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September 28, 2006

So I just got home from a day of work and was reading up on some of the main site content from other writers. In particular, the piece done by DeathJester really got to me. I wanted to sort of expound on that idea and give myself a drive to do exactly what he does and get to writing on a more regular basis. As I write this right now I still do not have much of a clue as to how this can tie into YGO, but I’m sure I’ll find a way.


More often then not every one of us gets caught up in daily regiments of our lives; or just plain laziness. Both carry the same vice about not allowing much room or motivation to do that particular thing you always wanted but never found the time.


How would it be to just wake up one day and set yourself tasks straight down a list? First, I’ll go for a morning jog. Get home. Get cleaned up. Clean my room. Get my car gassed up, washed up, cleaned out, and oil changed. Go to the bank. Pick up supplies A, B, C, and D from the store. I’m willing to bet that the target constituency for this game does not have to worry about this too much. (This is, of course, a nice way of saying you’re all still “youngins”) The day will come sooner then you may think.


The problem with YGO, and indeed, any purely recreational hobby such as this, is that it affords the standard individual an excuse to put aside things they feel expendable and less important. Hobby time is good, but so is the time to live the rest of your life. I have fallen into a pretty bad trap, and have actually hurt others, by failing to prioritize in this regard. So, I want to try what DeathJester was suggesting.


Start setting times. What times will you play YGO? When? How long? Could you afford to cut into it if other activities are pressing down? I say this to you all because I care, and I honestly think that someone who thinks only of the game will not be in the direction they need to be to move forward in life.


You can be a success in many ways. What you want, and how you can get there, are personal choices. As sad is it may sound no one can truly show you how to get there. Becoming a success at YGO is, of course, also a viable personal goal. You like this game and want to take it as far as it can go. Great. Get practicing. Learn your style of play. Find your niche within the metagame. Hit up local events and the occasional nearby premiere tournament. Figure out what you need. Find a way to get there.


This is another tie in, I guess, between this particular game and the rest of life. It is a process, and the sooner you learn the specifics of your learning ability the better you can start to become. Someone once told me that complete stasis does not exist: If you are not growing you are decaying. If you are not moving forward you are falling back.


After this minor soapbox I thought I would present another creation of mine with a side in taken by inspiration from our very own message boards.




[3] Des Koala

[3] Stealth Bird

[3] Des Lacooda

[3] Morphing Jar #2

[2] Exiled Force

[2] Spear Cretin

[1] Penguin Soldier

[1] Morphing Jar

[1] Mask of Darkness

[1] Night Assailant

[1] Sangan


[3] Wave-Motion Cannon

[2] Nightmare Steelcage

[1] Swords of Revealing Light

[1] Graceful Charity

[1] Pot of Avarice

[1] Level Limit Area B

[2] Giant Trunade


[3] Solemn Judgement

[3] Forced Back

[1] Ring of Destruction

[1] Ceasefire

[1] Magic Cylinder

[3] Nightmare Wheel

[1] Gravity Bind




[3] Lava Golem

[2] Cyber Stein

[1] Last Will

[3] Barrel Behind the Door

[3] A Cat of Ill Omen

[3] Nimble Momonga


The main deck is designed to emphasis a main point. Burn and stall decks are still not short on stall cards. Monster forms of stall come in many forms and spell and trap ones still exist, just with a shelf life. Let me get into some forms of synergy.


Spear Cretin is one of those clever forms of recursion that we have all though about trying but ended up waiting for some cool trick to be discovered. You will notice that monster control does indeed exist in this deck, but only exiled force sends them to the grave. My other options bounce or shuffle. I want to reduce the chance of the Cretin working against me. The heavy amounts of flip effect and pacman monsters are to utilize Morphing Jar #2 and Cretin to greater immediate potential.


You may think bounce is a dicey mechanic, but consider this: I do not need to seek permanent control. I only need control lasting long enough to burn you out. And getting a Lacooda engine drawing multiple cards per turn will help tremendously in this regard.


For the side deck: I was looking across the message boards and came across a deck posted by _w0a_g33z called KielBurn. The deck is an OTK at heart but I found it clever and oddly effective with the right setup. The kill works like this:


  1. Clear their field.
  2. Give them a Lava Golem.
  3. In response to the damage they take at standby chain Ring.
  4. Hope to God they don’t respond with a quickplay.
  5. Chain Barrel for 7k. Any additional burn would pick up the tab.


Another alternative would be to summon Cyber-Stein and use the same combo on a 4000 attack Cyber End Dragon. With your OTK comes the line of support. A Cat of Ill Omen is mandatory due to one of the main drawbacks being a reliance on a limited card to secure the OTK. Last Will is a solid choice due to my current main decked Exiled Forces. Nimble provides the stall, life point buffer that most Cyber Stein users have come to know and love.


Well, that about does it for me. If I can start to do these weekly I’ll be on a good track. Until next time. Peace.



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