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Jae Kim: Theory and Practice
Pojo's Pro Player Draft Match One:
Billy Brake vs. Paul Levitin
July 15, 2010

Follow my reconstruction of this match with analysis-

Game One- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rW7jtsJHeE

Games Two and Three- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZSQQ32n9xk


Billy Brake-      Brake was using a further refined version of the Team Kamikaze X-Saber build that took him to the cusp of an elusive premier event victory. Unfortunately, Omar Beldon ruined his run in the finals in devastating fashion.


A relative newcomer to the top player scene, Billy has been putting up consistent finishes recently, with a top four finish at SJC Edison to go along with his runner up finish at Rosemont. The man has won multiple prize cards and is eager to test himself against the established veterans.


Through informal pre-match talk with his teammates Augustin Herrera and Ryan Spicer, I found that the two players consider Billy on their level and possibly even better at the dueling table. Team-inspired modesty or actual fact? Let's find out!


Billy Brake's Youtube can be found at this link: http://www.youtube.com/havok41

He plans to put up recorded footage of a few of his matches for you to enjoy.


Paul Levitin-     Levitin left the spotlight to focus on college and other priorities. However, the former two-time SJC champion's name popped up in a few regionals deck lists and he then showed up at YCS Chicago. Paul has plans to play for the rest of his break, possibly turning this long hot summer into the summer of Levitin once again.


Paul was using a variant of Infernity that Team Canada had ridden to multiple day two finishes at Canadian Nationals and the YCS in Rosemont. His teammate, Dale Bellido, had sent us a build he considered perfect for the event.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I realize it's kind of difficult for you guys to visualize what's going on in the written text. For the matches, I have recorded YVD footage of each match on my Youtube Channel. Find the links here and click them if you want to watch!


Also Austin Kulman was recording some of the matches on his Youtube channel as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/Natsboy06#p/a/u/0/YGi3mY6b1JI

He has game one up currently in HD and will add more in the future I believe.


Brake versus Levitin- Game One.

FOLLOW GAME ONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rW7jtsJHeE


Levitin Turn One: Levitin wins the dice roll and opens, seeing a hand of:


Trap Dustshoot

Dust Tornado

Infernity Beetle

Infernity Archfiend

Infernity Necromancer

Infernity Inferno.


An amazing hand. He sets Dustshoot, Dust Tornado, and Necromancer. I'm unclear how sharp Levitin is with Infernity at this time. The deck is incredibly difficult to play and almost impossible to play perfectly after a long layoff from the game.


The Infernity Necromancer play is somewhat risky. I certainly wouldn't set it without the support of Dustshoot. However, Sabers don't have many answers to destroying Necromancer period. Throw in Dustshoot and the Necromancer play is optimal.


Brake Turn Two: Brake draws and reveals his hand to Dustshoot:


Book of Moon

Bottomless Trap Hole

Royal Oppression

Book of Moon


Summoner Monk


This is a very defensive hand and pretty much perfect for Brake's situation (though he doesn't know it). Emmersblade is not the right card for this matchup so Paul sends back the easy Monk. Billy sets two backrow and Emmersblade. Levitin realizes an end phase Dust is not optimal here because he needs to reveal the Oppression. I am guessing Billy set Bottomless here.


P3: Paul draws Launcher. He can't go aggressive because he doesn't know which card Oppression is. Instead, he opts to set Inferno and pass.


B4: Billy draws to 3 cards in hand and sets a third backrow. This is likely the Book of Moon. It's a standard and good play.


P5: Paul draws another Infernity Inferno. He activates his set Inferno and pitches Archfiend and Beetle for Archfiend and Avenger. This is the right time to push. Paul sets his Launcher (to avoid Mind Crush) and then sets the Inferno he drew. He flips Necromancer and uses priority to target Archfiend. Billy does not use Royal Oppression.


When Launcher is added to hand through Archfiend, Billy flips Oppression. This is a great play to avoid Barrier. Paul chains Dust. He uses Launcher to get Archfiend/Avenger versus what he knows is Bottomless and Book of Moon.


Archfiend gets third Launcher. Billy Books the Archfiend. Paul has a Necromancer and Aventer out along with a set Archfiend. He has a Launcher, Inferno, and Launcher playable. Paul makes Armory Arm with Necromancer and Avenger. He can make a Doom Dragon or Mist Wurm here with his other Launcher. Instead, he sets his second Launcher and passes! This is a very bad miscalculation on Paul's part.


B6: Billy plays Cold Wave with a Book of Moon in hand. He flips Emmersblade and attacks Armory Arm. 7500/8000 Paul. He then gets Fulhelm to destroy the f/d Archfiend, getting back Emmersblade. Emmersblade swings into Armory Arm again, 7000/8000 Paul, getting Darksoul. Billy then gets out Hyunlei, popping both Launchers and Inferno. He sets a monster and searches Faultroll at the end phase.


P7: Paul is now topdecking. He draws Dark Grepher and equips it with Armory Arm. It destroys Hyunlei and Billy takes 2700 total. 4300/8000 Paul.


B8: Billy draws to 3 cih. He sets an m/t and passes.


P9: Paul draws a dead Barrier. Grepher attacks into Pashuul.


B10: Billy draws and summons Airbellum. He then drops Faultroll, brings Darksoul, synchs Hyunlei on Barrier and Armory Arm. He then drops another Faultroll and brings Fulhelm. Everything attacks, Paul scoops.





Levitin Opens Game Two: Paul opens another very strong hand:


Solemn Judgment

Trap Dustshoot

Heavy Storm

Infernity Avenger




He sets Dustshoot, Storm, and Avenger. I believe setting Ryko is the play here but he may be saving it as an answer to something like Consecrated Light. With Trap Dustshoot, the hand lends itself well to an incredibly aggressive set up with the proper Ryko mill.


B2: Billy reveals his hand:


Thunder King


DD Crow

Bottomless Trap Hole

Gottoms' Emergency Call

Dust Tornado


Paul sends back D.D Crow. Billy summons TKR and attacks into Avenger. He then sets three backrow. This is a really bad play because Gottoms is not live.


P3: Paul flips Storm and hits three cards. He would have certainly hit two legitimate cards but GEC should not have been set. Paul sets Necromancer and Solemn Judgment. Again, I think he should bee setting Ryko here after seeing Billy's hand. I don't like this play at all.


B4: Billy sets a monster and passes.


P5: Paul sets Ryko after drawing Trunade.


B6: Billy has 2 cih. He summons Rescue Cat which is promptly Solemned. 4000/8000 Billy. Rai-Oh attacks the Ryko which destroys it. Archfiend, Inferno, and Necromancer are milled.


P7: Levitin has game with Trunade, Necromancer, and his draw phase. He summons Necromancer and Billy scoops.



Brake Opens Game Three: Billy opens with a t-set.


L2: Levitin sees a hand of:


Dust Tornado




Infernity Mirage



Fissure deals with Consecrated Lights. Paul sets Necromancer and Dust Tornado.


Again, I think Ryko is the play here. Necromancer is simply far too vulnerable to a Saber rushdown. Paul seems to be playing his Ryko's hesitantly/incorrectly. Perhaps he is not as familiar with the Ryko side.


B3: Billy Mind Controls Necromancer (which would have owned my Ryko play). He MST's Dust, summons Airbellum. He flips Necro, flips Pashuul, and syncs a level 5 Android. He swings for 4000 and pitches Mirage from Paul. Things do not look good here. 4000 8600 Billy.


P4: Paul draws Call. He plays Fissure destroying Airbellum and sets Ryko along with Call.


B5: Billy summons Boggart and goes aggressive properly. He GEC's and uses Airbellum + Pashuul to make Hyunlei, destroying COTH. Hyunlei then swings at the f/d, Ryko kills Android, milling MST, Hero's Rule 2, and Inferno. Airbellum discards Beetle (Paul allows this). 2400 8600.


P6: Paul is drawing very thin to an Archfiend or Necromancer. He draws and concedes.



Billy Brake defeats Paul Levitin 2-1 to advance!













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