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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Lineage of the Sacred Crane
February 24, 2009

Polly Want A Cracker?
Well, here I am with another brainstorm from the wee hours of the morning. This feels good right now, and actually could be some fun, but please don't hesitate to tell me it's just trash. Well, one of my favorite cards in the game is a card called the Sacred Crane. 1600 ATK 400 DEF are not too shabby for a combo card. A LIGHT Winged Beast is actually almost no help here, as a DARK monster would have been far superior.
Now, his effect is when he is Special Summoned you Draw a card. A kind of dumbed-down version of Destiny Hero Disc Commander if you ask me. The reason that I am bringing this guy up is because of a deck I had a little while back before the start of the DAD Return format called Creator Turbo. It basically used Fusilier Dragon, The Creator and Airknight Parshath as targets for Monster Gate and Reasoning. As the levels of the monsters were so varied, they would often guess wrong on Reasoning anyway. Sacred Crane was in as revival fodder for The Creator as well as Reasoning and Monster Gate that netted you a 1600 beater and a free card.
We cannot go anywhere near that deck as Reasoning and Monster Gate are so limited they can't even sneeze without the feds saying "God bless you". So, we will have to find an alternate way to abuse our bird friend. The card that instantly jumps to mind is Destiny Hero Dasher, who will Special Summon the Crane when you draw it in your Draw Phase. DDR-Different Dimension Reincarnation is a good choice as well, since the Crane gets it's effect when it is Special Summoned from anywhere.
So, after much deliberation, I have completely dropped the idea of the Sacred Crane. There are far too few cards to really use with it to make it effective. I just wanted to show you guys the way my thoughts floated at this time. It made me think of the cards that I used in that Creator Turbo. Most of which are now defunct, like Dark Magician of Chaos and Destiny Hero Disc Commander. But now, I reveal the second incarnation of Creator Turbo, the DARK Creator Turbo!
I Want It Painted Black!
3x The Dark Creator

3x Destiny Hero Dasher
3x Fusilier Dragon the Dual Mode Beast
3x Darknight Parshath
1x Jinzo
3x Destiny Hero Diamond Dude
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
1x Krebons
1x Plaguspreader Zombie
1x Elemental Hero Wildheart
2x DDR-Different Dimension Reincarnation
2x Destiny Draw
2x Allure of Darkness
2x Lightning Vortex
2x E-Emergency Call
2x Dark World Dealings
2x Dark Core
1x Reinforcement of the Army
1x Monster Reborn
1x Reasoning
1x Monster Gate
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Trunade
Now I know that a ton of you are now thinking "Man, that GZ guy must be on crack!". First, I'm not your guy, buddy and second, I only do crack on the weekends. Hear me out. The Dark Creator is a slightly better version of the original Creator. He loses his ability to Special Summon from Reasoning, but gains the ease of Summoning him through his effect. As all but 2 of the monsters in the deck are DARK, Summoning him should be pretty simple.
Dasher is the ugly stepchild of Destiny Heroes. Nobody has wanted to play with him, that is until Malicious got put on time-out for being naughty. Getting the most out of your Discards, especially for Destiny Draw, is essential to how you would play this deck. He will allow you to Special Summon Fusilier Dragon, Darknight and Jinzo as well as every monster except for the Dark Creator. He can also get pretty huge himself.
Fusilier Dragon is a once-in a lifetime effect. They will never print a card as versatile as this guy with so many different ways to abuse his effect. I wanted to run Mind Master in this deck simply to Synchro with this guy. However, it is not to be (silly Konami for limiting Emergency Teleport). He is still a 2800 beater that you can Normal Summon in a pinch as well as a DARK monster. He will be your main Battle soldier, as he is almost always expendable or Summoned through cheap means.
Darknight Parshath is Airknight's emo cousin. He can certainly get bigger than Airknight, but you have to make him smaller in order to draw cards and he loses the Piercing ability. But for that we get Graveyard control as well as a solid level 5 monster to abuse with Reasoning. As half of the deck are monsters, getting cards to fuel his ability should be a piece of cake. he will help you to draw yur deck along as well as being a decent beater when the time comes.
Jinzo is a little but of an odd choice here. He will work exceedingly well at the beginning of the format where he canlock down opposing defensive options. Basically he is the Green light so that you can do your OTK. Barring Honest and Necro Gardna, you will be able to attack without fear, as Lightning Vortex takes care of the monsters in your way. I think we will be seeing a lot more of the Android Psycho Shocker in the future, so grab those Anniversary Packs while you can!
Diamond Dude is a good choice here, as he can really get his effect going with 18 great Normal Spells to choose from. The best part about this guy is that nearly all of the cards that he can get become better when grabbed by his effect. Destiny Draw is of course your favorite target, but Dark World Dealings, Lightning Vortex, Dark Core and Monster Gate all become so much better when they are activated for free and cannot be negated.
Krebons and Plaguspreader are here for Synchro Summmons. Plaguespreader is especially good, as he can be reused something like 15 times with this deck so you can force through a cloud of Synchros in order to win the game if your revival engine fails. DDR allows you to bring him back from the removed pile and The Dark Creator can get him back a TON of times with his effect. Then Darknight Parshath removes him to be brought back with DDR. NICE!
Stratos and Wildheart are both here as attackers as well as E-Heroes for E-Call. Wildheart is a great attacker to test the waters with, as you will instantly see whether or not the face-down cards are bluffs or not. Stratos is great as he can search out the Destiny Heroes as well as Wildheart and thins your deck easily.
Spell Shenanigans
The spell so fthe deck do many things, but mostly they dump monsters, kill monsters, kill traps and Special Summon monsters. mostly the last one. A great many of them are fine to be played on their own, but almost all of them get better if you hit them with Diamond Dude.
I cannot go over all of the spell choices in one article, as that would take forever, and I am soooo tired right now. But I will go over several of the choices that many people would not know.
Dark Core I recently went over and berated for not being a trap. Well, it is just fine where it is. Diamond Dude hits it and you can discard useless cards from your hand in order to play it and remove opponent's options with a Caius-like effect. I actually really think that this is a solid card, so it is a solid addition to this deck.
Reasoning and Monster Gate are really the best cards to draw into in your opening hand. They will thin your deck tremendously as well as Special Summon key cards like Jinzo and Fusilier Dragon as well as adding more DARK monsters to your graveyard for the DARK Creator. They are not the heart and soul of the deck, but they really help you out a ton if you can get to them pretty much at any time.
Lightning Vortex is always a card that is in and out of competitive play. It is a "balanced" Raigeki and we can see that it is powerful without being broken. It is excellent when hit by Diamond Dude and will often be the field clearer before the big push that will often win you the game. It is an ultimate comeback card, so there are really only a few times you would not want to draw it.
That is all from the spells side.
I do think that this deck can be really good in the early format to come, so hoard those Dark Creators and random DARK stuff so that you can build one of the fastest decks in the game!
You can reach me at raptor1k@hotmail.com for anything YGO related, and be sure to put YGO in the title so that I don't throw your email out.
Thanx for reading!



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