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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
The Perfect Storm

January 26, 2009

This One Storm Is Going To Change The Face Of Our Planet!

Well, maybe not the planet, but the Yu-Gi-Oh! world will certainly be feeling it if I can get the deck to work right. You all know that I am a BIG fan of WATER decks, so for those of you who only play CC decks and have no innovation in you whatsoever, go back to humping your $2000 deck. For those of you who would like a shot at taking out that $2000 dollar deck with one that costs less than $100, stick around.

It is no secret that bouncing effects and spinning effects are very strong in the game now. Bouncing or spinning a synchro is as good as killing it, as your opponent has no way to access it. Even spinning or bouncing Dark Armed Dragon at the right time can be game-breaking. The effects are not so good against Lightsworn, as they will simply re-summon Judgment Dragon, but the Ligthsworn are seeing less and less play. Zombies really hate bouncing effects, as ZOmbie Master does not activate if he is removed from the field like Lumina, so you can force your opponent to lose htier critical Normal Summon. Not to mention that it can disrupt critical Synchroing by returning a dead Plaguespreader back to the hand.

Of course, you need time to set this all up, as most of the good bouncing effects that we will be using are from set monsters. Fortunately, the Standard Tele-DAD deck has no way to remove facedowns without DAD. Coolio! So if we can negate DAD, we can bounce and spin as much as we like while poking for damage. Hmm, a nice idea to be sure, but a summoned Stratos will simply give our opponent more answers each time we bounce it. So, we need to play big guys as well.

With this in mind, I built the following deck to abuse bouncing, spinning and just general rudeness to your opponent's strategy.

Buried Treasure


1x Levia-Dragon Daedalus
1x Raiza, The Storm Monarch

3x Warrior of Atlantis
3x Abyss Soldier
3x Penguin Soldier
3x Nightmare Penguin
2x Mother Grizzly
2x Yomi Ship
1x Sangan


3x Salvage
2x A Legendary Ocean
1x Brain Control
1x Monster Rebron
1x Giant Trunade
1x Mystical Space Typhoon


3x Royal Oppression
3x Compulsory Evacuation Device
3x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
3x Solemn Judgment
1x Mirror Force

Madness! Sheer Madness!
Well you will be looking at this deck thinking that it is never going to win. There is no draw power, no bomb dragon and no way for you to Synchro. Well, the deck is supposed to take the game to a slower level, so generic draw power is just dumb. There is a bomb dragon in Daedalus, but he is rather situational and without the dramatic effect of JD or DAD. There is also no decent WATER Tuner or Synchro. That little normal one fromthe structure deck doesn't count and Brionac has not been released outside of Japan yet.
Basically the ideal opening is to set a Penguin Soldier or Nightmare Penguin, a Compulsory evacuation Device and a Royal Oppression. You might want to add Solemn Judgment in there to deal with the all too real threat of Heavy Storm. The Penguin and Compulsory will deal with any monsters that you may encounter, and there is nothing more fun than spinning a Malicious or a Krebons back to their hand, leaving the other card hanging in limbo.
I did leave the deck at 41 cards (blasphemy!) because I just couldn't bring myself to cut Mirror Force (also blasphemy). Mirror Force is all too good right now. Removal is at an all time low, so Mirror Force should be able to be activated. At worst it is a shiny Threatening Roar and at best it is Raigeki. So, a card that good should really help out a supposedly crappy deck like this one.
The Players
Levia Dragon Daedalus is our bomb. He hits the field and nukes stuff. Of course you have to have 2 tributes and a Field Spell, but that is what it used to be required to clear the field with a monster. 2600 ATK is really nice, but not epic, so only one copy is included.
Raiza the Storm Monarch is in here to continue with our theme of spinning and bouncing. 2400 ATK is going to be a God when Special Summons are negated, plus he wil retard your opponent's darw, meaning that they will rarely draw out of their bad situation.
Warrior of Atlantis is going to be one of the Main Attackers for the deck. His 1900 ATK (2100 with ALO or NP) is high enough to get the job done. His search effect is also nice, as deck thinning out those otherwise useless ALO's prevents bad draws in the future. He is a solid WATER monster and a good companion to other cards in the deck.
Abyss Soldier is what we had when Snipe Hunter wasn't around. 1800 ATK is huge on it's own. He is also the only monster that has a continuous built in bouncing effect. The discard cost is mitigated by Salvage, as you can get back Penguins, Bears and Ships to discvard with both PWWB and Abyss Soldier. If you need to get that Thought Ruler Archfiend off of the field RIGHT NOW, this guy is the card that you use.
Penguin Soldier is one of my all-time favorite cards. Clearing out 2 monsters from a simple Flip effect is HUGE. You can also get some combos going, returning himself (if you flip him yourself) or another monster you control to your hand to keep them safe or to re-use their effects. Breaker and Stratos would be good to bounce back to your hand, but we don't run them here. He is also Special Summonable by Mother Grizzly in a pinch and can be returned to your hand with Salvage. He will be your main removal engine.
Nightmare Penguin is Penguin Soldier's big brother. He can only spin one card, but that's just it, ANY card. Annoying Black Garden's, Burden of the Mighty's or even unchainable facedowns like Solemn Judgment or Mirror Force fall to his effect. Throw in his little ATK boosting effect with ALO and suddenly you have a boosted attack force. 200 actually adds up pretty quick. His superior ATK and DEF will also deal more damage than the Soldier, as wella s withstanding much of the attacks your opponent i slikely to make.
Mother Grizzly is here to keep up field presence. With a lot of Flip monsters, it is actually often hard to get an attacker with teeth. Grizzly does that as well as getting you a replacement monster should she be destroyed. She will also search out Yomi Ship, which can really help with removing cards like Thought Ruler Archfiend or a troublesome Colossal Fighter. Sh ealso combos with Salvage and Abyss Soldier, which is nice.
Yomi Ship is this deck's version of Exiled Force or Newdoria. It is not as fast, searchable nor awesome, but it works, and we needed the WATER monsters for Abyss Soldier's and Salvage's effect.
Sangan is the generic search card. He will search out 10 of your cards, which are needed to fuel Abyss Soldier and Salvage. His 1000 ATK and penchant for not being a lightningrod for destruction actually make him a decent topdeck or attacker, so he will be one of our two non-WATER monsters.
The Stage

Salvage is your advantage getter. You lose a lot of cards fast to Abyss Soldier, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and even Compulsory. This helps to get cards back for use here as well as for re-use of their effects. Your opponent may breathe easy when all your Penguins are gone, but Salvage keeps the pressure on.
A Legendary Ocean is good for an ATK boost as well as for the effect of Daedalus. 200 ATK is actually a lot, and 2100 and 2000 ATK monsters beating you down is not fun at all. It also makes it far easier to summon Daedalus, which could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Brain Control clears out an opponent's monster as well as allowing for a Tribute Summon of Raiza or Daedalus. More importantly, it allows you to get more damage on the table, which can be hard with this deck.
Monsters Reborn is the only card that contradicts with Royal Oppression. I think it is worth it tough, as you will not always have Oppression on the field. It is one fo the best cards in the game, so there is little reason NOT to run it.
Giant Trunde is run over Heavy Storm due to all of the facedowns that you have set. You don't want to kill all of your cards in order to get rid off your opponent's one backrow, so Mystical Space Typhoon and Giant Trunade get the job done.
The Props
Royal Oppression does what it does best. It negates Special Summons, allowing you to dominate with your Normal Summon. It is so effective, it is even being used in Tele-DAD decks to counter other Tele-DAD decks. And in a deck that runs one Special Summon card and TONS of removal, this card is a God.
Compulsory Evacuation Device is one of my favorite cards in the game right now. It can save a monster from an attack, destruction or spinning as well as be used defensively.It has no cost, so this effect is often followed up by an attack with Abyss Soldier or Warrior of Atlantis. VEYR NICE!
Phoenix Wing Wind Blast does the same things as Compulsory, but more-so to be used on your opponent's cards. It is more versatile than CED, and it's cost is mitigated by Salvage, so it is hard to justify NOT running this card. You get rid of their card, and force an opponent to draw it again, making it harder to get out of the confines of the lock that this deck can make.
Solemn Judgment stops everything. There is a reason I say "God Says NO!" when I play this card, as it will effectively stop an opponent cold. When there are an average of 3 cards in an opponent's deck that can stop the lock for this deck, Solemn proves invaluable. As always, playing Oppression and SOlemn together can cause lifepoint problems, so use only if you have no other choice.
Mirror Force is a classic, and rihgt now, it is better than Torrential. Especially in this deck, as we often want to preserve our facedown monsters, very much like the "protect the deko" play that used to be so popular, except it is protect the penguin in this case.
The Slops
This deck is BAD against Lightsworn. Honest, as well as their natural ATK are hard for the deck to deal with. They also have a lot of destruction, Lyla and Celestia spell doom for the deck. However, Ehren is rather nice, as you still get your Flip effects and a chance to darw your Penguin or Yomi Ship again. Judgment Dragon just owns, but Oppression and Solemn put a stop to that.
The speed of Lightsworn is also a problem,a s they are more likely to get to their JD or Celestia before you get to your cards to stop them. As of yet, there is no WATER draw card, so it would gretaly speed up the deck and add consistency if we did. Anyway the deck is slow, but your cards should slwo it down enough to get you back in the game.
That is all from me for this article, you can email me at raptor1k@hotmail.com if you have an need to contact me. Try to put YUGIOH in your sunject, otherwise it might be discarded as junk.
Thanx for reading!



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