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Horus Here, Five Headed There, Dragons EVERYWHERE!
March 1, 2007

Hello everyone.  I’m back again for my March 1st, 2007 article!   I’ve gotten quite a few requests for this and that, and I was planning on doing something new, but I’ve decided, since it’s my birthday today, I’ll make another Horus deck.  One particular reader wanted me to make one around Five Headed Dragon and Lord of D.  I’m afraid that using Lord of Dragons won’t really work, but I’ll gladly incorporate Five Headed. 


So, before we go any further, here is the deck


Ummmm….I can’t think of a good name.

(Note: This is made using the new format’s Banned/Restricted List)


Monsters: 20

1 Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv8

3 Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv6

2 Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv4

3 Cyber Dragon

3 Masked Dragon

1 Twin Headed Behemoth

3 Mirage Dragon

2 Spear Dragon/Luster Dragon

1 Bazoo the Soul Eater

1 Spirit Reaper


Spells: 17

2 Dragon’s Mirror

1 Future Fusion

1 Heavy Storm


1 Premature Burial

1 Swords of Revealing Light

1 Snatch Steal

1 Brain Control

2 Rush Recklessly

1 Scapegoat

2 Enemy Controller

1 Book of Moon

1 Nobleman of Crossout


Traps: 6

3 Solemn Judgment

2 Return for the Different Dimension

1 Mirror Force


Fusions: 5

3 Five Headed Dragon

1 Cyber Twin

1 Cyber End


This deck is basically straight dragon beatdown.  I made a deck similar to this when Horus first came out, but it failed horribly thanks to Tribe Infecting Virus.  At first, you might think I’ve just created a Dragon version of the Chimeratech OTK.   I must disagree, this deck doesn’t contain a shred of draw power.  It can’t dig through the deck with Reckless Greed to draw into combo pieces.  It’s made with mostly Dragons so that using Dragon’s Mirror will be easier, but Five Headed Dragon is more of a finisher.  It’s possible that I could draw “the combo”, but that isn’t what the deck is made for.


With that said, let’s go onto…..


The Breakdown:


The Monsters:

Horus Lv4/6/8:  I explained the reasoning for running these in the numbers I run them in my previous article, though I did increase Horus Lv4 by one.


Cyber Dragon: This needs no explanation, any deck the goes on an offensive should be running these.


Masked Dragon: This nifty little floater can load up my grave with Dragons and search for Twin Headed Behemoth. 


Twin Headed: I could run Treeborn in this variant as it is lacking Royal Decree, but I don’t play enough tributes and a Frog doesn’t fit my theme.  Plus, Twin Headed is searchable by Masked Dragon.


Mirage Dragon: It’s Identical to Pitch-Black Warwolf, and while I love playing wolf cards, I really needed the dragon version this time around for obvious reasons.


2 Spear Dragon: Trampling in this format is pretty good.  Spear does go to defense after he attacks, but hopefully the trample it did is worth it.


Bazoo the Soul Eater: It can beat down a monarch, that’s a plus.  It can also load up my remove from game pile for a Return Win if I can’t seem to draw a Dragon’s Mirror.


Spirit Repear: Basic Stall


The Spells:

Future Fusion: This should go without saying. Load up my grave with Dragons to either  be removed by Bazoo, Dragon’s Mirror, or to be Prematured.


Dragon’s Mirror: Self explanatory.


Heavy Storm/Mystical Space Typhoon: Staples


Premature: Works great with Horus Lv6

Swords of Revealing Light: Stall


Snatch Steal: A +1.  Take my opponent’s Monarch, tribute for Lv6.


Brain Control: See Snatch Steal, just not a +1.


Rush Recklessly: Works great with all my monsters, especially Masked Dragon, except for Horus Lv6.


Scapegoat: Stall, combos with Enemy Controller


Enemy Controller: Like in my previous article, low on defensive battle phase traps.


Book of Moon: Defense, combo with Snatch.


Nobleman of  Crossout: Combo with Book, basic staple.



Solemn Judgment: For a hefty price, these can defend me against virtually anything.  Great way to deal with monarchs.


Return from the Different Dimension: Combos with Bazoo and Dragon’s Mirror, another great finisher.  This can also punish those who run Macrocosmos and/or DD monsters.


Mirror Force: Does this need an introduction?


So, there you have it.  But I’m bet you are wondering what cards are…..


Missing the Cut:




Note: Before I get into the monsters, the main reason a monster missed the cut is because they simply weren’t dragons.

Jinzo: I forgot to put him in my “Missing the Cut” Section last time somehow.  I receive several e-mails on this.  “Why didn’t you run Jinzo?” Well for two reasons.  First of all, it’s a tribute.  I didn’t want to run too many of those.  But mainly because it leaves my deck vulnerable, believe it or not.  I used to run him, and if I manage to get out lv8 AND Jinzo, then I’m fine but that didn’t happen very often.  The problems arose with I got out Lv6 and Jinzo, which happened a lot.  All the opponent had to do was drop Snatch Steal or Brain Control, take Jinzo, kill Lv6, then he could either tribute Jinzo and give me back Jinzo and kill it easily the next turn.  They use ONE card to completely ruin me.  Jinzo having 2400 attack hurts me running it in my decks.


Compare that to running Mirage Dragon.  If I have Lv6 and Mirage Dragon out, my opponent is going to need more than a Brain Control to escape the partial lock.  An exile, a monarch, or something has got to accompany that Brain Control or Snatch Steal.


Exiled Force: Despite how good these are, I had to make my deck primarily dragons for it to work.  These are definitely going to be sided


Hydrogeddon: These guys worked like a dream in the previous build, but like Exiled, these aren’t dragons, unfortunately.


Troop Dragon: How could I ignore this nifty lil creature? Well, for one it was a little too weak.  Two, it can only search for itself.  And three, the errata it was given when it came out really killed it.  If it simply had to be destroyed, then this would be a great card especially in a format with 3 Exileds and 3 Zaborgs.


Refer to previous article for the other monsters that missed the cut, again.




Shrink: Ummmm…..I don’t own any. LOL and they’d be so good in this deck.


Pot of Avarice: This would’ve been the deck’s only draw power, but with Bazoo and Dragon’s Mirror, and Premature, I questioned how often I’d actually be able to use this.


My Body as a Shield: Another card that came in SOOOOO much handy last time.  But with 3x Solemn Judgment and 2x Return, I couldn’t pay anymore life points.  Plus, with 3 Solemn Judgments, I think I’m covered.


Confiscation: While it wasn’t in the last build, like My Body, I couldn’t pay anymore life points.


Dimension Fusion: I opted for Solemn and Decree because this got limited. 


Giant Trunade: If I wanted to make my deck more OTKish, I would’ve included this.


Refer to previous article for the other spells that missed the cut, again.



Royal Decree: “WOW WOLFY!!! Back up, why didn’t you include ROYAL DECREE!!!!!!”  Since I needed to run Returns, it meant I couldn’t run Decree, so instead I’m running Solemns.


Ring of Destruction: Too much life point payment.


Refer to previous article for other traps that missed the cut, again.




So, there you have it.  Another, slightly different, Horus build.  Beatdown your opponent with dragons then land a finishing blow with Return or a Five Headed Dragon.  Much fun!


I thank you all for reading my birthday article!  For those of you who are sick of seeing dragon articles, send me some ideas. My next article will not involve Dragons.  For those who have liked my dragon articles, send me some ideas.  For those of you who have already sent me ideas for articles, keep them coming!  I’ll write on game history, I’ll review/fix your decks, I’ll build decks, I’ll do card vs. card comparisions, or deck vs. deck comparisons.  You name it. You just got to supply the initial idea! I want to get a variety of articles up over the next few weeks, especially with the new banned list officially up and going!!!  Again, you can send me an e-mail at lonely_wolf93@yahoo.com or send me a PM on Pojo’s Message Board!


Thanks again for reading!!!


From the den,






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