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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Tuning Fork

August 22, 2008

Resonance Has It's Virtue
The new Tuner and Synchro monsters are powerful, there is almost no doubt about that. There are many effective ways to use them well, with DARK Synchro being the most reliable way to get them to the field. Of course, there are more ways than that. You can splash tuner monsters into just about anything, making them a prime pick for any deck. The addition of Junk Synchron, Yusei's signature card, to our lineup is just excellent. It's ability to get even more monster from your graveyard is perfect for Synchro decks, as well as being a DARK and a Warrior type monster, the most supported monster type in the entire game. With Tuners, it is highly likely that you will get a number of level stars that does not equal the amount that you want to get for the task at hand. That is why it is important to get a toolbox of monsters into your extra deck in order to combat these deficiencies.
The best Tuner monster that we have currently (Before TDGS) is Junk Synchron. It is easily searchable, and has a level of 3 with a not so bad ATK. In order to use Junk Synchron effectively we need a number that adds up to 8, as Red Archfiend Dragon, Colossal Fighter and Stardust Dragon are all level 8. This leaves you top get a level 5 monster to the field in order fo ryou to effectively Synchro summon a monster. Now what level 5 monsters are easy to summon without cost and are DARK, so that we can use Allure of Darkness and it's suite of DARK support?
Duh! Dark World! Yeah, the lights should be coming on now. I made what I thought was a competitive Dark World deck for my little brother for use in a local tournament. It faired so, so for an experimental deck, while my Gladiator Beasts won the whole thing with only one lost game. As a prize, I got the new Starter Deck, which happens to include Junk Synchron. With my brother's deck on my mind, I put 2 and 2 together, and by jove, 4 is a glorious number!
Miracle Tune
3x Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
2x Sillva, Warlord of Dark World
2x Caius, The Shadow Monarch
1x Dark Magician of Chaos
3x Broww, Huntsman of Dark World
3x Junk Synchron
1x Sangan
1x Morphing Jar
1x Spirit Reaper
3x Dark World Dealings
3x Dark World Lightning
2x Allure of Darkness
2x Gateway to Dark World
1x Brain Control
1x Heavy Storm
1x Premature Burial
1x Monster Reborn
1x Mind Control
1x Card Destruction
1x Smashing Ground
1x Fissure
3x Solemn Judgment
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute

Assimilate This!
The great thing about Dark World is that they generate free monster summons. Card Destruction, Dark World Dealings and Dark World Lightning all would lose you the cards that are discarded anyway, but you get to keep them as either draws or 2300 beat sticks. The problem about all of this is that the Dark World deck never had a way to win the game without swarming, limiting them nowadays to something of an OTK deck that had to outspeed it's opponents. The last few decks that tried this didn't do so well at major tourneys.
The game is all about field control now, and Tuner monsters do that better than any others. The ability to drop a behemoth that can turn the tide of battle is glorious. But, they often have to invest 2 or even 3 monsters in order to bring them out, a huge investment for a single card, even if it is Stardust Dragon. So, why don't we combine free monsters with cards that like to have cards on the field? Essentially the trade is your Tuner, Junk Synchron, for Red Archfiend Dragon, Stardust Dragon or Colossal Fighter.
Even the level 3 monsters in the deck are decent to use with Junk Synchron, as they will get out Goyou Guardian, who is probably the best offensive monster ever created. SO, we give a deck without a win condition a win condition and voila, a new deck is born. I doubt that I am the first to think of this idea, and there must be a reason why no one has used it yet. As far as I can see, it should work fine, with good control options as well as speed. In testing it has been so-so against a standard Gladiator Beast deck, but that is great since it really needs some "tuning".
3+5=Proceed to Ownage Phase
Sillva and Goldd are the main movers and shakers of this deck, they provide the beating as well as the tuning. The problem is that they are useless without a discard spell or Morphing Jar. But due to the amount of spells that we have (7) as well as all of the card acceleration that we have, dropping 2 or 3 Dark World monsters to the field a turn should not be too hard.
Caius is in because he removes things from play. It is that simple. With all of these free summons of Dark World monsters it again is not too hard to get this guy to the field. 2400 ATK is great as well, and the fact that he work awesomely with Allure of Darkness is too good to pass up.
Dark Magician of Chaos was a personal choice, as he was the win condition for the deck that I built for my little brother. With all of the Special Summons, you can easily tribute summon him, but methinks that the standard dump-and-revive play is best. He also works with all of the draw spells, and has great synergy with Dealings to be dumped and revived, and then once he is summoned gets you another discard spell or draw card to get you even closer to your Synchro powerhouses.
Broww is also an iffy choice. He is a Dark World monster, meaning that he has a lot of synergy with all of the discard spells, especially Dealings, effectively turning it into "Dark World Draw". He can also be used for Synchro summoning the behemoth, Goyou Guardian. 1400 ATK is also not very bad, getting over a few monsters.
Junk Synchron is the enabler of the deck, allowing you to pull off crazy Synchro plays that would otherwise be impossible without a level 3 DARK Tuner. His effect will be useless most of the time, as only Morphing Jar can be brought back with it's effect. The otherwise lack of Tuner monsters is little cause for worry, as you will be powering through your deck rather quickly, allowing you to get to him effectively.
Dealings is the main draw power for the deck, allowing you to sift through your deck as well as getting Dark World effects. you can easily summon Sillva or Goldd and just as easily draw another with Broww. Just beware, your opponent is sifting through their deck as well, and might be able to pull off crazy combos of their own.
Lightning is GLORIOUS in this format. Solemn judgment is a sitting duck, as is Bottomless Trap Hole and the new fashion of Dimensional Prison. The Prison is especially cause for worry, as that is the card that Stardust Dragon fears the most as far as trap cards go. You can even remove a pesky face down monster as well as getting another Dark World monster to coninue your assault.
Gateway is one of those completely underrated cards that is quite simply amazing. It is the only Quickplay Spell that will Special Summon a monster from the graveyard, the catch of course is that you cannot summon during the turn that you use this. So you set it, and activate it during your opponent's end phase, allowing you to Special Summon your monster on their turn and getting you another beater to the field. In a pinch, you can even activate it on your turn for a surprise win! The fact that your opponent is not expecting it is what makes this card so deadly.
Mind Control is a standard card for Synchro decks, as you are allowed to send the monster to the graveyard for a Synchro Summon. Plus, it clears the way for attacks by your Synchro monsters and Dark World cards. There are some crazy plays involving Enemy Controller that you can do, as well as other tricks.
Card Destruction is your greatest Offensive weapon. Summoning multiple Dark World monsters is a great way to win the game as well as to speed through your deck for Synchron to Synchro out Stardust. This card is so good in this deck it should be illegal, but luckily for us, it isn't.
Fissure and Smashing Ground are here because of the trouble that this deck has with big monsters or indestructible monsters. These two cards clear the way for a swarm or a summon of a Synchro. Plus it is just great to have extra options to destroy monsters that doesn't involve battle if that pesky Mirror Force is in play.
The trap lineup is kind of just there to keep your opponent on their toes, as they would expect any set cards to be bluffs, as this kind of deck rarely runs any traps at all. Mirror Force is a proven card that stops overextension and just plain makes people scared that you can play it. Torrential Tribute is of course the best removal card in the game at the moment, so we can auto include it. Solemn Judgment is standard fare for most decks now, as a Gyzarus at the wrong time, or a well timed Dark Armed Dragon or Judgment Dragon can make you cry. It is worth half of your lifepoints to stop that.
We Gouge Evil From It's Shell!
That quote has nothing to do with this section, I just think it is just plain awesome. This deck has a lot of weaknesses. for starters, Macro Cosmos decks tear into it like a mouse into ripened cheese. It is also very hard for the deck to respond once it gets to the field, with Caius and Heavy Storm as your only options.  Gladiator Decks are also a problem, as they are almost as fast and can control the field very well. Dark Armed Dragon and Judgment Dragon also destroy the overextensions that this deck makes.
The counters to all of these decks can easily be sided, and main deck, Solemn Judgment solves everything. Fortunately, this deck is extremely fast, in fact it is hard for even Lightsworn to keep up and match the monsters that you are summoning. Speed is this deck's best weapon, as it needs to get to DMoC, Stardust and Red Archfiend as soon as they can. Counter Fairies, a likely popular deck choice coming up, and other slow decks like Monarchs, generally can't keep up with a deck this fast.
You can change the deck to suite your play style, you can play a more aggressive version with more Dark World support as well as changing around the spell lineup as well. I find that Upstart Goblin is a nice pick, but dropped it in this build for the 141 destruction and Mind Control. I encourage you to play around with this deck, as it is really fun. Dark Armed Dragon can even fit nicely into Caius' slot.
That's it for today, but I will be coming back soon with a look at the new banlist and what is going to happen when it comes. You can reach me at raptor1k@hotmail.com if you have any questions, ideas or cool decks.
Thanx for reading!




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