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A Few Things To Get Off My Chest:
A Quick Article By GeneralZorpa
September 20, 2012

The elephant in the room....
There is no denying that I love this game. It is so fast paced and even imaginative to the point where the game designers don't quite know what the impact of a new mechanic will have on the game as a whole. Are there things that I would change? Yes there are a few things that I would change in the game, and a few of them are even going to be and are coming to pass.
1) More Extra Deck Space- As we get even more cards that go into the extra deck, it becomes detrimental to the player to choose between the cards that they need for the deck and the ones that they want to experiment with. It will be prudent for the makers of the game to consider extending the extra deck to say, 20 cards. Any more than that and you have some terrible things happening with registration, and unlimiting the extra deck is even more out ofthe question as someone would just put every Fusion, Synchro and XYZ monster in the game into a single deck, making registration (and gameplay with a falling extra deck) not much fun at all. 20 cards allows much more variability with the deck, while keeping the spirit of the original 15 card limit imposed when Synchro cards were introduced.
2) More Reprinting- of course this is what the game designers are doing best at this point. But also they are pissing off collectors and such that are seeing their hard-won collections going down the tubes. I like the idea of having higher end cards for a while for the collectors and then reprinting them for general players. But the system is just not quite right yet. I am not entirely sure how we could change this, but one of the ideas is to just have the alternate rarities (which they are already doing) so that the collectors and investors have their values only slightly reduced and Joe Duelist has their cards. The other thing is to eliminate rares altogether, which is not likely to happen as Konami has to make money too and the money is in the rare cards.
3) Better Event Coverage- I do not know what happened with the coverage for Konami, but it has certainly gone downhill. It is nice to have all of the pairings for the rounds and the Q+A for the kiddies, but it was great to have the decklists for these top players as then people who couldn't be there get so much more experience over what worked in their deck and what didn't. I don't have the $1200+ it would have taken to head out to Toronto, but I would still like to see the decks that did well. I know it is almost an invasion of privacy and netdecking is still out there, but it is really nice to have the decklists all in one place where they can be compared and evaluated. I also miss the deck analysis portions where you actually get to interview the players and see what thoughts went into their decks. I know that Konami cannot afford to have so many writers at each event, but it was nice when we could get some of those articles. And also a coverage every round would be nice, but not necessary. It is just a good idea to feel what happens at large events like a YCS, especially for newer players.
4) New Rarity- I realize that Starfoil rares and Ghost Gold Rares are all new rarities, but most people were annoyed with Starfoils and the Ghost Gold Rares are, well, so rare they are almost nonexistent. I think that a new rarity would be a good addition to a regular pack, not just a special set. Having alternate Rare colors would be great, like in the Duelist league cards. This would help drive pack sales as players could get all of one color or a set, players still get their cards at an increased value and collectors can collect whole new types of cards. I always did think that the alternate color rares were a great idea and should have had more done with them.
5) A Better Gold Series- Let's face it, Gold Series has never been a good value. Since the first one, you got a bunch of crap cards and a few good ones (or just one amazing one). This latest one was so bad that I bought one and tried to return it to the store. Seriously, I wanted my money back. Putting more of the Gold Rares in the set is of course the main focus, upping the ante to say 4 Gold Rares and 1 Ghost Gold with 20 regular commons would be a great idea. Gold Series is a great way to reprint older cards as well as introduce older ones. I myself would think that cards like Deep Sea Diva, Dragunity cards and so on would be great as commons and Golds. I don't know what the legal issues are with the Gold Sries, but the TCG has not had a drop dead amazing Gold Series since the one where Dark Armed Dragon was reprinted (GS3 I think).
6) Include The Players In card Design- I know that a while back (in TAEV days) they had a contest where people submitted card art for a chane to have it put on a card in a set. It was a great idea and we actually had some great cards come out of it (Dragon Ice, Tongue Twister). But there were a couple problems. The artists had no say in what the effect of the card was and it was only open to kids. I can appreciate the art part was only available to kids, because adults and teens get crazy where contests are concerned. But the effects that I have seen in the creat-a-card forums on many sites show me just how creative and original that players can be while designing cards. A contest for the best created card would be nice, and it could even be the next YCS promo card or even the runners up cards which would be creative, fun and most importantly, make the players believe that they have a true voice in the game that they love so much.
Well, that was a bit of a rant but its done now. Please mail me at alarbios@live.com if you have any questions, ideas or need some advice on a deck. I do feature reader decks every once in a while, so send me your best stuff! Please do not email Pojo, he gets angry when he gets my mail, and you won't like him when he's angry....
Thanks for reading!


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