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GeneralZorpa on Yugioh
SJC San Mateo-What Happened

December 13, 2007

I Bombed an SJC....Again
It is no secret in my circle of yugioh, I choke at big events. At SJC San Jose last year, I changed my deck at the last minute to a bad version of RFG Monarchs, ina meta that still had Cyber Stein! Well I thought I learned my lesson, but one weak before the SJC this year, I changed my deckl to a rather bad version of Swing Demise. I managed to win only one game... Well now I have learned from my mistake for sure, and next big event I will have my deck tested and ready.
Just because I scrubbed out of SJC San Mateo doesn't mean that the player in me wasn't looking for trends, ideas and the like. I noticed several things were going on and thought that you guys should be aware of it if you aren't already.
Light and Darkness Dragon PWNZ
This is true. If you are not playing the Dragon (and even if you are) you should be prepared for this guy when he hits the field. Flinging cards randomly to shrink the Dragon down to size is a REALLY bad idea. You should have cards like Destiny Hero Plasma, Treeborn Frog or a spirit standing by in order to combat the monstrosity. They all shrink the Dragon down and for next to no cost to you. There are a lot of different builds that I saw at the SJC that used the Dragon, and some of them worked better than others. I saw Gadgets, Dragon Fusion decks, Dragon Heroes, and even a few decks with it splashed in. Just think about what the Dragon does to your deck when you play it.
Cheating is Still Alive and Well
I was watching a friend of mine playing a game, when I noticed that his opponent was caressing his deck when he shuffled. There was a judge right nearby, so I thought that I shouldn't say something less my friend receive a penalty for outside help. I finally figured out what he was doing when he managed to draw 3 Raiza the Storm Monarch cards in a row. He had bent the corner of his card sleeves on all of his Raizas and whenever he shuffled, he would feel for which ones were bent and then put them on top. When I told my friend about this later on, we decided to do nothing as we had no tangible proof. Needless to say, he was caught and banned from the game for two years. Cheating doesn't pay people.
Dragon Heroes is the Deck to Beat
Any idiot could have told you that, but I feel it is good to emphasize it a lot. This deck is an explosive combo based one. If it draws dead or it's combos are messed up it can recover, but that is unlikely. You can easily disrupt your opponent's deck with clever side decking and main deck options. Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer was a popular choice because he stopped Malicious and removed cards like Treeborn Frog and Destiny Hero Disc Commander from play so that your oppoent's choices and combos were limited or just thrown out the window altogether. I find that in testing with some decks, the End of Anubis works wonders. Many decks utilize the graveyard, but some do not. These decks can take advantage of the fact that Destiny Heroes and even the Dragon's recursion effect will not work. And with that you have eliminated 1/2 of the decks potential fighting force. If you are playing this deck, pay attention to the forums as well as any gossip that might affect your deck.
Demise is Fun, But Mostly Impractical
My build of Demise tested extremely well against PCM decks, but I didn't have any copies of the Dragon to test against, so it would be touch and go if it got off. Well, 3 out of the five decks I played (I dropped) were the Dragon Heroes deck. It pretty much meant game over once the Dragon hit the field, as even though my hand was large, I needed my effects of cards in order to do anything other than summon a Vanilla Beater. However, against Burn, PCM and Gadgets, the deck rocks. And even the Dragon Heroes decks that I played were pretty close as they need the Dragon to come out once a Demise or Zorc hit the field.
Zorc is the Shiznits!
Did you know that you can activate his effect multiple times in the same turn? You do run the risk of him clearing your field, but that risk is even smaller than Snipe Hunter's and people still play him. People honestly were not expecting to see him at all, making him the most powerful tool in my deck. He has higher ATK than Demise and his effect is free, but doesn't destroy spell or trap cards, which is a drawback. I expect someone to see what I did with him at the Jump and then build a Zorc-Centric deck.
DD Crow Wants a Cracker
Every deck that I saw played at least one copy of Yata Garasu's alternate form. The mechanical bird was the decider in about 1/3 of the games I watched or played, removing a Key Treeborn Frog, Disc Commander or Premature Burial or Call of the Haunted target. It even worked with Pot of Avarice and Book of Life. It can even remove spell cards as well. i saw a game almost decided by a Crow on a key Reinforcement of the Army. This card is almost impossible to stop and will be quite a force to be reckoned with. I expect the price of ULT copies of this card to skyrocket.
 That is all that I saw that was really obvious that no one has quite talkd about yet. Forced Back is gonna be hawt, so i am so glad I kept my ULT copies. If you have any questions, etc. please contact me at raptor1k@hotmail.com
Thanks for reading!



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