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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
The Unifying Force
June 9, 2009

The Day is Darkest Just Before the Dawn
Well, it has been a while since I had a chance to write. Finals, school, friends, family and girls have all kept me from doing what I do on this site. Anyway, I was looking through my binder, something I always do when looking for a topic, and came across this little gem known as Totem Dragon. Now this guy is like a Treeborn Frog an Dual Tribute Fodder in one card, but you have to only have Dragons in your graveyard. That is actually not a problem if you are only playing Dragons in the first place though.
Dragons have actually gotten a lot of help recently, with Totem Dragon, Strong Wind Dragon and Koa'Ki Meiru Drago being the main instigators of this trend. You combine this with all of the stuff that they had before and you actually have a deck that can actually do something against the biggest decks in the game.
So here is my variation on the Dragon deck with a few character tweeks you could actually make this deck pretty good, but I'll stick with fun for right now. Who doesn't love beating face with massive Dragons?
I'll Negate That And That And That And That.....

3x Light and Darkness Dragon
3x Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

2x Strong Wind Dragon

3x Totem Dragon
3x Koa'Ki Meiru Drago
3x Luster Dragon
3x Magna Drago
2x Blackwing-Gale the Hurricane
2x Foolish Burial
2x Burial From a Different Dimension
2x Mind Control
1x Brain Control
1x Smashing Ground
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Giant Trunade
1x Monster Reborn
3x Solemn Judgment
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Crush Card Virus
The Instrument of Doom
 Well the deck itself is pretty odd, there are really no targets for REDD besides Strong Wind and there are no natural targets for CCV. Well, the idea is pretty much to get the LADD+CCV combo off as soon as possible. Basically you negate your opponent's effects till the point that Light and Darkness has 800 ATK and can be tributed to CCV. You get rid of your weak Dragon and your opponent gets CCVed.
Darkness Metal is here because it can get Totem Dragon back for a tribute of Light and Darkness or to beat face with Koa'Ki Meiru and Luster Dragon. I do like Strong Wind Dragon, as it can actually get pretty big for a one-tribute monster, has piercing and is fairly hard to kill in battle. With a Tribute if even Totem Dragon that is 2600 ATK and with Luster or Drago that is 3850 which is near impossible to get over.
Totem Dragon is the heart and soul of the deck, allowing you to Tribute for Light and Darkness, Synchro or remove form play for Red Eyes Darkness Metal. Because of this card and REDD, the deck is very explosive, often catching people off guard as you can go from having no field to either an LADD field or a swarm of Dragons due to REDD.
Luster Dragon and Koa'Ki Meiru Drago are both high ATK level 4Dragons that can be used to beat face with. beaters are actually very underrated in the game right now. I seem to recall at a Shonen Jump a while ago there was a little kid who topped with a deck based around getting tons and tons of high ATK Normal Monsters to the field. Well, this deck doesn't do that, but it can swarm pretty well with these guys and the Drago's effect is not bad either. Be careful not to bring it out before you want to bring out LADD though, he will prevent it.
Magna Drago is the only Dragon Tuner, so it seems natural that in a deck that can actually Synchro pretty easily and needs Dragons we would use him. I actually broke down and put Gale in here, both to get rid of opposing Synchros but also to bring out Exploder Dragonwing, who is simply an amazing level 7 Synchro. Gale also gives us access to the entire level 7 lineup very easily. Gale is the only non-Dragon in the deck, so make sure that you do not have him in the graveyard when trying to use Totem Dragon.
Let's Light an Inferno!
The spells are pretty utilitarian and easy to use. No great tricks here. Foolish Burial sends Totem Dragon the the graveyard or any other Dragon that you need. Magna Drago is actually pretty viscious to send as you can Synchro out of nowhere with REDD. Usually it will either be Totem Dragon or Koa'Ki Meiru drago so that REDD can get them back.
Burial not only will retrieve Totem Dragon, butr also the Dragons that are removed from play due to the Special Summoning of REDD or by opponent's card effects. It can do amazing tricks with Totem Dragon and
can actually screw up an opponent's Gold Sarcophagus or DDR-Different Dimension Reincarnation, which is great.

With 5 Tuners in the deck, Mind Control is a no-brainer. You can use their monster to Synchro, get it out of the way for an attack or remove it from play with REDD if it happens to be that pesky Stardust Draon or any Dragon for that matter. This card does so much it is rather foolish not to play it in any deck that has more than a couple of Tuners as it can really swing things in your favor. Brain Control works the same way except that usually it is better for Tributing and attacking.
Smashing Ground does what it does best and kills anything you do not want in play. Getting direct attacks with this deck is the key to victory and the last 4 cards do that job admirably.
Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon and Giant Trunade all remove threats to your great behemoths. RFEmoving opposing copies of Skill Drain and Royal Oppression is always good as well. The deck is really vulnerable to mass removal like Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force, but especially to Crush Card Virus. These cards all take care of all that.
Monster Reborn goes in pretty much every deck. They can't give us back Premature Burial due to Arms Hole, so we get to play around with one of the most powerful cards in the game. YAY!
The Trap lineup is simple. Kill other things and prevent them from killing you. Traos are not essential to the deck, but it is noce to have the big bruisers around to help you even things up. Just be careful not to set too many, Light and Darkness Dragon will destroyyour own cards.
That is all for this article, I hope you are inspired to take another look at Dragons as a fun and maybe viable deck. You can always email me with decks, ideas or questions at raptor1k@hotmail.com and don't forget to put YGO inthe title or I will miss it.
Thanx for reading!



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