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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
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January 5, 2009

Dante Just Blew His Peak
It is very rare that you can take an old strategy and give it new life based on a shift in the game. But we are able to do that with actually a few strategies nowadays. Fairies, Plants, Gladiators and more can be counted on as some of the top contenders in the game right now. But I am talking about going waaaaay back to a deck that had everyone's attention at one point during the good old Monarch days.
That deck is Volcanics. Wait, all of those quasi-burn monsters with the horrible support cards? Yeah, well I was looking at my playset of Volcanic Rockets that I got so long ago at the FOTB Sneak Peak. An instant +1 for a summon is amazing. Breaker the Magical Warrior, Elemental Hero Stratos, Monarch Monsters and even the once fearsome Gadgets are all able to gain you advantage just by playing them. Volcanic Rocket itself is more like the Gadgets as it can only search out two specific cards, Blaze Accelerator and Tri-Blaze Accelerator.
As it stands, Tri-Blaze is not really playable. It is superior to Blaze Accelerator in every way, but it is just not gonna make it in the competetive scene. So why would a 1900 Beatstick that can only search out a wimpy spell card be of any use to anyone? The first is that it is a 1900 beatstick. He can take down the other common opening play of Stratos or Garoth in a heart beat. The second is that it is a +1. Games are rarely won on a +1 alone, but they certainly don't hurt.
The other card that is the hallmark of Volcanic decks is Volcanic Shell. He is able to continuously reload your Blaze Accelerator, allowing you to blast monsters that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. Any additional Shells that you launch after the first one would be a +1 with the added bonus of taking out cards from your deck. Pot of Avarice and Transmigration Prophecy can even load two Shells back to your deck for another swing.
So as all of this was going through my sleep-deprived brain at 1 am I started putting the pieces together in what is actually on of the best anti-meta decks that I have ever built. Check it out.
3x Vanity's Fiend
1x Goka the Pyre of Malice
3x Volcanic Rocket
3x Volcanic Shell
3x Volcanic Counter
2x Elemental Hero Neos Alius
2x Rose, Warrior of Revenge
1x Snipe Hunter
1x Sangan
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
2x Reinforcement of the Army
2x Wildfire
1x Blaze Accelerator
1x Card Trader
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Brain Control
1x Monster Reborn
3x Royal Oppression
3x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1x The Transmigration Prophecy
1x Torrential Tribute
Spock's Cards
I am only going to go over a few of the cards in the deck, mostly to explain how they work in the whole scheme of the deck. And for those of you wondering, Spock is a Vulcan, get it? Nevermind...
The first stop for monsters is with Vanity's Fiend. While Royal Oppression is very good at eliminating threats, oftenimes it is harder to kill a 2400 ATK monster than a spell or trap card. While Heavy Storm, Giant Trunade, Dust Tornado and Mystical Space Typhoon can all kill a monster, most of the monster destruction is through battle or by monsters that are Special Summoned. Vanity's Fiend knocks them all down a notch. Pretty much the only way to kill a Fiend wen it goes to the field is with Honest or a Single Tribute monster with higher ATK points. Although it can still be removed by Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and the like, it is a pwoerful tool to keep your opponent off of the field.
Next up is Goka, the Pyre of Malice. This is not only just a 2200 Special Summon beater, it can easily get excess copies of Volcanic Shell and Volcanic COunter to their rightful place in the graveyard just from Special Summoning it. To top it off, it is a token machine, producing a fireball token to either Synchro with, Tribute or to Sacrifice to Goka's ATK boost effect. 2700 from one Tribute can easily take down all but the toughest monsters in battle and of course added Tributes add more ATK.
Here we have one of the Lynchpins of the deck, Volcanic Rocket. Rocket not only has an impressive starting stat of 1900 for a one tribute monster, it can get you a +1 by searching out Blze Accelerator, accelerating your deck. The bonus to this is that it can search out an Accelerator when it is Special, Normal or even Flip Summoned. As if that wasn't enough, you get an Accelerator from either your graveyard or deck, allowing you to always be able to grab one. This guy will be one of your main attackers, along with Neos Alius and Stratos so that you can beat down an iced opponent. Not to mention that the art of a bony flaming pterodactyl is awesome.
Volcanic Shell is one of the major contributors to the success fo this deck. It can be searched with Sangan and then discarded for Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Blaze Accelerator, Lightning Vortex and Snip Hunter for instant advantage after you use it's effect. Also, it can combi with Card Trader to get a +1 off of a draw every turn. you activate the Shell, searching out another from your deck. Then, next turn, you put the Shell back into your deck with Card Trader in order to draw another card. Then you search out the Shell again and repeat every turn. Twice if you have two Shells in the graveyard. Kinda nice....
Volcanic Counter is one of the maligned super rare cards from PTDN. You can easily us eit here though. Forcing an opposing Solemn Judgment is great for this deck, as you can then force an opponent to remove the Counter, or they will be unable to attack you because of the Counter. An average attack nowadays is about 1800. After a single activation of Solemn Judgment, they are at 4000, forcing an opponent to think very wisely about how they are going to proceed with spending their lifepoints. It is ideal discard fodder, and even looks pretty cool too.
The Elemental Hero monsters are here for deck thinning as well as a boost to the otherwise paltry ATK of the rest of the deck. It is almost an ideal opening play to play Stratos and search for Alius, allowing you to thin your deck as well as not announce too much your agenda for the deck. You can also combo them very nicely with Card Trader, so that you can turn an almost useless Alius into a game-changing Lightning Vortex. This is also support for the other warrior in the deck, Rose, Warrior of Revenge.
Rose is the Tuner behind the deck. She will combo with most of the monsters in the deck to make a gamebreaking Synchro when you need it. Even though your own cards can negate her from doing her job, it is not always going to be prudent nor possible to have a Fiend or Oppression active. Access to Synchro monsters allows you to keep the pressure on as they continue to control your opponent's monsters. She is searchable by Reinforcements as well as being a FIRE monster, allowing Volcanic Counter to do it's thing.
Magic Lava
There are very few Spell cards in the deck, as it prefers to use Trap cards as well as monster effect sin order to win the game. There are no Draw spells for volcanic cards, so it is actually a cinch to take out the spell dependant lineups of the top decks.
Wildfire is often a sending from the almighty. It is rather situational, but the ability to turn a bad situation into a good one is never bad to pass up. It not only clears the field, but you get a token to attack with next turn as well as possible tribute fodder for Goka and Fiend. The best part is that it is a Quickplay Spell, meaning that you can get around it's effect that you cannot attack by just activating it on your opponent's turn, ideally during their Battle and End phases when they can do little to stop it. This is the panic button for the deck, allowing to to halt those unstoppable hordes that can sometimes be unleashed upon you.
Blaze Accelerator is a key card for the deck, allowing you to get a +1 with Rocket, kill monsters by discarding Pyros and wiping the field with Wildfire. Only one copy is needed as Rocket can search it out from your deck or graveyard, meaning that you will always have one on hand. If it does get removed by an opponent siding D.D. Crow or the like, you can always side deck an extra copy. There is nothing else to say about this card, except that it is a hammer when you need it and a bomb when you don't.
Card Trader allows you to turn your otherwise dead cards into live ones. Volcanic Shell, Volcanic Counter, Elemental Hero Neos Alius and Blaze Accelerator can all become dead cards. Card Trader can make them live again. Combod with Volcanic Shell with 2 in the graveyard, you can draw 2 cards per turn just by paying 1000 lp. Kinda nice. Only one copy is included, as it could very easily itself become a dead draw.
Lightning Vortex is essential for the deck. As Gadgets found out, even though you might have more cards than your opponent, you won't necessarily win the game. Lightning Vortex turns those extra cards into clear field, allowing those 1900 smacks by Rocket and Alius actually mean something.
Trapped! Trapped Like Lava Rats!
The Trap lineup is very simple. They stop your opponent fromestablishing field rpesence with their monsters. Most of them have been done to death already, so I will only say that every trap in the entire deck goes and either gets rid of a monster or helps you to control the opponent. Torrential Tribute especially is useful, combining with the other field clearers to make up for the deck's lack of a legendary dragon.
Well, I am going out to enjoy my New Years right now, but here is all of hte info you need to contact me. raptor1k@hotmail.com is where I reside should you have any questions about Yu-Gi-Oh!, this deck or whatever else you need help with. I am keeping  my secrets on getting girls though, so don't ask!
Thanx for reading!


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