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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
The Jaws of Defeat

January 25, 2008

Welcome to Jurassic Park
Well unless you have lived in a box your whole life and just come out in the last 2 days then you know what kind of deck I'll be looking at today. Dinosaurs are what got me into this game from the fading Pokemon back when Yu-Gi-Oh! came to the states. However I was severely disappointed, as there were few dinosaur monsters and none of them were good. At all. Now a couple years later we have a far larger variety of Dinosaur type monsters and some of them are actually good. And lo! We actually have some support to go with them! Now why haven't people put two and two together and built a Dinosaur themed deck? The reason being the lack of decent one tribute dinosaurs. They have Dark Driceratops and that is it. The rest of them are two tribute behemoths. So how do we make this deck?
65 Million Years of Gut Instinct
The first thing to do is to identify the best Dinosaur type monsters and then identify what makes them good, then build a deck around th
em. That list is pretty easy to compile. Hydrogeddon, Tyranno Infinity, Ultimate Tyranno and Gilasaurus are easily the best. Ultimate Tyranno is good because it has an OTK as well as boasting 3000 ATK points, enough to lay a world of hurt on even Blue Eyes White Dragon. Hydrogeddon is a 1600 ATK monster that replicates itself every time it destroys a monster. Tyranno Infinity is another OTK beast, gaining 1000 ATK for every removed from play dino you have. Gilasaurus is the easiest monster in the game to special summon, but gives your opponent a monster and has low ATK points. Not on the list are Dark Driceratops, Black Tyranno and Super Conductor Tyranno. Driceratops is probably going to be in a dino deck regardless of what it is based around, so I don't really need to consider it in making the choices for the deck. Black Tyranno is my all time favorite monster, but 2600 ATK just doesn't cut it and the effect is rather restrictive. Then we have Super Conductor Tyranno, the highest ATK of any two tribute monster (not a ritual or special summon) at 3300 and an effect that does the opposite of what you want to do, which is attack.
We want the deck to be as synergetic as possible, so right away we notice many similarities among the good Dinosaur monsters. They are mostly EARTH. The have relatively high ATK points. They support an explosive type of play. They support tributing dinosaurs for dinosaurs. So therefore we will go in the direction of an OTK mindset, as all of the monsters in the top 4 support it. So after looking at all of this and doing some digging (hehehe) I came up with this deck list.
Life Will Find a Way
3x Ultimate Tyranno
3x Cyber Dragon

2x Dark Driceratops
3x Gilasaurus
3x Hydrogeddon
3x Tyranno Infinity
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Sangan
1x Marsmallon
1x Spirit Reaper
3x Big Bang Shot
3x Reasoning
2x Monster Gate
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Trunade
1x Brain Control
1x Premature Burial
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Ojama Trio
2x Survival Instinct
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted
You will notice that I didn't make use of the Field Spell for Dinosaurs, Jurassic World, or it's Legacy Support of Destroyersaurus. ATK points are good for this deck, but Destroyersaurus and Sabersaurus are made much more useful in a deck that is not an OTK, and Jurassic World only gives you a 300 boost, hardly worth it. Hyper Hammerhead you will notice did not make it in, mostly because there was no room for it. 1500 ATK is good, it's effect is good and it is an EARTH Dinosaur, so please feel free to put it in your build if you feel it necessary.
Must Go Faster!
The turbo mechanic has been tried with many different decks, to various forms of success, but it really works best with DDT or getting really big monsters on the field. Your opponent really will not see this coming at all. In fact when they see the first Dinosaur in your deck, they will assume you are a nooblet and an easy victory. Boy will they be wrong. Your opponent will likely not be able to guess accurately for Reasoning, as there are many different monster levels in the deck and there are few people who know the levels of the big Dinosaurs, or even the small ones. Monster Gate is similar, but then you are hoping to get a big Ultimate Tyranno out so that you can get your OTK's rolling.
The OTK with Ultimate Tyranno is simple. You activate Ojama Trio when Ultimate Tyranno is on the field and equip the Tyranno with Big Bang Shot. You then attack with it. Here is some math before you whip out those calculators to see whether it really is an OTK or not.
Tyrrano's ATK=3000
Big Bang Shot=Add's 400 and Trample
Ojama Trio=Gives opponent 3 monsters that can't be tributed and inflict 300 damage when destroyed
Tyrrano now has 3400 ATK thanks to the BBS. He attacks the Ojamas, inflicting 2400 damage for each one (3400 ATK-1000 DEF =2400). Then the Ojamas inflict their damage (900) and we get this:
  +   900  
     8100 Damage (Game)
The Infiinite Tyranno OTK is much more subtle. You remove dinosaurs in your grave from play with Survival Instinct or your opponent does through the DD warriors, Bottomless Trap Hole, Macrocosmos and friends, DD Crow or Dimensional Prison. Then you summon Tyranno Infinity with somewhere around 4000 ATK points and either equip it with BBS or beat face on an open field. Infinity can also just be a huge beater when things go wrong for both OTK methods.
I also included some non dinosaur monsters. Cyber Dragon brings added firepower and speed to the deck as well as helping to tribute to get out Driceratops or Ultimate Tyranno. Marshmallon adds 1000 damage as well as sticking around in a tough spot to defend you or to be tributed. Spirit Reaper does the same but can go aggro to discard a card from your opponent's hand. Breaker is awesome. He has decent stats and destroys a spell or trap, which happen to be the worst enemies of this type of deck. Then Sangan is here to fetch you Gilasaurus or Tyranno Infinty and get the ball rolling.
They Actually Set a Trap For Us!
The spell and trap cards are pretty standard, so I won't go over most of them. Big Bang Shot is a severely underrated card. Trample is an amazing mechanic, and you can use it with spell and trap removal in order to remove an opponent's monster or your own for Tyranno Infinity. It really is a great card in this deck. Monster Gate and Reasoning both "turbo" the deck, adding speed and power to the deck by Special Summing monsters literally from thin air. Giant Trunade combos with BBS and also clears the field for an assault by your vicious Dinosaurs. Ojama Trio aids with the OTK as well as slowing an opponent down to set up for your OTK. It is also just plain annoying, as I found out against Baboon Burn the other day. Survival Instinct not only removes fossilized dinosaurs, but it gives you lifepoints too, which can be a relief.
Comets in Your Path
This deck is risky, no doubt about that. Raiza, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Destiny Hero Plasma and any removal spell or trap will leave you reeling. Well when designing this deck, I simply took the DDT approach. You burn through so fast that your opponent will likely not have the cards that cause you problems. Then if they do you hope that your tricks are enough to get you through or you lose.
You cannot play conservatively with this deck. Like Samurai, you need to attack and attack some more. When you have any opening, as in no back row or no monsters, you NEED to take that advantage. Summon Ultimate Tyranno whenever possible, and then beat face, even if you can't set up the OTK. With 3 copies in the deck, you can afford to lose one and then just set up for the next one.
The best play for your deck is to go first. You set a monster (Sangan, Marshy or Reaper will do) and a spell or trap (Ojama Trio is preferable) You spring the Ojamas during the Standbye phase in order to eliminate their own chance of Cyber Dragon. Then the opponent will likely Summon a monster and attack, in which case they will fetch you a card or the attack is stopped. Either way they set a spell or trap card. You go and draw into MST, Giant Trunade or Heavy Storm and clear it out, and then Special SUmmon Cyber Dragon, Gilasaurus and then tribute for Ultimate Tyranno. Equip with BBS and presto! Instant Victory. This is of course a best case scenario, but I was surprised how often this happened, with either the Turbo spells or just tributing with Gilasaurus or Cyber Dragon.
I have not been able to test this out very much, with my deck selection being limited, so if anyone builds this, please let me know how it does.
Customize Your Dino
You can use many more cards in order to make this deck to your preference. Hyper Hammer head adds more soldiers to your Dino Army. Shrink helps the lower ATK monsters as well as helping with a large monster beating you to death. Super Conductor Tyranno adds even more muscle, but is slower than his Ultimate cousin.  The Dino specific spells also help to get out beaters fast, and Jurassic World even adds a power boost and is searchable by Destroyersaurus. You have the ultimate authority over your deck, nit me or anyone else. I am simply here to point out the options.
If you want to get ahold of me for any Yu-Gu-Oh! related reason, or to enter my Card Creation Contest (rules in my article section under So You want to Design A Yu-Gi-Oh! Card) email me at raptor1k@hotmail.com.
Thanks for reading!


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