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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
2 Modes Are Better Than One

February 4, 2008

What's A Fusil?
Here is a brief history lesson before I get into the article. A Fusil is an early gunpowder weapon that was widely used all over Europe, replacing the Pike as the weapon of choice in Europe's Military arsenal. A soldier who wielded the flintlock Fusil, was called a Fusilier. They are famous because they were able to pretty much do anything on the battlefield. They were generally very dependable, as they could instantly respond to changes on the field, allowing them to destroy the opponent that much faster.
So why the history lesson? If you haven't already guessed, I am going to talk about Fusilier Dragon the Dual Mode Beast. It's name is a bit misleading, as
it is a machine, and neither a Dragon or a Beast, so here is what it does:
Fusilier Dragon the Dual Mode Beast
DARK/Machine/7 Stars/ Effect
ATK 2800/DEF 2000
You may Normal Summon or Set this card without Tribute.
In that case the original ATK/DEF of this card become halved.
Right away we notice that is has pretty large ATK points. 2800 is as big as they come in this competitive format. 2000 DEF is pretty good, but not great, letting many monsters (Cyber Dragon) run right over it. Machine is pretty good, considering that you can use it with Chimeratech and such. 7 Stars is the worst for a tribute monster. You get all of the hassle of two tributes, and none of the perks of level 8 (Trade-In). The effect is pretty good, allowing it to almost never be a dead card in hand. But the Killer is it's attribute. DARK is now the most playable attribute in the game, if it wasn't before the release of Phantom Darkness.
Oh, I Get It Now!
If you haven't got the greatness of this card yet, don't fret. It took me almost since it came out in Rise of Destiny to get it. what does the Dark Creator do? He revives fallen DARK monsters. Fusilier Dragon is a DARK. Dark Armed Dragon needs monsters removed to fuel it's game breaking effect. Dark Nepthys also needs DARK monsters in the graveyard as well as Darknight Parshath and Dark Grepher and Armageddon Knight can put him there. What I am getting at is that Fusilier does not mind being removed, simply because now you have another 2800 beatstick to Special Summon with Dimension Fusion or he can stay in the graveyard and be revived by Dark Creator. There are so many combos with this card it is amazing.
Skill Drain was the deck where this card shined, able to negate it's debilitating effect and give you a big beater. Skill Drain is still a great card, vulnerable only to Heavy Storm and Mystical Space Typhoon in a standard LaDD or PC deck. And you can play only monsters that would be helped by it's effect. Giant Orc, Goblin Attack Force, Infernal Dragon and Spear Dragon are simply a few that come to mind.
The old standard of dump and revive still works with this card, as there is no limit on Special Summoning for it's effect. Dark Creator, Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial are the top cards that jump at me. However, even if it is removed from play, it can still be Special Summoned without it's effect taking it's toll. Dimension Fusion, Escape from the Different Dimension and Return From the Different Dimension can all Special Summon Fusilier when it is removed from play. Strike Ninja, Dark Armed Dragon, Phantom of Chaos and Dark Creator all remove from play monsters, so it is rather easy to remove it. (there are other cards, but I am too lazy to post them all)
Wait, I Still Don't Get It...
Well if you don't happen to have the gazillions of dollars to get copies of the Dark Theme monsters from Phantom Darkness, you can still make use of this card. The original Creator can still Special Summon it as well as dump it. Then there is Reasoning. This nice spell card allows you to get a monster from your deck, but your opponent can put a stop to it by simply guessing the correct level of the monster. Who would guess level 7? I wouldn't, especially game one in a match. That is a plus for DDT or any other deck running Reasoning. You can also use the card Lighten the Load, which shuffles back a level 7 or Higher monster back into your deck and you draw a card, getting that Fusilier back into your deck for Reasoning and netting you a draw in the process.
Next is one of the exclusive cards from Phantom Darkness. Allure of Darkness. It is somewhere between Destiny Draw and common Charity. You draw two cards and then remove from play a DARK monster in your hand. This is pretty much the chase card of the set other than the Secret rare cards. Whereas Destiny Draw only worked for Destiny Heroes, and Common Charity only worked for Normal Monsters and had to be set for a turn, you can use Allure of Darkness where they have failed. Allure gets you that much closer to your goal cards as well as removing from play that almost dead Fusilier in your hand to be returned later with a Escape from the Different Dimension.
Finally, if you don't have the right cards to get it out, you can still use it as a blocker or 1400 Attacker. Few cards are as versatile, with pretty much only Stratos, Sangan and Raiza the Storm Monarch beating it out in a tough spot. If you could topdeck this card, it is far better than pretty much any tribute monster other than Cyber Dragon.
This is a kinda short article, as IA am only talking about one card. If you think I didn't explain things clearly, email me at raptor1k@hotmail.com. As a  reminder I still have my card contest going, look in my articles section for the rules and such. I also take decks, advice, flames and criticism as well as giving out advice, decks and pretty much anything else you need Yu-Gi-Oh! related.
Thanks for Reading!


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