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Jae Kim: Theory and Practice
Pojo's Pro Player Draft Match Five:
Billy Brake vs. Hugo Adame
July 22, 2010

Pojo's Pro Player Draft Match Five: Billy Brake vs. Hugo Adame


After four matches against "Be Illy" Brake, Jeff Jones' team finds itself on the brink of elimination. Who will step up to the challenge!


Hugo Adame- Adame is one of the most respected players in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters. He started the team that started it all, Comic Odyssey, and continues working with them as a vendor today under the CoreTCG label.


Hugo has come agonizingly close to winning multiple Shonen Jump Championships, with a runner up finish to Jonathan Labounty and a semifinals loss to Jerry Wang. However, he has been out of practice since the glory days of constant premier event tops. It's up to Adame to stifle the young guns and bring some dignity to the losing side.


Brake versus Adame- Game One.


Adame Turn One: Hugo wins the dice roll. Incredibly enough, Be Illy Brake has lost all five of his dice rolls in the team battle! He has made up for this weakness with aplomb and graceful play. Hugo is using a modified version of Kamikaze Sabers:


Heavy Storm

Trap Dustshoot


Brain Control




This is a very aggressive hand and we should expect Hugo to maximize the aggressiveness. He summons Thunder King and sets Dustshoot and Storm. I might have preferred a Fulhelm summon to hide the fact Thunder King is available. This could lead to a -1 off Darksoul.


Brake Turn Two: Billy draws and reveals his hand to Dustshoot:


Rescue Cat


Brain Control

Boggart Knight

Thunder King

Torrential Tribute


This was a very solid hand that was cut short by the Trap Dustshoot play. Billy loses Rescue Cat.


He then summons Thunder King and cancels. He then sets what is presumably Torrential Tribute.


A3: Hugo draws Book of Moon. He sets Brain Control in an attempt to set up the Heavy Storm play. While the play is very interesting, I don't think I agree with it at all. It seems overly fancy and can get destroyed by a good topdeck from Billy.


B4: Billy sets a second spell or trap and passes.


A5: Hugo draws and passes. He is leaving his field clear to something like Airbellum here while trying to get full value out of Heavy Storm.


B6: Billy draws and sets a third spell or trap.


A7: Hugo draws and now has seen Bottomless Trap Hole, Book of Moon, and Torrential Tribute with Brain Control and Heavy Storm set. This can get quite ugly while keeping unchainables non-defense cards on the field.


B8: Billy draws and passes.


A9: Hugo draws Faultroll and passes.


B10: Billy draws and passes. He has 5 cih and 3 set backrow. What the heck is going on this game?


A11: Hugo draws to 7 cih and sets Thunder King. Again, I don't like this play at all.


B12: Billy draws to 6 cih and passes.


A13: Hugo sets Fulhelm Knight (!). If he is going to play in this manner, I would much prefer him setting Sangan and Fulhelm Knight as opposed to setting Thunder King and Fulhelm.


B14: Billy sets a fourth spell or trap card and passes. Again, he has six cards in hand.


A15: Hugo sets Sangan.


B16: Billy draws and has to set a fifth row. Why isn't he playing a monster! How many Darksouls and Emmersblade could Hugo have?


A17: Hugo draws a third TKR with one set. He flips Storm. Billy loses BOM, BTH, Oppression, and Storm but calls Faultroll with Mind Crush, stripping two from Hugo's hand. I think both players played this game fairly badly (though I don't know Billy's hand). They basically passed all of their normal summons and set a bunch of unchainable spell or trap cards.


Hugo flips all 3 monsters with 4 cih vs 6 cih for Billy. He has double Book, Bottomless, and Torrential he can set freely (due to destroying Billy's set Storm). He swings with everything and sets his backrows. 8000 1900 Hugo.


B18: Billy summons Boggart into BTH with no activation. He does not seem to like his hand.


A19: Hugo swings with Thunder King for game.


This game was just a ridiculous display of dueling. I have no idea what Billy drew after getting Dustshooted. But passing 6 turns in a row is generally not a good idea in a mirror for either player, methinks.


Hugo Adame wins Game One!


Brake Opens Game Two: Brake plays Sarc for Cold Wave and makes a t-set. This is a very dangerous opener that telegraphs a big hand.


A2: Adame sees a hand of:


Dust Tornado

Book of Moon

Mind Control

Boggart Knight


Thunder King


I don't really like this hand. But Hugo sets up a professional Gorz play by setting Dust Tornado and passing.


B3: Billy sets a second monster and passes.


A4: Hugo has the opening to crush Billy's searchers now. He end phases Dust to hit Book. He draws Trap Stun. Summons TKR and attacks the old monster (Sangan), a great read! Hugo then passes with no backrow. He does not want to get Waved for a minus.


B5: Billy adds a Wave to hand. He has 5 cih. He clearly needed the Sangan to Wave through with. Billy passes with a set monster.


A6: Hugo attacks the face-down monster with Thunder King. He is in an interesting spot because the longer the game goes, the more likely it is he will lose. He really needs to hit a tuner as soon as possible.


The monster is Emmersblade and Billy gets Airbellum. In main phase 2, Hugo uses Mind Control to sync for Urbellum after summoning Boggart Knight. This is clearly the correct play; he saves a Thunder King. He should be setting Book of Moon here with so many cards in hand.


B7: Billy plays Brain Control on Urbellum. It swings over Rai-Oh and Billy has no other play. 7700 7200, Adame.


A8: Hugo skips his draw phase for Urbellum. He attacks into Gorz, Billy will skip his draw phase as well. Gorz makes a 2200 token. 7700 5000, Adame.


Hugo passes with Urbellum (and his own Gorz in hand) versus Billy's Gorz and token.


B9: Billy summons Thunder King. Gorz attacks over the token. Gorz attacks over Urbellum and then Rai-Oh and the 2200 token get in direct. Hugo uses Gorz on the 2200 token and gets a 2200 token as well. 3100 5000, Brake.


A10: The game has broken open now and Hugo has a few plays in mind. He has BoM and Trap Stun in hand. He uses MST to destroy Billy's Cold Wave bluff. His token swings over Rai-Oh, Gorz attacks over Billy's token. 3100 4200, Brake. Hugo then sets Mind Crush and Book of Moon (leaving Trap Stun in hand).


B11: Billy draws with Gorz on the field. He swings into Book of Moon and then sets a backrow.


A12: Hugo swings over Gorz with Gorz then gets in for 2200. 3100 2000, Adame. Hugo sets Trap Stun.


B13: Brake activates Trunade from his s/t zone. Hugo has a Mind Crush set. What should Hugo call? He makes the right percentage play in the heat of the moment, calling Faultroll. However, I think there were a few other factors that made it probably better to call Rescue Cat.


1) Billy's body language got very excited when he flipped Trunade. I don't believe he would have set Trunade with a Boggart Knight in hand. It would have been too risky.


2) The play that breaks Hugo's board here is Rescue Cat into Goyo Guardian. Boggart into Urbellum or Pashuul with Faultroll is not nearly as devastating.


I would have called Rescue Cat but do not blame Hugo for calling Faultroll. Billy has no Faultroll in hand and Hugo is forced to discard. He summons Rescue Cat, attacks Gorz, and takes it. He then searches Boggart with Darksoul and this game is looking lost. 3000 2000, Adame.


A14: Hugo draws Book of Moon. He sets two backrows and passes with the 2200 token on the field.


B15: Billy plays Mind Control and swings for game.


Billy Brake equalizes with a Game Two Victory!



Hugo Adame opens Game Three:


Thunder King


Trap Stun

Heavy Storm

Bottomless Trap Hole



Hugo sets Heavy Storm and summons Thunder King.


B2: Billy plays Sarc for Rescue Cat. He sets a monster.


A3: Hugo attacks into an Emmersblade which gets Pashuul.


B4: Billy sets a backrow and passes.


A5: Billy takes 1000 through Pashuul. Hugo is then Dustshooted and loses Gorz. This game does not look good. He summons Fulhelm and passes. 8000 7000 Adame.


B6: Billy plays Storm on Hugo's Storm. He summons the sarced Cat. He then summons double Faultroll, plays Book on Hugo's Thunder King, and wins the match on sheer damage.


Billy Brake dominates Game Three to take the match!



In closing, I hope you guys enjoyed reading or watching these team battles. They were very exciting to do and there will be more in the future.


My plan with http://go-ygo.com is to use the ad revenue from the site to create big incentives for the players. The reason we are calling this the Pro Player Draft is that I want to turn it into a bi-annual type event and add extra incentives myself.


Look forward to more team battles in the future! Congratulations to Billy Brake for making it through such a tough lineup.








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