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Leon’s South Wall Corner Club
Four-Winged Angel

December 1, 2005

Welcome to the fifth of our six part analysis of elemental searchers. Today we get to do one that many people feel is the weakest in the group. Good light monsters seem a bit too hard to come by. With the restriction of D.D. Warrior Lady back in the day most people do not feel that there’s enough in store to use this guy in any “multi-situation” capacity. While you definitely won’t be able to truly “toolbox” with it, the card actually carries a lot of needed support if you pick the right theme. 

That theme, interestingly enough, is Machines. Light Machines. Let’s start the list: 

  1. D.D. Warrior Lady – The main non-machine card Shining Angel pulls. She’s too good not to use. There’s barely a good reason to leave her out of standard agro decks and I certainly can’t think of a reason to leave her out of here either. Many people will argue that she’s the best monster-for-monster removal card out there.
  2. Y-Dragon Head/Z-Metal Tank – Yup. These guys can be quite cool if used properly. For starters they have very nice stats. 1500 tops the list for searchability and gives you decent survival and capitalization on a clear field. Its third counterpart, X-Head Cannon, is a decent beatstick in and of itself. Where these three guys will truly shine is in their Fusions that don’t need Polymerization. While not the highest priority I do find it nice to use Limiter Removal on my guys then bring out their fusion MP2 to keep presence.
  3. Roulette Barrel – It got a lot better than I previously had thought. It gives you two chances to kill any of your opponent’s face up monsters for absolutely free. The chances of it backfiring are extremely small also. Say your opponent only has a Mobius on the field. You roll a 4 and 2. I used to think that you’d have to choose 4 and lose Roulette. Not so. You can choose 2, despite there being no targets, and just fizzle the effect. As a chance card most people won’t like it, but you have to think about it in other ways. This card has no drawback. You stand only to gain. And if you don’t get the effect off, THEN go ahead and use that Smashing you’ve been holding onto.
  4. Proto Cyber Dragon – This is a card scheduled to be released in the next set, Shadow of Infinity. It’s got stats that aren’t that special, but its effect states that while face-up on the field its name is treated as “Cyber Dragon”. Notice how this is not the same as all of the Harpie Lady derivatives released. It is only treated as a Cyber Dragon on the field, not in deck construction. You can have three of these guys and three real Cyber Dragons in one deck. Its effect does restrict it a bit though. You can only Polymerization or Miracle Fusion while it is on the field. In the grave or in the hand won’t cut it. Shining Angel should make that very easy to work around though. We’ll most likely just be teching one.
  5. Banisher of the Light – I want you all to know that I really took my time with this article and I think I’ve got something to interest even the competitive metagame. We will be teching one and when you see the deck list you will definitely understand why.

Those five cards form a decent searching backbone, but now we come to the real meat of the deck. I took quite a while with this article because I was always at a loss as to the real direction I could take it. Now I’ve found the answer. 

This deck is all about Remove From Game (RFG for short) and the completely new spin on swarming used with Return From a Different Dimension. Here’s the deck. Shield your eyes from its shining beauty! 

3x Thunder Dragon
3x Cyber Dragon
Proto Cyber Dragon
D.D. Warrior Lady
2x X-Head Cannon
2x Freed the Brave Wanderer
2x Shining Angel
Z-Metal Tank
Roulette Barrel
Iron Blacksmith Koitetsu

3x Fusion Gate
Dark Hole
Limiter Removal
2x Smashing Ground
Nobleman of Crossout
Snatch Steal
Premature Burial
Mystical Space Typhoon
Heavy Storm
Reinforcement of the Army

Call of the Haunted
Torrential Tribute
3x Dust Tornado
3x Return from a Different Dimension

Fusion Deck:

3x XZ-Tank Cannon
3x Cyber Twin Dragon
3x Cyber End Dragon
3x Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon

This deck is so beautiful it makes me cry a little. I have absolutely no idea how stable it is, but I am getting goose bumps (Look at my arm!) from just thinking about making this. Some of you do not yet understand so let me explain it in a different way: 

You hit my Shining Angel and I search for Proto Cyber Dragon. On my turn I pitch Thunder Dragon and get two more. I activate Fusion Gate. Remove both the Thunder Dragons for Twin-Headed. Activate Fusion Gate again. Remove the Proto and the Cyber in my hand for Cyber Twin. Activate Return from a Different Dimension. Bring back two Thunder Dragons and a Cyber Dragon. Fusion Gate the Thunder Dragons again for a second Twin-Headed. 

2800 + 2800 + 2100 + 2800 +2800 (Oh wait! I did not even summon yet!) = GG times 2 

The real kicker, when you think about it, is that this deck has a TON of synergy with itself.  

Koitetsu and RotA both have three search targets a piece. For Koitetsu, we both know that Premature Burial and Snatch Steal are good choices, but is Megamorph also? Considering the fact that I am running three Returns that all require I pay half my lifepoints then I would say so.

For RotA, is Freed the Brave Wanderer worth running? Are you kidding me? Kill any monster with a higher attack by removing two light monsters from your graveyard. Does that fit the theme? I thought so. 1700 beater packaged inside. 

Is three Dust Tornados worth it? Destroy the opponent’s facedown threats at the end of their turn THEN OPT TO SET the Return. Does that seem good to you? 

I just am so in love with this deck. Share my euphoria. I need to pat myself on the back. Kudos to Konami for restricting Limiter before this just got stupid-good. Well, there you go. Now that I got done drooling over it I can more thoroughly explain how it should work.  

Playing this deck will most likely be all about timing. The barrage of different swarm options might confuse you but you should be able to plan the route of your choice. The example I gave was only one way to an OTK. But that is what you should look for. Really and truly conserve your resources until you can actually launch all that to end the game. It should not be too bad. Return will most likely never be too far off since there are three in the deck, and you can always make the payment. The same goes for the Cyber Dragons. 

For actually building this deck, though, it may take time to get all those rare fusion cards together: Because you actually do need three of them all. One of the main themes of the deck is to use Return from a Different Dimension to use Fusion Gate multiple times. So it’s not just one Cyber Twin (which is a nightmare to see in Stein decks) but two or even three. 

I fully encourage play test of this idea to see how great it works. Honestly, its one of the prettiest looking things on paper, but will it hold any real water? 

Until next time.




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