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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Can't A Card Get Some Love?

June 17, 2008

Rejected By eYugioh.com
Well here I am again, bringing you the best from the binder/shoebox that never sees the light of day. Today I am bringing you some old favorites that have fallen out of favor and some new guys on the block for an unprecedented 5 card installment. Are y'all ready for this? In this article we take a first look at D.D. Assailant. Then it's Arcana Force 0- The Fool. Followed by DD Warrior Lady. Next it's Hero Blast and finally we have Dark Ruler Ha-Des. Here we go into the magical world of underrated Yugioh!
Size Matters
Yeah I stole that from Godzilla, b
ut who cares? D.D. Assailant is where all the action is at. I remember when this guy was at 3 and everybody ran him at 3's. Now I can buy one for 1 dollar, and I don't mean the common version. D.D. Assailant now only comes up in Yugioh conversations when we try to decide whether he's a guy or girl or whether or not he's overcompensating with that sword of his. BTW, he's a guy, I got an Anime drawer to find out for me.
D.D. Assailant is one of those rare cards that is offensive and defensive at the same time. He will take out most monsters in this game, and then make an opponent waste a resource to get rid of him. Nowadays it's all about DAD, and how monsters need to replace themselves in order to be worth playing. Well shoot. Take DAD out of the equation and we have DDA taking out a monster in battle, then taking whatever destroys him in battle with him, or wasting valuable resources like Lightning Vortex and Brain Control.
DDA also wreaks havoc with Gladiator Beasts. They do not like getting removed at all, and a timely set of a DDA can spell doom for an attacking Laquari or even Heraklinos when the opponent thinks he/she's got you on the ropes. I also like how he suicides with Darius, removing from play a key card that is needed to bring out the fusion monsters and which most people only play 2 of. He is a star in Warrior toolbox, and I hope that someone rocks an SJC with this guy.
You'd Be Foolish to Resist...
One of the greatly underrated cards that made it's debut in LODT was Arcana Force 0- The Fool. This little guy can't be destroyed in battle no matter the coin flip, but if you summon him and get the call right, he has protection from targeting aka Shroud (or cloak if you don't want to offend the MTG people). Not only that, but he takes the card that targeted with him! That makes Torrential Tribute and Lightning Vortex as the only way to take him out short of Judgment Dragon. Gyzarus and DAD get blasted back to the hole they crawled out of.
Now I am really surprised that no one has thought of using Arcana Force monsters outside of an Arcana Force deck. I have been experimenting with the Sky Scourge monsters, especially Norleras. This guy works wonders for tributing for both Caius and Dark Ruler Ha-Des, as well as adding that crucial LIGHT Fairy to the graveyard for removal with Norleras. You don't even have to worry about the fact that he has 0 ATK and DEF (unless piercing makes a comeback). You don't even have to worry about his effect, as all you are using him for is to block and tribute.
This will even work well in stall decks like Exodia, as even Murmillo can't deal with so many unbreakable monsters at only one per deck. This coupled with Solemn Judgment is a stall deck's best friend. I can't say that this guy will pop up any time soon, but I will be experimenting and then will laugh as he is proclaimed broken.
Can't A Girl Get Some Love?
This is the original DD monster. DD
Warrior Lady's got great stats, type and attribute and an amazing effect. She is offensive and defensive, just like DDA, but is more versatile for only 200 less ATK points. I have to say that the only reason that she doesn't see more play is that she is restricted to 1. That's right folks, I am calling for the unrestriction of DD Warrior Lady. Then my evil plan to conquer an SJC with Warrior Toolbox will be complete.
Pretty much everything that applies to DDA applies to DDWL, except for the fact that she will remove ANYTHING when you want it removed. Marshmallon? No problem. Sangan? No sweat. Recruiters live in fear of the day that she returns, and DAD gets a little nervous when she hits the table. You would think that UDE would push for an unrestriction just based off of the fact that she is one of the most printed cards in existence. You got the Warrior Structure, DCR, DR1, Gold Series 1 and Hobby League. I have so many copies I could make a path from Austin to Dallas just using her cards.
Well anyway, Gladiator Beasts hate her as do Lightsworn, and even DAD sweats a little. She is an example of a great control card just based off of the fact that she forces your opponent to make bad plays and/or trades. 2 for one to get her off of the field is a worst case scenario, and happens all to frequently. BTW she also works with HONEST, making her an excellent pick for a Lightsworn deck that needs some extra remove from play options.
Even Heroes Can't Get Love...
People have been whining about Elemental Heroes and all of the downright crappy support that they get. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Hero Blast is a legit tournament legal card. when was the last time a monster removal card got you a +1 without your opponent having a huge field. Yeah, never. You get a Hero from the grave back to your hand AND destroy a monster ont he feild with less ATK.
WEll Heroes tend to have rather large ATK, so we have Neos, Wildheart, Stratos, Ocean and not to mention the oft forgotten Neos Alius. and you can't forget that Prisma guy who is making waves in Gladiator Beasts. You use that guy to send Neos to the grave, activate this, and then fuse for a Neos Fusion and you just dominated the field. In fact there is a deck taking shape using Prisma, Neos, Neos Alius and Prisma in conjunction with Honest to make a next gen Hero City. This card features prominently in that deck.
So we finally get good Heroes towards the end of their reign. I can't wait to see what people do with this card, as most monsters would fall if this card activates, and then you have a one card swing, and let me tell you, if you can get enough of them to go through, +1's win games.
It's Not Easy Being Dark and Horny
I mean that he's covered in HORNS people (at least in the original art). This guy has amazing stats, as 2450 is just enough to get over the ATK of every big one tribute monster being played. Then he grants a negation effect to every Fiend type on your side of the field. Add in that he is DARK and you got a prime target for Allure of Darkness even though he can't be Summoned from the grave.
It is the negation effect that actually gets this guy going. It negates everything. Flip, recruiter or continuous, this guy gets them all. Dasher, naw. Sangan, forget about it. Treeborn Frog? Nope. I actually owe an apology to my friend Jon. You would have won so many more games if I had realized how good this guy is. Then as long as the monster is in the graveyard, you still don't magically get that effect when Ha-Des leaves the field. It stays negated. Then he gives it to every Fiend type. Archfiend Soldier and Summoned Skull just got some new teeth!
The big reason that this guy is out of it nowadays is the fact that he cannot be Special Summoned from the graveyard. However, with all of the new DARK support being thrown around and new and better ways to remove cards from play and then bring them back, that is almost not a drawback. Considering how many cards this guy negates/kills, there is almost no reason that he should not see play right now. You can splash him into DAD decks for crying out loud!
Well that's all folks. raptor1k@hotmail.com is where you can reach me, and don't forget to put Yugioh prominently in the title, otherwise I might miss your message.
Thanx for reading!




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