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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
The Race to the Finish

Sept 10, 2007

Flash! Da da!
Well here is GZ again with an article that he is writing while not completely exhausted! Moving into my new apartment has been hard on my sleep time, but now I can finally write an article that might actually be good! This was actually a spur of the moment thing. I have an hour to write this and I hope that I finish in time, so on to the purpose of writing this article.
Speed was the defining aspect of last format's decks. There were few cards that could slow down the game when the opponent could pull off some Destiny Hero tricks and win from 100 lifepoints. You needed to finish off your opponent fast, or be finished yourself. Brain Control, Smashing Ground, Ring of Destruction and Snatch Steal all promoted these fast games, but now they are either banned, or limited to the point that they are almost useless. Thus it will be the age of slow tempo with monsters like the Apprentice Magician engine holding sway. Even with Shield Crush and Nobleman of Crossout controlling them, the Apprentice monsters and even GK Spies are still going to be running amok, and slowing down the game when you want it to be fast. The Solution? Blow 'em all up!
3x Cyber Dragon
2x Dark Ruler Ha Des
2x Airknight Parshath
1x White Horned Dragon
1x Dark Magician of Chaos
3x Spear Dragon
2x Don Zaloog
1x Magician of Faith
1x Treeborn Frog
1x Twin Headed Behemoth
1x Breaker the Magical Warrior
1x Winged Rhynos
1x Sangan
3x Reasoning
2x Monster Gate
2x Enemy Controller
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Brain Control
1x Premature Burial
1x Pot of Avarice
2x Solemn Judgement
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Call of the Haunted
1x Ceasefire
1x Sakuretsu Armor
I Have Speed, Yes I Do. I have Speed, How About You?
This deck is fast. I mean fast. I almost deck out every game. The use of Reasoning and Monster Gate enable to get out your big monsters without tribute as well as summoning a cloud of monsters like Spear Dragon that are the arch-enemy of the Apprentice Engine. All of the Tribute monsters require one tribute except for DMoC, which allows the deck to get going right off the bat. Cyber Dragon is a Special Summon and often the enabler or gateway for most of this deck's combos, but more on that later. Spear Dragon was an odd choice as most of you are shaking your heads at my choice to include him in this deck. I will talk about him more in the combos section.
The rather large assortment of trap cards allows this deck to react very well to anything that your opponent might do. Ceasefire is a winner, as this deck has one flip effect monster. Your Apprentice Engine counterparts are running anywhere between 5 and 7. Not only does it negate effects, but it inflicts MASSIVE amounts of damage on the opponent. This was my choice as a replacement for Ring of Destruction, as it is chainable and can even inflict more damage than the dreaded wedding band. With only two monsters on the field, it inflicts 1000 points of damage, the amount that is required for a burn card to have paid for itself in damage. Solemn Judgement is amazing. At two you can't afford to throw them away on negating things like Sakuretsu Armor, but it will often give you the leeway you need to perform the massive 3 monster per turn summons this deck is supposed to.
What is Speed Without Cunning?
The title above could not be more true. There are decks that are so fast they run their course in one turn. This deck is not like that. It is very ninja like. Moving quickly and using tricks to confound your opponent is it's base strategy. Here are a few of the deck's combos and the cards that they need.
Dark Ruler Ha Des- He destroys monarchs as well as negating little Spellcasters and any other card that gets in his way. This is not a combos so much as a strategy. He is so disruptive to your opponent's strategy that they will usually waste all their resources trying to kill him, which is what you want so that the field will be clear for a massive Special Summoning using Monster Gate and Reasoning.
Monster Gate- Absolutely the most fun this deck can have is to use Brain Control to steal their monster and then tribute it for Monster Gate. you get your DMOc and your opponent is cursing under their breath. You can also do the same thing with Enemy Controller should you decide to include it in your version of this deck.
Reasoning- The monster levels are all over the place for this deck, which is all you need to use Reasoning. Most people will not know to call a monster level other than 4, 6, or 8. These are the levels of basic monsters, monarchs and DMoC. The surprise they feel when I summon Airknight on them is priceless. This is the mainstay of this deck, allowing multiple summons per turn as well as adding to the edge that no one knows what is coming out of your deck.
White Horned Dragon- This is my second favorite card, and that is just based on it's card art! It's effect is amazing, allowing it to climb to over 3500 ATK. It also removes spell cards from play, negating opposing Spell Strikers (I believe they will be popular as tribute fodder for monarchs) as well as Magician of Faith. With the loss of face up removal, players will be hard pressed to remove him from the field, especially when he is sharing it with Ha Des and Spear Dragon.
Spear Dragon- My hands down favorite card, this time for it's effect. Hit and run play style is my favorite and the piercing damage is icing on the cake. He also boasts 1900 ATK, which will remove most monsters lower than level five. Enemy Controller plus this card is seriously devastating. The piercing adds up, especially against cards like Magician of faith, Crystal Seer and Spirit Reaper.
The Overall Strategy- The strategy of this deck is to overwhelm your opponent. There will be so many targets that your opponent will want to remove them all and just not have enough removal to do it. The effects of the monsters further exacerbate the issue as well as cause panic in an inexperienced opponent. Monster Gate and Reasoning allow quick comebacks from Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute and Lightning Vortex as well as swarm the field with this odd menagerie of monsters.
Take Your Mark! Get Set! Go!
Here are some of the expected match ups with decks that I think will be huge in this next format.
Apprentice Monarchs-very good match up. It will tear apart every defense monarchs can put up, except for spy. They will curse the day they ran into Ha Des.
Standard Monarchs- not so good here as Spell Striker, Spy and Soul Exchange can create headaches for you. However Ha Des still shines here.
Zombies-a pretty good match up. They rely so much on Giant Rat and Pyramid Turtle that Ha Des will ruin their day. You both swarm the field well though...
T-Hero-i think that T-Hero has died, but people will revive it with Plasma in the works. A somewhat good match up, as Destiny Heroes tend to discard their cards rather than set them up to be destroyed. However, the tricks this deck can do rival those of Aster's Creatures. Watch out for Plasma, he is Ha Des in steroids so never EVER let them have 3 monsters on the field.
Modifications, Changes and More
This deck is very customizable. I happen to be using some of my favorite cards, but other cards can be used as well. Mefist the Infernal General, Goblin Attack Force and even Gene Warped Warwolf can be deadly in the right situations. Believe it or not, Destiny Hero Plasma can also be a valid addition as he negates effects as well as powering up and taking away a monster. I am open to changes for this deck as well as criticism, so raptor1k@hotmail.com is where I'll be. Advice, Help and a friendly guy to talk to are just an email away.
So until you message me or I write another article,
Thanx for Reading!



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