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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
New Talent
April 2, 2009

They're All over the Place!
Well, that certainly describes the Alien cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!. They are all over the place. They have differing attributes, effects and stats. The only thing that really ties them together is that they mostly all do something with A counters and are all Reptiles. They were largely ignored with a minor reflux for Venom decks. Now, however is their time to shine. It is a slower format where monsters stay on the field for longer than ever before, which is primes time to make all of your monsters weaker with counters.
This article is not going to give you a specific Alien build that you can build. The Aliens have so much support that it is exceptionally hard to create a deck with them at this point, especially when I am spending most of my time on Blackwings and Beasts. However, I figured out a few good plays and combos that can really devastate an opponent. In fact, with this deck in one game I synchroed 15 times. If that doesn't pique your interest I don't know what will.
Get Off My Ship!
The biggest support card that Aliens got in CRMS was not one of the headliners. Mysterious Triangle functions as both a kill spell as well as a search card. You can kill a monster with an A-counter and then Special Summon a level 4 Alien from your deck. This is so huge that I am opening my article with it. Imagine is Emergency Teleport did the same thing. It would have been banned instead of limited. The only trouble is that nobody knows what they have here.
Well, I am going to change that. Ideally, this card is offensive. You kill one of their cards and then Special Summon an Alien Warrior or Alien Shocktrooper to bash your opponent for damage. Even the demise of the Alien is not a bad thing. You now have an Alien in the graveyard for Alien Ammonite and the massive Synchro Summoning that he can do. The destroyed Alien also puts a counter on Code-A Ancient Ruins, setting yourself up for an ultimate combo.
This is the most versatile card that the Aliens have, however, it is REALLY hard to get an A-COunter on your opponent's cards. Gol'Gar and Alien Overlord make that possible, loading massive amounts of A-Counters to the field. That definitely supports this card being an aggro one. That is good though, as the Aliens have huge ATK strength in Shocktrooper, Mother, Warrior, Telepath, Hunter and Gangi' El so it is good to support an aggressive game with these cards.
Please Kill Me...
A Cell Scatter Burst is an amazing card for getting A-Counters to the field. Your Alien monsters are able to sacrifice themselves to unleash a cloud of little buggers on the opponent. Usually this will be 4 A-Counters, which is usually more than enough to get your strategy going. The key is to activate it in response to something. Chaining this card to CCV to get A Counters to the field is amazing, as your opponent will face a rough turn next turn if you have Alien Ammonite in your hand.
Scatter Burst also works in response to DAD's effect as well as anything else that would otherwise make your day bad. The thing with Alien Overlord is that you have to remove 2 A-Counters in order to Special Summon him. Sure you could Normal Summon him, but that is no fun. Scatter Burst makes sure that there are enough A-Counters to get your effects on Gol' Gar and Code-A Ancient Ruins going. Not to mention that it can easily set you up for your combo with Ancient Ruins, which I have yet to reveal to you. Patience, young one.
They Are Like a Plague...
Planet Pollutant Virus. Damn. They made multiple copies of a limited CCV for a single theme. basically, this card works amazingly well. It does not hit the hand, but it makes up for that fact by putting A-counters to the field. This is the main card that Aliens got that makes them playable. You tribute any Alien and you get a one-sided field nuke and furthering of your strategy. As if Aliens could not get any better.
Since it does not touch the hand, you might want to play the original virus, Crush Card Virus. You even have a good target in Alien Psychic. But that doesn't even begin to make the deck good. PPV is so much better for the Alien deck. Your goal is to put as many A Counters on the field as possible, and then exploit them with the amazing effects of your Alien cards. PPV does that with an amazing degree of effectiveness.
As if PPV wasn't enough, Aliens got another virus, Cell Exploding Virus. Now this is not as powerful as PPV, but CEV is powerful in it's own right. It functions as a themed Mirror force, something that we have seen in numerous other themes. However, this one is viable. This is especially good if you have just played PPV. All of your opponent's monsters will have A-Counters on them already, and you can proceed to smash them with another virus.
Game Over Man! Game Over!
The key combo to Aliens involves one of it's more obscure older cards with one of it's newer cards. You need at least 2 Aliens on the field, graveyard or hand, including at least one Alien Ammonite and one in the graveyard. You also need two A Cell Incubator cards and one Code-A Ancient Ruins with two A-Counters on the field. This seems really ahrd to set up, but with proper draw power and support, you can do this as early as turn 2.
Basically, you remove the two A-Counters from wherever to Special Summon the Alien from the graveyard. Then, each Incubator gets a counter for it's effect. You Synchro up into Gol'Gar and then repeat the process, as the Incubators get Counters whenever they are removed, even from themselves and Ancient Ruins can remove counters from anywhere so you have a n infinite loop of Synchro Summoning until you get what you need and destruction from Gol' Gar.
Now, it may seem really hard to do this, but your opponent is going to be really from multiple PPV and CEV activations, losing monsters at a horrendous rate. Couple this with some Battle Disruption in Threatening Roar and Swords of Revealing Light and your Aliens will live long enough to get what they need to do, done. Not to mention that you can throw in some Draw cards like Hand Destruction to filter the deck, as you don't mind if Aliens go to the graveyard anyway.
The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
Here is a list of the best of the Alien stuff so that you guys can look it up and make your own deck ideas. This article was meant to inspire excitement in the theme and I hope it has done just that.
A-Cell Scatter Burst
A Cell Incubator
Planet Pollutant Virus
Mysterious Triangle
Alien Kid
Cell Exploding Virus
Code-A Ancient Ruins
Alien Overlord
Alien Mother
Alien Shocktrooper
Alien Warrior
Alien Hunter
Alien Mars
Alien Psychic
Alien Grey
Destruction Cell A
Cosmic Fortress Gol' Gar
Cosmic Horror Gangi' El
Otherworld The A Zone
As Always you can reach me at raptor1k@hotmail.com if you have any Yugioh related questions or advice. I am not an SJC champ, but I have a lot of experience playing this game. Just be sure to put YGO in the title so that I will not look it over.
Thanx for reading!


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