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The Ban List
by Imagination
February 23, 2007


Hey guys, it's me Ryan Peddle, and I alike many duelists out there have
been keen on building decks for the March 1st banlist! But what meta will be
created by this? Lets check it out:

We now have:

Graceful Charity is now forbidden
Breaker the Magical Warrior is now forbidden
Last Will is now forbidden
Magician of Faith is now forbidden
Victory Dragon is now forbidden

I must say, out of all the cards they would have banned, I would never have
suspected that Last Will would be one. In my opinion, this card doesn't take
alot of skill to use. It's a no-brainer when to activate the card. After
your monster dies or if you plan on bumping same attack monsters (preferably
recruiters like Mystic tomato and Shining Angel), you get to search another
with the bonus of Last Will - whether or not they decide to play Sakuretsu
Armor. Last Will made alot of crazy win conditions with Cyber-Stein
(including all other OTK's) and Exiled Force. But once Exiled Force and
Injection Fairy Lily hit 3 per deck, the card had to go.
Breaker was probably the most laid back banning yet. Alot of players,
including myself, think Breaker is balanced when it is at 1 per deck. But
deciding a format means change, and they definently shook things up this
time. Last banlist in September, they took out the "power" cards such as
Tsukuyomi and Chaos Sorcerer. This time, they took out cards they constantly
see play. Every single top 8 decklist in SJC's and Nationals would have 1
in. I like the change, and this might effect how players decide there trap
line-up. But I don't think Breaker won't be the only reason the trap line-up
for most decks will change in the new format. The new cards from Strike of
Neos will. Cards like 'Twister' and 'Pulling the Rug' will revolutionize the
traps we use.
Graceful Charity is most likely the easiest card to use. People may think
they banned it due to Dark World's new tech card, but I think UDE and Konami
are beginning to improve the game state for everybody. Making top 16 at
SJC's, banning powerful cards and weakening OTK's to the point where
sidedecking for them isn't needed, is amazing. I, along many others online,
think Graceful Charity is an easy device to use and rewards the player who
luckily draws it first. The card takes no cost to activate, it's only a
simple free-bee for your deck.
I don't know alot about Victory Dragon, but it's one less OTK I have to
side deck for. Although I have never had a problem with it, and I think the
banning was more for Japan then North America. Banning it didn't really
affect me, seeing as how I never faced it nor bought it.
Magician of Faith is another interesting card of choice to ban. Again, just
like Breaker, it was in almost every single deck. Re-playing power cards
like Graceful charity and Last Will usually ment game-over for your
opponent. Every single deck could benefit from this card one way or another.
Cycling great cards like Magician of Faith and Breaker through the banlist
isn't a bad idea, it gives more variety and less "staples" to a deck, making
deck choices harder and more challenging to the duelist.

Chain Strike is now at 1
Dimension Fusion is now at 1
Overload Fusion is now at 1
Giant Trunade is now at 1
E-Hero Stratos (a.k.a. Airman) is now at 1
Mind Crush is now at 1
Crush Card Virus is now at 1
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is now at 1
Snatch Steal is now at 1

Well, we all know OTK just got alot of decks thrown into the garbage. I
myself, never ran an OTK. I only sided for it, and now I don't need to
anymore. Cards like Spell Canceler, Threatening Roar, Des Wombat and Royal
Decree were annoying to side deck. Taking up from 6-12 slots in your side
deck just so you don't lose to an alternate win condition besides the normal
advantage deck like gadgets and monarchs was bogus. I'm glad the game
decided that enough is enough, OTK's have got to go.
Crush Card Virus is an obvious side deck card. It works wonders against
monarchs and decides an easy target to tribute. Simply great for any deck
running the staple monsters like Sangan or Apprentice Magician.
Finally, North America was given a great 'Hero' and its taken away from us
this fast. However, its impact on Japan was insane, the card could
single-handedly decide our meta if left at 3. Hero decks are alot more
powerful when you have the ability to search with Stratos, then you keep
special summoning, pumping up, and drawing off of 'Destiny Draw' - only once
the Hero's were given the final key. Stratos was the key, and was too good
to keep at 3.
Alike Victory Dragon, I think Mind Crush was more of a problem for Japan
than it was here. This card didn't see alot of play, and if it did, it was
ment for Dark World or OTK. The card didn't do alot for our meta. The same
goes for Grand Mole. The card wasn't too much of a risk to put at 3. Yes, it
is annoying to your opponent, but if you drew it a turn too late, the card
isn't the best top deck. Most of the time you spend your normal summon on
something more useful. I don't think this card would have bad that big of an
impact on North America, which makes me believe it had something to do with
the OCG.
And last but not the least, the most taunting card of them all, Snatch
Steal. I think this is the card I have heard the most complaints about.
Snatch Steal has a small down side, but is still a great card - especially
for the player who plays 3 Injection Fairy Lily's. As if Brain Control
didn't end games enough, now we have Snatch Steal to deal with. Many cards
are restricted and banned for a reason, but I haven't thought of a reason
for this card yet. There is enough tribute support to handle Sacred Pheonix
and the last thing we need is another staple for every deck that can end
games as easly as Brain Control can. Oh well, if only Book of Moon was back
to 3.

D. D. Assailant is now at 2
Mask of Darkness is now at 2
Metamorphisis is now at 2

Mask of Darkness will see more play at 2, due to the 3 Solemn Judgement's
that can be needed for deck choices among many duelists. Ring of Destruction
now becomes a bigger threat - having most likely 1 in both players decks and
with 2 Mask of Darkness's makes the banning of Ring of Destruction more
questionable. In my opinion, yes, the card should be banned, it can easly be
called the best card in the game right now. Why? It's a great top deck, it
ends games in your favour by crippling your opponent into defensive moves
(if played right), and it supports any deck with monster removal, and of
course, its ability to tie the game. Sometimes, you have to go for the game
if you have no other option. Both you and your opponent are low, and he/she
has the advantage. You swing for game even though your opponent can have
defense set, and you still have the option to end the game for both of you.
Winning or tying means you won't lose. Simple as that.
D. D. Assailant was brought back into the semi-limited list to counter the
Sacred Pheonix. The card won't make a huge splash to the game, but can
counter both Injection Fairy Lily (running it over comes at a price) and
takes Sacred Pheonix out of the game.
Metamorphisis is harmless with Tsukuyomi gone, Thousand-Eyes Restrict gone
and with out Scapegoat at 3. The card is potentially harmless.

Injection Fairy Lily is now at 3
Sacred Pheonix of Nephthys is now at 3
Exiled Force is now at 3
Upstart Goblin is now at 3

Exiled Force at 3 ment the banning of Last Will, not to mention its synergy
with Lily if Last Will was kept around. I don't think this card will much
more of a difference at 3 then it did at 2. Its playability is still seen
and will still widely be used in side decks for many.
Sacred Pheonix at 3 will create cards like 'The Transmigration Prophecy'
and 'D. D. Crow' to be seen in side decks. Countering the Pheonix might be
needed, but others know the danger of the up coming set and that Bottomless
Trap Hole is still seeing play. The Pheonix is risky, but some players will
still attempt it.
Injection Fairy Lily allows players to play aggresive. Even with out Last
Will, this card with Exiled Force will be strong. Taking out face-downs with
Exiled Force and attacking over face-up's with Lily can be very effective
when your dealing the majority of the damage. With Ring of Destruction still
at large, and new tech cards like 'Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird' or try
teching old cards like Level Limit - Area B and Gravity Bind. There are alot
of ways Injection Fairy Lily can win you the game. Just be make sure you
protect your life points through life-gain and defensive cards that won't
lose to Royal Decree. Injection Fairy Lily will be tricky to build around,
but it will see play instantly.
Upstart Goblin doesn't really affect the format. . .so there isn't alot to
say. . .but we know it's safe at 3!

Overall, This format brings a certain point of balance. The side deck will
consist of mostly the same cards to counter each individual deck that comes
out of this. Gadgets and Monarchs will still see play, but players will
bring back toolbox, use Injection Control and Sacred Pheonix to there full
potential. There are some risky deck types, but going into the SJC in
Houston on March 3rd, you have to be prepared for everything.

Thanks for reading,

MSN/E-Mail me at: imagination436@hotmail.com AIM me at: imageNation436


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