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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
Comboliciousness-Cool Combos From GLAS

December 6, 2007

You Did What?!
We certainly got some great cards from Gladiator's Assault and the new Dragon Structure Deck. Necroface, Foolish Burial, Enishi and Evil Hero Malicious Edge are all great cards that many talented players are taking a look at. But there are other good cards from the set with awesome combos from earlier sets as well as from the same set that tend to get overlooked in the general scrabble to get the "playable" cards. Skreech, Royal Firestorm Guards and the cloudian monsters all have awesome potential. Here I will go over some of my favorite combos and cards from Gladiator's Assault, and all for a price that your checkbook will thank you for.
This is one of the promo cards from the design a card contest that 4Kids Entertainment put on. When he is sent to the graveyard as a result of battle, you discard two WATER monsters from your deck. The obvious combo with this card is Treeborn Frog, but Foolish Burial does that job just as well. This little guy has 1500 ATK, which is searchable to the max, and he is of the WATER attribute. Several cards can benefit from having WATER monsters in the graveyard besides Treeborn Frog.
-Cloudians benefit because they are then able to use their Graveyard Summon card (Summon Cloud) to get the requisite cloudians summoned for Lucky Cloud as well as dumping Smoke Ball so that it doesn't clog up your draws and deck.
-Fenrir doesn't have to sit around and wait as long to get monsters to remove for his summon. This combined with Return From the Different Dimension and the fact that your opponent will not be drawing for a turn make this a deadly combo.
-Dragon Ice is now easier to get a hold of when your opponent Special Summons. The effect is not free like when it was discarded from your hand, but it still can be a lifesaver.
Smoke on the Water...
My favorite card from GLAS is Cloudian Smoke Ball. Dead Serious. This cute little fluff ball is incredibly dangerous when it is set up right. You can use Cloudian-Turbulence to Special Summon them from the deck or graveyard for simply removing a fog counter from Turbulence. With Ghost Fog, Fog Control and Cloudian Squall, you will not run out of Fog counters for awhile, so you can summon as many smoke balls as you want. Gilford the Lightning, DMoC, LaDD, Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys all become playable with the little ball providing tribute fodder. Enemy Controller and even Creature Swap now become deadly harbingers of doom, but these combos are not even the HALF of it. You will be summoning the little balls from the graveyard, especially with Skreech in your corner, so you can use Card of Safe Return to completely dominate your opponents within a few turns. Lucky Cloud and Summon Cloud only sweeten the deal, and all because of a little 200 ATK Cloudian.
Royal Firestorm Guards are an awesome card. Basically pot of Avarice on, well tails, for Pyro monsters. This is the perfect card for use with Volcanic decks. Scattershot, Shell and even rocket all work miracles when they are in the deck, but not so much in the graveyard or the hand. Guards takes care of that problem by putting them back. You can even send other Guards back to create a combo loop where you destroy stuff with shell and scattershot and then cycle them back in to be retrieved by another Guard. It will even work with Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch, so you can build a deck around this guy.
Good Heroes Gone Bad
Evil Hero Infernal Gainer and Evil Hero Malicious Edge are some of the best cards that I have ever seen. A one tribut piercer and a 1600 Beater that can make him attack twice? Yes Please! They also bring some more support for underused fiends like The End of Anubis (a good tech card hint hint) and Dark Ruler Ha Des as well as Demise and Zorc. The Evil Heroes are also searchable by Elemental Hero Stratos (yes that is true) and will likely have their own support cards in the future, as well as some cool fusions like Dark Gaia, who can get pretty large within a short time.
Two Tributes? No Problem!

This is dedicated to two of the best cards from the new structure deck. Herald of Creation and Trade In are amazing cards. Herald allows you to discard useless cards from your hand (Malicious, Treeborn, Disc Commander, Dasher) and get a level 7 or higher monster from your graveyard (Dark Magician of Chaos, Blue Eyes, Demise, Zorc, Light and Darkness Dragon) in order to summon or to pitch with Trade In. You do not lose cards with either of them, they just both allow you to mix around your cards to get the one that you really need at that point in time. Herald is especially crazy with the fiend ritual monsters, as they are both level 8 and are relatively easily summoned.
The Return of the Normal

Swing of Memories has to be one of the best cards ever printed. The only card that can really stand up to par with it is Book of life. Foolish Burial a Blue Eyes into your graveyard and then revive it with Swing. You don't have to wait a turn to play it like Birthright, and it doesn't really matter if your opponent has s/t removal down, as the swings disappears after it resolves. Premature Burial and Call of the Haunted can't say that. The drawback is that you lose the monster at the end of the turn, but if you play it right, then that attack will be all that matters. I won't divulge all of my combos with this card, as I will talk about them in my next deck article.
These are most of the underused combos from GLAS andthe new structure deck, but cards like Light and Darkness Dragon, Foolish Burial and Necroface should not be underestimated. I am writing this before the Shonen Jump at San Mateo, so I cannot tell you if any of these combos has held up, or what kind of decks will be played. I might get off my lazy butt and have a tourney report form the Jump for you about mid week. I hope everyone had fun at the Jump!
Contact me at raptor1k@hotmail.com. I may not get to your email right away, so please be patient. If I have forgotten to email you, please let me know!



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