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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Picking Up The Shards
September 15, 2009

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend
It is no secret that the new banlist shook things up. Personally, I think that they took things way too far with it. On some things, however, they did it right, and one of them was the unbanning of D.D. Warrior Lady. There is no reason for her to be limited at all as of now, and there were a few cards that absolutely needed to be dealt with.
That actually got me thinking, how in the hell do I make a deck with 3 D.D. Warrior Lady in it and still manage to win games? The answer was actually present in Tomas Mijares' Middle City deck. The power of King Tiger Wanghu and Burden o fthe Mighty is a well known fact. It hoses Lightsworn to a degree Blackwings for sure and puts the hurt on Gladiator Beasts. The only problem with the deck is that it cannot really get reliably to Burden and Wanghu at the same time as anti-meta decks tend to not have the same speed as the mainstream decks, hence why they are anti-meta.
So I needed a deck that ran Wanghu, Burden and D.D. Warrior Lady and was as fast or faster than other decks that are out there. Immediately Thunderking Rai-Oh and Chaos Sorcerer come to mind. They are both steady and solid monsters and also have the ability to control the field well and their associated cards actually help to speed decks along without really losing their ability to hose other decks.
Thus, I put all of this information and ideas into my head, shook it up until it was well mixed and poured it out onto the computer screen. Though The original impetus for the deck, D.D. Warrior Lady, is not in it, she provided the inspiration for the general idea. Neither was Chaos Sorcerer, but I ran out of room even for him...This is the deck that came out in the end after much testing. The newest "City" deck, Forbidden City!
Forbidden City


3x Beast King Barbaros
3x Beast Machine King Barbaros Ur
3x King Tiger Wanghu
3x Thunderking Rai-Oh
3x Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive
2x Black Salvo
1x Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind
3x Forbidden Chalice
3x Book of Moon
3x Burden of the Mighty
3x Trade-In
2x My Body As A Shield
1x Giant Trunade
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Red Dragon Archfiend
1x Colossal Fighter
1x Thought Ruler Archfiend
1x Stardust Dragon
2x X-Saber Urbellum
1x Black Rose Dragon
1x Blackwing Armor Master
1x Ancient Fairy Dragon
1x Psychic Lifetrancer
1x Goyo Guardian
1x Gaia Knight Force of the Earth
1x Blackwing Armed Wing
1x Magical Android
1x Armory Arm
You're One Ugly Motha-
Yeah, the deck is VERY ugly on the surface. You have some nasty contradictions with Salvo and Wanghu, and a TON of Spell cards and almost no Trap cards. The deck should handle like a drunken Kuriboh, but it doesn't. I suppose that it is very much like the old Perfect Circle decks. They should not have worked with so much of the deck fighting itself all the time, but it actually flows quite smoothly in my testing.
Barbaros Ur is a BEAST, and not only in type. He can take down almost anything in the current game and basically from NOWHERE descend upon your opponent to make their life miserable. The card also does not HAVE to be Special Summoned, making him great as a Call of the Haunted target and he is still level 8, which means Trade-In can ditch him if you are in trouble.
The original Barbaros is still a beast. 1900 ATK is still pretty huge when you think about it and with a Chalice he becomes a surprise 3400 for a turn (he will still keep his 3000 ATK until he is removed from the field) and can really beat face. He is also the only other Beast Warrior besides Ur to use for Ur's effect. With Burden and Chalice backing him up, this guy WILL dominate the Battle Phase.
Wanghu is the soul of the deck. His effect will destroy opposing strategies, even without Burden. Pretty much, your opponent will not be able to keep a monster on the field long enough to harm you. This is a good thing, especially against Lightsworn, whose only answer at that point is Wulf into Celestia or a Judgment Dragon or Honest. Considering the amazing amount of destruction and protection the decfk offers and dealing with Wanghu is a lot easier said than done.
Thunderking is an all around good card. It prevents search effects like Sangan and Reinforcements of the Army, which can VERY good. He can also negate Special Summons, which is essential for any deck looking to control the explosive potential of many of the top-deck's monsters. His 1900 ATK also
allows you to beat face nicely, working well with both Barbaros and Wanghu.
Dekoichi is in here because he is a Dark Machine for Black Salvo as well as being an advantage engine. Anyway, he does not often get destroyed by Wanghu because he is flipp summoned most of the time. He also sports 1400 ATK, which is big enough to get in a lot of damage and beat face as far as monsters are concerned. He is also a target for Barbaros Ur's effect, meaning that he fulfills many purposes as well as doing everything a good card does.

Salvo is also here for Barbaros Ur as well as easily Summoning a level 7 SYnchro when used with Dekoichi in the graveyard. Originally this guy was used to Black Rose the field every other turn, using Dark Eruption to constantly bring him back. As BRD is at 1, this is less useful, but getting a Urbellum can be just as devastating, especially with Burden out.
Gale is just an all around GREAT card, and it allows for you to get over a bunch of cards that you otherwise would not be able to. He is also fulfilling the last Tuner slot, giving us even easier access to level 7 Synchros as well as boasting a decent 1300 ATK. He also gives us easy access to Armor Master, which is a key card in many matchups and can win games when backed up by Chalice and My Body As A Shield.
Hunter's Moon
The Spell lineup is far too complicated  to go over card for card, so I am going to try and explain it as best that I can without doing that. They screw with your opponent's strategy. Book of Moon and Chalice especially make your opponent's lives miserable. They pretty much mess up Gladiators like none other and can really help against Lightsworn.
Burden helps these cards out by shutting down the Battle Phase, and when backing up Barbaros, Ur or an Armor Master can really do some damage, especially against Glads. Trade-in helps to speed up the deck as well as getting rid of the inevitable dead Barbaros cards.
My Body As A Shield is one of the best cards in the game right now. Removal is at an all time high, and your opponent will be stunned when you pop this out in response to Mirror Force or Judgment Dragon. It can also negate Stardust Dragon as well, which is a real plus when that pain is eating you alive.
The rest of the spells and traps are pretty standard, removal as well as a bit of recursion.
When side decking for this deck, I would recommend that you side in Royal Decree, Swords of Revealing Light, Royal Oppression and Threatening Roar. The rest is up to you as the main body of the deck is really flexible.
Let's Go Find Our Friend
The deck does have some good and bad matchups, but fortunately, most of them are against the top decks (this is an anti-meta deck after all.
Versus Lightsworn
Against the most broken deck in the format, this deck does surprisingly well. Thunderking hoses the dek pretty well by negating Charge and Special Summons. Wanghu kills off Aurkus and Lumina outright and can take care of everything but Wulf, Celestia and Judgment Dragon with Burden out an dno Honest.
Chalice takes care of anything that Thunderking and Wanghu leave behind as well as providing surprise ATK bonuses. It can also negate Wanghu in a pinch. Barbaros and Ur do well here, as they can kill anything off provided Honest is not in the mixture. Being able to take out JD with a Chalice at your back is a REALLY good thing.
Book of Moon and My Body As A Shield disrupt opposing overextensions. Nothing is sweeter than blasting a JD or Celestia with MBAAS. Book also doe swell to negate the constant threat of Honest, which is really the only card that you need to fear excessively from the deck.
All in all it performs well, but can get a lot of dead hands. Considering the speed of Lightsworn, this makes it hard to even get on your feet from a bad hand. However, Black Rose Dragon does a lot to help with this, allowing you to nuke the field easily after an over-extension.
Versus Gladiator Beasts
This one is very elementary. Wanghu plus Burden just destroys the deck, as they cannot attack and most of tehir guys suffer instant death from Wanghu when summoned. My Body As A Shield  and Bottomless Trap Hole protect your monsters froom Gyzarus or any other Gladiator as well as putting them to their rather paltry DEF values.
Barbaros and Ur just become too big to attack, even when Barbaros is only at 1900. They also can be really nasty should the opposing person be playing Waboku, making it a hard choice to put out a vulnerable Murmillo to get rid of it. Chalice also hoses the deck, making tag-ins that much less productive and shutting down their basic mechanic.
This deck does alright against Gladiators, but can run into rought spots when Heraklinos is on the field. I wold recommend using Barbaros often here, even with Trade-In in hand, he just dominates the entire play field.
Versus Blackwings
This deck does the best against Blackwings. Blackwings cannot do anything without their monsters, and pretty much everything here keeps the Blackwing monsters under control. Book, Chalice, MBAAS, Bottomless and Burden make it ahrd to search out things with Black Whirlwind as well as stopping shenanigans like with Shura, Gale and Sirocco.
Thunderking rocks this deck. Only Sirocco and another card backed bu Kalut can get over him and you can negate Special Summons so easily it is a dream. Barbaros and UR are just too bug for many of the Blackwings to even Kalut over, so it becomes frustrating for them, and they will waste their Icarus Attacks for when they are least useful.
Against this deck things can get a little rocky when you give them too much leverage. This can happen with bad hands. If they do happen to swarm you up, don't panic. Barbaros and Burden work well together, and so many of the cards are good in many tough spots that you will have a hard time not finding time to play them.
I would side out the MBAAS's for some Trap Holes against this matchup, this will hit every Blackwing of note as well as help out in the other two major matchups as well.
Well, that is all from me, I have spent all of a day testing, perfecting and writing this article, so it is time for me and downown Davis to have some quality time. You can direct all of your emails to raptor1k@hotmail.com if you have any ideas, questions or comments.
I run tournaments in Davis every Sunday, pleas email me or pm me on the boards to find out more info!
Thanx for reading!




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