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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Crazy Cardz!

July 7, 2008

Holy Crow! That's Amazing!
Here is GZ again with another edition of 3 cards y'all should be playing. There are so many almost tournament viable cards out there that I feel it is my duty to point them out as the pros don't always pick the best ones to put in their decks for their Feature Matches on Metagame.com. The first today is one of 3 good draw traps, Good Goblin Housekeeping (the other 2 being Jar of Greed and Reckless Greed). The second is Mobius the Frost Monarch. Old Frosty hasn't been getting so much love lately, so here is his spotlight. And lastly there is Majestic Mech- Goryu. I am more of a fan of Ohka, but this jolly white giant has some better things going for him than noob-bait.
Greed Is Good
Yes, greed is good. Being greedy with hoarding cards is amazing in fact. But what I can't figure out is why players are playing with Reckless Greed. It's, well, reckless. Drawing extra cards is good, but what if you could do almost the same exact thing as Reckless Greed, except that you don't have to skip your Draw Phase and you get to pick the best one picked up and put away cards you don't need right then. Interested?
Good Goblin Housekeeping does just this (GGH for short, cuz my fingers get tired too). GGH lets you draw a card from your deck for each copy of GGH in your graveyard +1. So the first one=1, the second=2 and the third=3. But the downside is that you have to put one card in your hand back. This makes GGH a -1 on the first play, break even (like Allure of Darkness and Destiny Draw) on the second and net you +1 on the last play (like Pot of Greed).
Now this functions very much the same way that Reckless Greed does, except you don't have to skip your Draw Phase, meaning more cards for you and less of the mental strain of not drawing for a while. And that last one is huge. Not being able to draw is a huge psychological blow to yourself as you are used to getting the next draw. The other advantage over Reckless Greed is that Reckless has to have all 3 on the field at the same time and activated at the same time to net you any advantage at all (3 cards gets you six which is +3 and then minus 2 for the 2 turns you don' draw which = +1). GGH does that on it's own whether or not they are activated at the same time or not! This is huge in a game where setting up combos can make or break you.  
But the biggest advantage that GGH has over Reckless Greed is the combo. I am speaking of the classic combo of having a copy of GGH and Emergency Provisions. You activate GGH and then chain Provisions. The Provisions activate first, sending GGH to the graveyard and you gain 1000 life points. Then GGH resolves, allowing you to draw 2 (the card GGH is actually in the graveyard, so you draw 2 instead of 1) and cycle back one, essentially a Destiny Draw that nets you 1000 life points! But wait! There's more! The more GGH cards you have on the field the more you draw. 2 nets you that awesome +1 and 2000 life points, and then 3 nets you an amazing +2 and 3000 life points, not to mention purging your hand of cards like extra copies of Gravekeeper's Spy or Gladiator Beasts Murmillo or Secutor.
If you are worried about Emergency Provisions being a dead draw, you can use it in a deck packing stall cards like Gravity Bind to get rid of them when you want to attack. Then you can also use cards like Des Lacooda, Swarm of Scarabs and Swarm of Locusts to continuously destroy your opponent's cards and draw. Hmm, seems like a deck is forming in the back of my mind. Expect an article on it soon...
So basically the point of this section is to say "DON'T PLAY RECKLESS GREED! PLAY GOOD GOBLIN HOUSEKEEPING INSTEAD!"
Nice And Frosty Cold
Oh wherefore art thou Mobius? Collecting dust in those shoe boxes and collectors tins? Not anymore! Mobius the Frost Monarch is one amazing guy. He is a standard Monarch of the WATER attribute and Aqua type but he destroys 2 spell or trap cards on the field instead of the more monarch standard of one. Although Kuraz can destroy ANY 2 cards, he does so at the cost of replacing those 2 and not being able to attack. Outside of the zany combo deck that uses him, I have found tha poor Kuraz comes up short. So we're stuck with Mobius in the standard Monarch deck.
Fortunately this may be Mobius' time to shine, as spell/trap card play has never been higher. Imprisoning Mirrors of both the Light and Shadow variety are everywhere, as is Solemn Judgment and Bottomless Trap Hole. Not to mention the newest hot tech of Royal Oppression. Mobius destroys them all. You may lose your Mobius, but instead think of it as clearing out that Bottomless and Solemn for the safety of a much more important Caius, Thestalos or Raiza.
In fact, Mobius performs much the same role as Prime Material Dragon, except he does it or free. I tech Mobius in my Gladiator Beast deck, just for Royal Oppression. You cannot negate that nasty little card with Prime Material Dragon. Also Mobius nets you an even exchange if your opponent has 2 spell or trap cards on the field. Your Mobius and Tributed Monster for there 2 spell or trap cards or a ton of life points in the case of Solemn Judgment. Prime Material is much more disruptive to your opponent's plans, but does it at the added cost of your discard.
When I think to myself, "Should I play Mobius or Prime Material" I think, well, why not both? You can main deck Prime Material for all those nasty destruction effects and then side out for Mobius when they side in Light Imprisoning Mirrors to counter it. Fun, yes? You can even play both main decked in a 12 gauge Monarch deck!
Fat And Loving It
This guy is BIG! B-I-G, BIG. 2900 ATK is enormous, getting over every card except for Judgment Dragon that is commonly played, and he has Piercing? What a deal! Majestic Mech- Goryu doesn't net you a card like Dark Magician of Chaos, and happens to be a LIGHT Fairy type monster. But big piercers are hardly news. In fact Piercing is a mechanic that hardly sees play as it does not get you any advantage over your opponent, and is frequently associated with a cost, like Spear Dragon's turn to defense effect. What makes this guy good is that you can tribute him with one tribute.
That is really amazing, as the biggest other monster for over 2600 ATK (barring Great Maju Garzett, as he can have less ATK) is Superancient Dinobeast, and that you HAVE to tribute a Dinosaur for that to happen. The downside of course is that it dies, but even in death, it can have it's uses. It can be revived with standard recursion like Premature Burial and Monster Reborn. It can also be discarded to the effect of Trade-In, a card that is once again gathering popularity.
You can also use it in existing Fairy builds to remove from play for Freed the Brave Wanderer. In this capacity, you can bring it back to this dimension by playing Return From the Different Dimension and Miraculous Descent. Miraculous Descent? What does that do? It brings back a LIGHT Fairy monster from the removed from play pile in exactly the same way as Escape from the Dark Dimension. The fact that it can only bring back LIGHT Fairies is a small inconsequence due to the fact that those decks only play LIGHT Fairies outside of a few exceptions.
You can even use Goryu in a Reasoning/Monster Gate deck. Most people would not call 8 after they have seen your Dark Magician of Chaos, easily netting you a 2900 ATK behemoth with piercing, making their attempts to hide from it only make things worse. And if you have it in your hand, you can tribute a only one monster in order to help you make your push for game.
There are more than just these possibilities for Goryu, and even GGH and Mobius. I can't possibly name them all yet! So get out there and experiment!
In Local News...
For those of you that live in the Davis California area (including Sacramento, Woodland and Elk Grove) a new card shop has opened up in Downtown Davis at the intersection of G and Second Street. They will be focusing more on Magic: The Gathering, but have agreed to allow us to use their rather roomy space for Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments on Saturdays at 1:00 pm. We want to see how many people will be willing to show up, and maybe some of you readers don't know about Droms Trading Cards and Comics yet. They are applying for Hobby League kits and official tournament organizer status as we speak, so Hobby League Promotional reprints and Champion Packs as well as Champion Sleeves and deck Boxes will be available as prizes when that happens.
Also they will be having a Grand Opening on the 25th of July. There will be free Pizza, Soda, Coffee and Pastries as well as a Pre-Release for Magic: Gathering and various Magic drafts, sealed and constructed win-a-box tournaments. I may talk one of the owners into having a Yu-Gi-Oh! portion of the event, but again, I want to see how many people are interested before we make the effort.
Also there is the standard 12:30 pm tournaments at Bizarro World on F and 5th Street on Sundays. Note that this tournament allows you to play Traditional OR Advanced decks all in the same tournament! SO if you can't make it to one of them, there is always the other to go to on the week end. Prizes are often booster packs of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! product. Also EVERYONE gets a prize pack just for showing up! They also have a wide selection of Yu-Gi-Oh! card singles as well as boosters, decks and pretty much anything you could want they can Special Order. For those of you who also are Pokemon Trainers, they have organized Summer Pokemon League Play and the biggest selection of Pokemon cards i have seen in a while.
It has rather been a stale dueling scene around here in Davis, so we want any YugiManiacs to come on out. We're a pretty friendly group, but we get tired of playing the same 10 people or so. So assuage our boredom and come on out!
You can get ahold of me at raptor1k@hotmail.com for questions, comments, advice, decklists and info. Please put YUGIOH in your subject line, or I will not see it and not be able to answer your email, which I want to do. I love mail, as it distracts me from the ungodly amounts of summer reading that I have.
Thanx for reading!


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