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Tebezu on YuGiOh
Sept. 19, 2006

It is time I rant.......................................................................
As stated I attended Shonen Jump Boston.  All in all the trip cost me some 300 dollars and I ended up playing for 2 hours before dropping from the tourney. 
Before leaving a bunch of people were making fun of me, telling me how dumb it was for me to go.  Currently I wish I had listened to them. 
Team Necrosis, if any of you have forgotten our name , is Co-Lead by John Schiavone, the founder and developer of team BTA from New York.  Bobby Chambers , the current Shonen Jump Champ, whom beat John Jensen (2 time Shonen Champ) is on team BTA.  My team is now affiliated with a Shonen Jump winning team.
(I'm so proud) 
I was correct in my predictions of what would win the tourney. 
-Focus on monster removal and the game will be handed to you.  Since ideas are spread amongst players, we were debating on the best way to tackle this jump.  Monster removal has always been the key.  May it be Chaos Sorcer, BLS, Chaos Emperor Dragon, Zarborg, etc.  The more ways you can kill a monster, the easier the game will be.  Thus a deck that my team developed in a sense (which looked almost like mine but with less monster removal) is now the current Cookie Cutter.  I love my ability to read into the future:P
So the good news being team BTA has won a jump and I am a Genius. 
The reason I say I am a genius and make it so evident that my insight going into the jump was correct, is basically me being therapeutic to my open wounds.  I am licking my paw, trying my best to remove whatever thorn is stuck in it and simply looking for a way to make myself feel better.  As mentioned, people laughed at my expense upon telling the locals I was flying out to Boston.  How funny it would be to lose the first 2 games.
HAHA, it is hysterical~
I am not laughing.  I lost my first 2 games, to two very poor players I might add (YOU CAN TELL, There the one's WHO DON'T USE SLEEVES and at some point in the game say something about how good Pot of Generosity is:P)
My first loss was the result of 3x Gigantes and an Injection-Fairy Lily mowing me down on turn 3.  My second game and second loss  was the result of being owned by a spellcaster deck.  The reason for such horrid and humiliating ways to feel like a loser, let down, and plain retard for spending 300 dollars to go to Boston Massachusetts, which I feel is a horrid and sad city, crowded with backward roads and mean spirited cab drivers, is Gravekeeper's Spy and Zarborg the Thunder Monarch's fault.  The entire night before, my deck was running smoothly, and as demonstrated by our new champ, feeling like it could win a Jump.  I get there and every freaking game I play my opening hand has two zarborg and two spy.  Not only that, IT GETS WORSE, I draw into MST and Nobleman of Crossout my next two turns.  By that point, in an ubber aggressive format, I've done lost.
Thus luck, probability, etc. is no longer my friend.  From this day forward I will never run 2x Gravekeeper's Spy in any deck.  Never, ever, ever!
I hate spy. I hope she dies.
Thus I scrubbed out of a tournament, am out some money, and worse of all was on the brink of tears   due to my disappointing and utterly failed attempt at winning a SHRINK and proving to you all, my readers and supporters, that I'm better than my fourth ranked state standings says.  To make the weekend even better, the next day at the regional I go 5 and 3.  Losing 2 games to Cyber-Stein (WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL SIDE-DECK AGAINST, look at the top 8 decks.  The only kid not running stein was Bobby, it makes me happy to know he won his games legitimately :P) and my last one, which would have placed me in top 8, as the end result of a judge not knowing what he was talking about.
I'm sorry, I let you all down too.  You should probably stop reading here, but it gets worse.
While at the Jump I saw a lot of Jae Kim, he wasn't having a hot weekend (HE WAS BESIDE ME) and I just consider that ugly.  Apparently the two of us don't like one another, I don't know but the guy says I'm crazy and for some reason tries his best to avoid me.   
I Love You Jae, I'm your Buddy, don't fear me :P...... 
You see, where I come from, it's corn bread and chicken.  Good old southern liven...
But where I was; was not a place I want to ever go back too. 
Thieves were all over the campus, pulling cards and people were fighting.  A horrible environment.  The tournament went quickly but fights were breaking out all over the place.  People cussing at each other, calling each other names.  Some scrawny little punk was yelling at one guy for the entire 2 day tourny.  Calling him a cheater and a loser.  Telling the judge the other kid was looking at his bottom card, while simultaneously shuffling his own deck and setting it.  Grabbing the other guys cards and bad mouthing the other one to hell. 
Where I'm from you knock someone's front teeth out for that.  Especially if they follow you around.  This poor kid took it all day.
But it did not matter, all over the place people were calling each other crappy duelist, losers, ETC. mixed with a bunch of words I do not think acceptable to write.
What kind of a gaming society do we have here?  People seem to have forgotten that it is a card GAME.  A GAME made for 6 year old kids at that.  I'll admit that the only reason I am good (I am going off my standings and past regional/jump experience) is the result of not having a girl friend, but in no way does beating another player give me the right or authority to judge them.  If they are bad I should offer advice.  If they're good and got a horrid hand as I did, luck happens.  Winning a game does not make you better in any way or closer to achieving godly perfection.  As a gaming society we should look to help and not hurt.  The world is already full of war and terror.  Why do we need to bring these sick concepts into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh?  This game should be an escape from reality, not another version of how bad it is.  The topper, which all of you should retain for the rest of your lives, winning a game of YUGIMONS does not improve the quality of your life. IT'S NOT LIKE WINNING THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.  (To win that you need a lot of money:P)  So people stop telling your opponent that they suck and you king of the world.  I restate: your playing a game made for 6 year old children.  
Nonetheless, all day people walked around stealing and trashing the whole convention center.  Tearing up crap cards and leaving garbage and card sleeves all over the place, instead of giving crap Neo's and Sabersaurus to younger players who still view the world as nice and loving. 
That is not the way we should behave, as a society, card players, or people.  To lose the Jump and 300 dollars was bad.  The stealing of my cards and my now lack of trust for certain BTA members is sickening. 
I'm telling all of you right now, whoever stole my... 
1) Armed Dragon Level 10,
2) Two Freed the Brave Wanderer
3) Injection Fairy Lily 
I will be praying for you.  According to Christianity, which 3/4 of the US population claims to belong, we should pray for our enemies (WWJD).  But it does not make a clear statement as to what we should pray for.  I pray that whoever stole my cards wakes up tomorrow in the back of someones van, hog tied, gagged, bound, and going down the back roads of KY, where they are forced to listen to Blue-Grass music for the next 59 years of their lives and cleaning horse stalls relentlessly with no shovel, only a tooth brush and a comb.
Yes thieves were everywhere.  We are a gaming society that apparently hates its gamers.  Within 2 hours over 40 things were stolen.  Deck Boxes missing, valuable cards stripped, etc.  My friend and Co-Leader John Schiavone had his deck with him all day.  After he was done competing someone stole his deck.  In his deck box sits my Cyber End Dragon along with all kinds of rare and holo card assortments, which took him years to get. 
Thus I pray that person is brought down the back roads of KY Hog Tied and gagged, cleaning horse stalls with a comb and toothbrush as well.
Jae Kim's Fusion Deck and Side-Deck went missing, all kinds of kids were walking around crying about how someone yanked their newly bought Cyber Dragon's.  YOU PEOPLE WHO STEAL SICKEN ME.  One day the world will get even.
The fact that I have to say the worst thing that happened to me was I lost an Armed Dragon LV. 10, 2x Freed the Brave Wanderer, 300 dollars out of pocket, developing friendships, respect for the members of my co-leaders team, and a Cyber End Dragon as a good thing really makes me wish the plane crashed too.  Why Not.
I warn all of you, if you ever go to these away tournaments bring only your essential cards, never lend anything to a friend that your not willing to lose (cause getting into a fight about how your teammate is going to replace your stolen card is never fun), and keep everything with you.  Do not hesitate in telling people to not pull your cards out of their cases, and most importantly avoid orgy trades.  "The kind of trading where 3-9 people are all looking at the same cards.  It is easier than you may believe for stuff to disappear."
If anyone wants to talk, will sell/trade me back my lost cards cheaply, wants to help sponsor me (LOL), has a killer deck, etc. I can be contacted at Tebezu@gmail.com
But for awhile I am angry with this game.  I put so much time into it, help so many people without any real benefit other than a thanks man, and spend hours before every tourney helping kids build their decks, to be rewarded with this. 
Right now I hate yugioh and want my LV. 10 or a LV. 10 back.  I have actually summoned and played that card.  To know some thief took it and sold it off for 15 dollars makes me really hate people.  So if anyone has one hit me up.
On a side note, I give props out to Team Overdose.  If it was not for them John Schiavone would not have been capable of participating in the next day regional (Placing 18 out of some 300).  They gave him all kinds of staple cards like  D.D. Warrior Lady, Mystic Tomato, etc. and helped him build a decent deck in a matter of minutes.  They really came through for my pal.  I find it funny how life makes your friends into enemies and your enemies into friends.
Until next time,
This if Forest telling ya all to simmer down.



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