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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Battery Buster
February 3, 2009

It Just Keeps Going and Going and Going......

Batterymen are good. No doubt about it. However, they need more time to set up than contemporary strategies such as Gladiator Beasts, Lightsworn and Tele-DAD. They are more like the old Monarch decks, but faster. Well, the thing that I learned about Batterymen was that they have a 3 card OTK. Cool Huh! Well, they only need to have 3 Batterymen on the field and then they can play their amazing kill spell, Short Circuit.

Traditionally, the way to get 3 Batterymen AA to the field was through Inferno Reckless Summon. This is still going to be the mode that we do the OTK, as it is a spell, allowing us to play it whenever a Batteryman AA would be Special Summoned. What is going to change is how the Batterymen AA's are going to be Special Summoned.

Batterymen have the most Special Summon cards of any themed type, even Zombies. It is not uncommon in a standard Battery deck to Special Summon 3 times in a turn through monster effects alone. That is some serious power. However, most of it is far too slow. A lot of it isn't even Special Summoning at all, but simply getting Batterymen back to your hand.

Battery Charger, a little known spell from TLM is going to be most of what we are going to Special Summon Batterymen AA with. Throw in some other trikcks and you have a deck that can OTK on a fairly consistent basis, and then have some power to slug it out with your opponent should they counter it with a well timed Threatening Roar.

Batteries Are Included


3x Batteryman Industrial Strength

3x Batteryman AA
3x Batteryman Micro Cell
3x Batteryman D
2x Marauding Captain
1x Sangan


3x Inferno Reckless Summon
3x Hand Destruction
3x Short Circuit
3x Battery Charger
3x Dark World Dealings
2x Foolish Burial
2x Recycling Batteries
2x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Monster Reborn


3x Threatening Roar

What a Shocker!

Now, this may seem like a bunch of mismatched cards, but trust me, it all has a plan. The basic idea is to Special Summon Batteryman AA, activate Inferno Reckless Summon, Special Summoning 2 more copies from your hand,deck or graveyard. All 3 of them in ATK position on the field means that they have 3000 ATK.

Then you play Short Circuit, which destroys all cards on your opponent's side of the field if you have 3 Batterymen on your side of the field. 9000 combined ATK from the Batterymen does the rest. The cards not used int his combo are acceleration or at least work with the acceleration.

Batteryman Industrial Strength is a fallback option should your initial attack fail. His ATK is huge and he can kill a bunch of card for just removing stuff and still attack. He can also be used to satisfy his own effect, so discarding copies is rarely a problem.

Batteryman AA is the win condition of the deck. If you can get 3 of him to the field in ATK position, you can fairly easily win the game on a clear field barring Gorz. He also works with all of the Battery support as well as acceleration.

Batteryman Micro Cell is your best opening play. He accelerates you to your cards when he is destroyed in battle and then when he flips up you get a Special Summon to the field. Batteryman D can block attacks and you can even dig Batteryman AA out so that you do not have to search for him anymore. All in all a solid card that rivals Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter in usefulness for a Flip Effect.
Marauding Captain might be an odd choice, but hear me out. When you Normal Summon him, you get to Special Summon a monster from your hand. This means that you can add Batteryman AA to the field as well as activate Inferno Reckless Summon to get as many Batterymen to the field at once. he can even create a lock with two copies, allowing you time to get your combo into play while your opponent tries to get out of the lock. He is searchable by Reinforcement of the Army and can be used with Hand Destruction and Dark World Dealings to accelerate your hand.
Batteryman D is just here as the only other Batteryman with decent stats. 1900 DEF is pretty good, and it can direct attacks away from your key cards like Batteryman AA and take a few hits. He will mostly be discard fodder for Hand Destruction and Dark World Dealings so that he can be revived with Recycling Batteries to take the edge off of the -1 cards that you will be playing a lot of.
Sangan can search out any card in the deck except for Industrial Strength. He is great as a first turn set along with Threatening Roar as a Celestia or Judgment Dragon/DAD play will only leave them reeling from your search and stopping all of their attacks. 1000 ATK is also great, as it can get you more damage should you need it, as there are precious few monsters in the deck with any ATK points on their own.
Power Plant Power!
The spells ar ethe key to the deck. They will thin the deck, Special Summon cards, search for cards as well as killing your opponent's field off for the OTK and just general setting up of the field.
Inferno Reckless Summon is one of the key spells that you have to get in order for you to go for the OTK. That is all it should do, as Special Summoning copies of Marauding Captain and Batteryman D are not nearly going to be as effective as bringing out Batteryman AA. It is pretty much a one-trick pony, but so necessary for the deck that we have it at 3 copies.
Hand Destruction is an enabler for the deck. It allows you to get to the game state where you have a way to Special Summon Batteryman AA, Short Circuit and Inferno Reckless Summon in your hand. This will usually be acheived by sneding AA to the graveyad through Hand Destruction's effect, so then all you need is Inferno Reckless Summon, Battery Charger/Monster Reborn and Short Circuit. This effect is so good, I am even playing a playset of Dark World Dealings, which further speeds up the deck, allowing you to get to the cards that you need asap.
Short Circuit wins games. You nuke your opponent's field if you have 3 Batterymen with the same name, kind of like the Des Croaking from that disastrous Frog deck. However, this card is far better, allowing you to set up an OTK that is huge, and rather snappy nuking all of your opponent's secret rares with your little commons.
Battery Charger is like a Premature Burial for Batterymen, but at a lesser cost and without that messy Equip mechanic. This is what is used most of the time to get Batteryman AA out of the graveyard, although Monster Reborn serves the same function, but for free. An ideal hand is this, Foolish Burial, Inferno Reckless Summon and Short Circuit, so we play as many copies as possible in order to reach that game state.
Foolish Burial is your backup plan to get Batteryman AA into the graveyard. It allows you to discard the useless monster from your deck so that you can concentrate on drawing the other spells that you need to get the OTK going. It can also be used to combo with Recycling Batteries to fetch any Batteryman from your deck. Neat huh?
Recycling Batteries allows you to get back some of the advantage that you have lost by playing Hand Destruction, Dark World Dealings and Foolish Burial. It can also be combod with Foolish Burial in order to search out any Batteryman and add it to your hand, which is always a nice thing to know.
Reinforcement of the Army does one thing, search out Marauding Captain for the Special Summon of Batteryman AA. As he can also create a lock, Reinforcements is at 2 to fetch the other one. As it is a tutor, you also get to thin the deck of one more card, making it more likely that you will draw the one that you need in order to win.
Threatening Roar just stalls until you get the cards that you need. When combined with Sangan, they make an effective defense against pretty much any play that other decks can make. It stops an opponent's OTK or massive swing and can really foul an opponent up.
Shut Down! Shut Down!
Of course there are some serious threats to this deck. Stardust Dragon is the main one, as he can completely kill your strategy by negating Short Circuit. Fortunately, you will have at least 3 3000 ATK monsters on the field by that time, so if Stardust was alone you can start to swing with your other cards for game. Of course, Stardust is rarely alone, but fortunately, neither is Short Circuit. We play the required 3 copies for the deck, so you can play a Short Circuit even after your opponent negates the first one.
Threatening Roar and Waboku also shut you down pretty good, forcing you to pretty much end the Battle Phase and allow your opponente a comeback move. Fortunately, you have your own Threatening Roars to stop your opponent's attacks. You can also just do the OTK all over again, as many as 3 times so you have no real limit on the amount of destruction you can wreak upon your opponent.
Royal Oppression just shuts this deck down cold. If you cannot Special Summon, you cannot win the game. I would recommend siding Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade, Mystical Space Typhoon and Spiritualism in order to get rid of it for your OTK. They are not included here as your opponent will likely not have them in their opening couple of hands, so you can take advantage of that and destroy your opponents even before they can do anything to you.
The cost is also not a major factor here. 6 holos that are worth less than a dollar and commons an rares all will put this deck at less than 15 dollars, something that even penny pinchers cannot complain about. The problem is going to be actually finding the cards. Not very easy as TLM is not really in style right now, so people may not have it at all. Inferno Reckless summon is fairly easy to get, as is DWD. Hand Destruction is probably the hardest to get, as it is actually seen as a good card.
As always, contact me at raptor1k@hotmail.com in order to get in touch with me about anything YGO related, EXCEPT FOR THE FREAKING FROG DECK!!!!! Now I feel better.
Thanx for reading!



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