
Board: +3 Koa'Ki Meiru Doom -1 Cyber dragon -1 Heavy Storm -1 Tour Guide to the Underworld (eh?)
Game 2: He played trooper and milled 3 and passed.
I summoned Doom
I activated Gallis
I bounced with Birdman
He took 11,000 damage
3-1 (6-2 in games)

Round 5 - Windups
Game 1: I started without a hand
Game 2: I got to play an Earth. Then I don't have a hand
3-2 (6-4 in games)

Round 6 - Hero Plants
Game 1: He played a Reborn Tengu. I heavy storm, ditch Maxx C during my turn. Venus -> birdman -> trish (draw off C for removing tengu) -> gallis -> leviair -> detach venus get birdman back -> hyperion kill tengu (draw off c) -> win
Didn't board: Only saw reborn Tengu, Warning, D-pris
Game 2: He drew a bunch of cards that were apparently dead. I started off cautious with Tourguide after he set 5 and passed, then pushed through with leviathan and started beating down
4-2 (8-4 in games)

Round 7 - Dinos
Game 1: My opponent thinks that Dolkka works like Light and Darkness Dragon (only once per chain) so Stardust eats most of his guys. The first time I do the play I have a herald to stop it as backup, but he complains that his guy dies instantly to Stardust, so I end up getting to save it.
Board: -2 Trag -2 Gallis -1 Birdman -1 TGU +2 Warning +2 Bottomless +1 Book of Moon +1 Torrential
Game 2: My turn two field of Chaos Sorcerer, Krystia, and Stardust is really hard to overcome. I feel bad when he tries to get me to lose Stardust while I have kryst out, only for me to book my Kryst MP2.
5-2 (10-4 in games)

Overall the day was a lot of fun and I got my nats invite (FIRST TOURNY THIS SEASON WOOT!) My friend ended up buying the playmat from a guy who topped so he got what he wanted too.

-Got my invite
-Had a really fun day with a really fun to play deck (and got to play Fairies)
-My friend Todd letting my borrow his TGUs (won me a couple games for sure)
-Friend got his playmat
-Sick trades
-People at the venue knew me from MTG (I'm the SC state champion currently)
-Only played 1 friend

-Didn't top 8
-Eff Wind-up loops
-Couldn't find a Zenmaines before the tourny and it cost me a game during the day
I hope to start doing more articles frequently and would love to get as much feedback as possible. I know that it is "The Thing" nowadays to do video articles rather than old-fashioned text documents, but, I like both, so I'll try to do both of them, I figure that there are some people who probably can't watch videos at school or work or something similiar that would like to not do what they are supposed to.

Feel Free to contact me on any of the social media website or anything like that, I'd love to talk about some children's card games!

facebook: facebook.com/shakezilluh
twitter: Paper_gangsta_
email: Andro_sphinx@yahoo.com
youtube: TheMcShakeAlchemist
Thanks for reading!
SeanThe McShake Alchemist


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