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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
I Frog You To Death!

January 28, 2009

One of my favorite cards in the game is Froggy Forcefield. It has the best name, art and at least a decent effect. I have been waiting for a time to put this card into a deck. The time has come. CRMS comes out in a month, and it packs with it a pair of forceful frog friends that can turn the game on it's head. They are Fiendish Wisdom Frog and Flipped Frog. These froggies will certainly give fiendish frog fans something to celebrate, but as of now, they are unavailable to us :(
So what do we do? We make the best of it and trudge on. A version of this deck with the FWF will be made after CRMS is released, but I feel it would be unfair to the deck to show you how good it will become without you seeing how good it already is. The key is Substitoad. It always was. It is the best form of support that the frog deck has, able to search out ANY Frog. When was the last time that a card could search for any monster just with a tribute? Oh yeah, Lonefire Blossom! And that cute flower is used in one of the top decks in the game right now.
So how can frogs win? Wetlands when combined with Unifrog are nice, but they won't win you the game. Beelze Frog is a joke as a win condition, as he is more of a brawler. Des Frog is nice, but 1900 is not going to win you the game on a tribute monster. So how do you do it? Des Croaking is the answer, as it always has been. So, we use the plethora of WATER and frog support to put together a deck that uses Des Croaking as a Win Condition. Great. Now how do you get three level 5, 1900 ATK almost useless frogs to the field to activate it?
3x Des Frog


3x Beelze Frog
3x Poison Draw Frog
3x Substitoad
3x Mother Grizzly
1x Sangan
1x Treeborn Frog
3x Salvage
3x Hand Destruction
3x Fires of Doomsday
3x Des Croaking
2x Pot of Avarice
1x Scapegoat
1x Giant Trunade
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Solemn Judgment
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Froggy Forcefield
1x Mirror Force
Kiss A Frog, Make a Prince!
In case you couldn't figure out the combos, h
ere is a brief summary. You use Hand Destruction and Salvage to sift through your deck until you get to Des Croaking, Scapegoat (or two copies of Fires of Doomsday) and Substitoad. Hand Destruction will send your little frogs to the graveyard, but Salvage will get them back, effectively turning the combo into a sifting card. Not efficient, but fun. You then set Scapegoat/Fires and a throwaway monster, just to let them think you have a bad hand.
They kill the monster, probably deal some damage and then at the end of the turn, you spring your Fires/Scapegoat. You then Summon Substitoad, tributing a token to bring out Poison Draw Frog. Tribute that Frog to bring out another, and you draw a card. Rinse and repeat until you have run out of Draw Frogs and start to brin
g out your Des Frogs. You can also use Pot of Avarice to continue the combo, as you will likely have 5 monsters in the graveyard, and then basically draw 5 cards for free.
At this point you should have 3 Des Frogs a Token and the Substitoad. You tribute the last token to bring out Beelze Frog and the Substiatoad to bring out another. Play Des Croaking and voila! Instant OTK. Of course, Solemn Judgment and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast ruin your day, but Giant Trunade and Heavy Storm save the day, wiping out opposing traps.
Just in case you DO get stopped somehow, you can use Pot of Avarice to shuffle your Des Frogs back into the deck to bring them out with Substitoad all over again! In fact, even if they do Solemn a Des Croaking, you should have drawn enough that you have another, especially if Pot of Avarice is in the mix. Of course, you will only be able to run this through twice, so choose carefully. You can decide to add another PoA if you wish, but
I find it is too much of a dead draw anyway.
I've Got a Frog In My Throat!
And what a frog it is. Here is the usual place where I go over what the cards do for the deck, so if you want to skip down to the fun part I will hold it against you.
Des Frog-This is the muscle behind the deck. 1900 attacking directly is no joke, so if you can combine it with three others you're in business. Outside of the combo he is kind of useless, so discarding him to the graveyard for recursion to the deck with Pot of Avarice is a must. 
Beelze Frog is the only frog that has decent ATK points. As if 1200 is decent. But it is enough for the combo. He is a little bit more useful than Des Frog, but not by much. He is a combo piece, nothing more.
Poison Draw Frog-Now here is the enabler for the deck. His draw effect combined with Substitoad allows you to draw 2 cards essentially for free (the third is covering the Scapegoat/Fires cost). If you can combo him with Pot of Avarice, you can draw a whopping +4 in a single turn. NICE! He is not good at defending though, so he is best left in the deck for Substitoad, just like his big brothers.
Substitoad-This is the card that makes the deck go round. He can fetch ANY frog, and he will get so much better when Fiendish Wisdom Frog comes out. He allows you to search out draw frogs, death frogs and creepy blue and red frogs as well as winged and haloed frogs. The one thing he cannot search out is himself, but Sangan and Mother Grizzly can search him out, which is the only reason they are in the deck in the first place. A 3 of is a must. Not to mention that he has 2000 DEF as a solid stat and prevents your frogs from dying in battle. Sweet.
Mother Grizzly-This card only search
es out Substitoad. There is nothing else to it. Only in EXTREME circumstances should you search out anything else, although it can be used to get any frog in the deck except for Death Frog. She is also fodder for Salvage and Substitoad, so she is not that useless. I will probably swap a couple copies of her out for Fiendish Wisdom Frog when it comes out.

Sangan searches out Substitoad and nothing else. plain and simple.
Treeborn Frog is here to up the awesomeness factor as well as be a frog that you would
n't mind being in the graveyard. You can even do a pit stop along the way to getting PDF and get this guy into the graveyard as well. He works with Salvage as well as being more free tribute fodder for Substitoad in a pinch. I would probably run three if they let me, but they won't..... :(
Frogs Legs jumping About!
Hand Destruction-This is your draw card. You discard excess frogs while sifting through your deck. It combos with all of the frogs and Salvage, so that you can replace the advantage that you lost by activating it. However, you just might want to leave the monsters in the graveyard for Pot of Avarice...
Salvage-This card allows you to get back discarded frogs as well as Substitoad, and mitigates the cost of Hand Destruction. I might actually cut a copy of this for Pot of Avarice, since it is so essential for the combo. However, it can get back all but 4 monsters in the deck, so it is a must for play.
Fires of Doomsday is kind of a poor stand-in for Scapegoat. You cannot pull off an OTK with this card, but it will allow you to combo with Substitoad for draws as well as thinning your deck or even acting as a defense should your OTK fail.
Des Croaking is the key card for the deck. It nukes the opposition so that you can get in the ol' OTK. Usually it will get Solemned, but you have other copies, and Giant Trunade and Heavy Storm should clear enough out to get you the opportunities that you need.
Pot of Avarice-This card allows you to get more draw power while setting up your deck with frogs for Substitoad. I originally thought of it more as a bonus card, but it has tested to be a real mover and shaker in the deck, so I may put it back at 3. The most important thing it does though, is to get Des Frog back into the deck for the OTK.
Scapegoat-This is the other piece of the OTK puzzle, allowing you to have monsters on the field for tributing for frogs. Fires of Doomsday can do it, but not as well, so it is imperative that you get to this card, as it is 1 unsearchable card among 40. Once you have it, wait until you are sure you can OTK, as you may not get another shot...
Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon and Giant Trunade all do the same thing, getting opposing spell and trap cards out of the way for Des Croaking. Even Phoenix Wing Wind Blast can ruin your plans so it is imperative that your opponent's back row be cleared. Solemn Judgment is your biggest worry, although if they play it, you will have an easier time OTKing.

Solemn Judgment does what it has always done in decks; stop stuff you don't want to happen. There is a lot that can go wrong in this deck, so a Solemn at your back is a nice thing to have. It is best used offensively, to stop other Solemns and defensive traps. You could be taking a lot to the nose when you are setting up your combo, but the cost actually lessens as you get lower in lifepoints, which is nice.
Torrential Tribute, Mirror Force and Froggy Forcefield all work to keep your opponent's monsters off of the field. In fact, a good Torrential is often key to getting Scapegoat off safely. Mirror Force and Froggy Forcefield both keep your own monsters on the field while ridding the game of your opponent's. They are not chainable, but your opponent will not likely see it coming.
Genetically Altered Frogs Are the Best Kind
As I have said countless times, the game becomes stale and boring when you just netdeck what people have on the internet. You need to make it your own. This deck is no exception. Change it all you like, but be sure to give me props when you win that SJC. Just kidding, I don't think it will win an SJC, but local, just maybe.
But back to the matter at hand. There were a number of cards that I considered for inclusionin the deck but didn't make the cut due to size restriction or I felt that they weren't warranted. Here is a list if you wouls like to give some of them a try.
Threatening Roar
Lightning Vortex
Pot of Avarice
The Transmigration Prophecy
Magical Stone Excavation
Dark World Dealings
Creature Swap
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
Dark Bribe
All of these cards are worthy of consideration when building the deck, but you may consider them worthy of inclusion. Just keep in mind that this is a fun deck, it might be comepetive, but don't let that stop you from having fun along the way.
That is it for this articl. raptor1k@hotmail.com is where I'll be if you have questions, ideas, problems or anything YGO related.
Thanx for reading!

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