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I Need a Hero!
By GeneralZorpa
November 30, 2012

He's Gotta Be Tall
One of the most successful decks of all time has got to be the Hero build. It has survived countless formats in various forms, mostly due to the fact that it has a great versatility and several different versions of the deck. The two most successful are the all out Hero Beat deck which makes multiple copies of Blade Armor Ninja to blitz a win, and the control build using Hero Blast and Gemini Spark to abuse Elemental hero Neos Alius. Both builds use the core cards of Miracle Fusion and Super Polymerization and generally Stratos and Neos Alius. But the deck is rather easy to stop, as if you can stop their Normal Summons then they have to pull a Miracle Fusion to beat you, and you usually can stop that pretty easily with most of the popular decks and the standard Trap and Spell lineup.
I do like the all out Hero Beat build, but it is flawed in that it requires you top play Bubbleman, an otherwise useless card as well as some other cards that just don't justify being played. Now I have been working tirelessly to test out two new themes for the deck. The first combines the Hero deck with Ninjas. This build was not as successful as it played too many situational cards like Super Transformation and the Heros did not reach their full strength there. The second build tried to combine it into an XYZ heavy deck that makes many different Rank 4 XYZ monsters each, able to play a different one each turn. That build is the one that I feel has the most chance to take on other decks and win.
It is a very aggressive deck, able to overcome many defenses, as well as exploit ,any openings in your opponents defenses consistently. And without further ado, her it is, Herosmith!
And He's Gotta Be Strong

3x Cyber Dragon
3x Heroic Challenger Extra Sword
3x Elemental Hero Wildheart
3x Goblindbergh

2x Summoner Monk

2x Rose, Warrior of Revenge

1x Elemental Hero Stratos




3x Miracle Fusion

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x E-Emergency Call

1x Reinforcement of the Army

1x Dark Hole

1x Heavy Storm

1x Monster Reborn

1x The Warrior Returning Alive

1x Book of Moon

1x Super Polymerization




2x Bottomless Trap Hole

2x Solemn Warning

2x Torrential Tribute

2x Mirror Force

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device


Extra Deck-15


2x Blade Armor Ninja

1x Heroic Champion Excalibur

1x Number 39: Utopia

1x Number 16 Shock Master

1x Number C39: Utopia Ray

1x Lavalval Chain

2x Elemental Hero the Shining

1x Elemental Hero Gaia

1x Elemental Hero Nova Master

1x Elemental Hero Escuridao

1x Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

1x Scrap Dragon

1x Stardust Dragon


And He's Gotta Be Larger Than Life!

The deck is actually surprisingly strong, able to make some amazing plays, especially with Excalibur. You XYZ into Excalibur and then send the materials to the grave to make room for a nice Miracle Fusion. The Traps are there to balance out the deck, as it needs some defense from other aggressive decks as well as to stop the combos of some. It is quite easy to build, although it can be very expensive. You might try to make this into a Hero Beat type of deck by including Elemental Hero Bubbleman instead of Wildheart. I prefer Wildheart since he can be a one man wrecking crew when stopped from being attacked. The deck can also be made into a standard Hero deck by including Neos Alius and gemini Spark
The deck that ends up wrecking this one the most is actually Lightsworn. Aside from the swarm aspect of Lightsworn, it is really Judgment Dragon that wrecks it, hence the standard trap lineup on an aggressive deck. Wind-Ups are about 50/50 in this matchup, as they often employ more defenses than other decks and can abuse Gravity Bind as well. Speaking of the Bind, you can easily use some very cool cards in this type of deck. Thunderking Rai-Oh actually works fairly well, as you are not using too many tutoring effects, and even King Tiger Wanghu can really trip up an opponent.


The deck is actually not that based around the Hero aspect of it, more abou tgetting those amazing Rank 4 XYZ monsters to the field. To help it out in this regard we have both Summoner Monk and Goblindbergh. Gobbie is in here to be a level 4 monster for the XYZ as well as Special Summoning another Warrior such as Rose, Extra Sword or Stratos. You can then XYZ into a super powerful Utopia, Blade Armor or even Lavalval Chain thanks to the effect of Extra Sword. Suddenly the Weak Lavalval Chain is a 2800 ATK powerhouse that you can abuse its effects with. With Rose you also get the Synchro monsters able to get into the fight, as well as adding a FIRE monster to make a Nova Master. A key Nova Master or Scrap Dragon can certainly turn the tide of battle easily, and worth the inclusion of Rose in my opinion.


The boosting effect of Extra Sword is considered an effect of the monster , so be careful when fighting Skill Drain variants, as these will negate its effect. The deck is fun, fast and can actually put some difficult wins up on the board from just smashing through an opponents cards. Then after the XYZ soften them up, you bring out a Hero Fusion to finish them off. I enjoy this deck because of the versatility of it. It can play a grinding game with Wildheart, Stratos and other Normal Summons as well as a Lightning game with the XYZ. And then it can play strong in the late game with Hero Fusions or use them to put the XYZ assault over the top.


I look forward to getting some feedback from you readers about this deck, as it is very near to my heart. Please email me with suggestions, ideas, questions or deck fixes and I will respond as best I can, you may even see your ideas or letter in an article of mine! Email me at alarbios@live.com and put Yugioh in the subject heading so I don't throw it out.


Thanks for Reading!






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