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Mike "Dawn Yoshi" Roseberg

A few friendly Reminders

Hello, fellow Pojo readers. You may know me as Mike Rosenberg, one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! writers for Metagame.com. You may also know me as Dawn Yoshi, a moderator for the Pojo forums. For the rest of you (all 80% of you), you may know me as that random guy who sometimes submits card reviews for the Pojo Card of the Day page.

That’s enough with the introduction. Let’s get down to business. I’m sure many of you have heard about the upcoming weekend event, The Lost Millennium Sneak Preview Weekend. If not, you can read about it at the official Yu-Gi-Oh website (www.yugioh-card.com), or you can go to Metagame and read one of the many sneak peeks we have done for the past two weeks (we’ve been hyping this whole weekend up like crazy). In a nutshell, the Sneak Preview weekend gives duelists in North America a chance to try out the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! set weeks in advance. Duelists are given the rare opportunity to participate in some relatively large sealed events (which are, indeed, a real blast in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game). It also gives duelists a chance to experiment, play, and trade with the new cards from The Lost Millennium. Finally, and most importantly, all players who participate in a Yu-Gi-Oh! event at this big sneak preview event will receive a brand-spanking-new “Amazoness Chain-Master” promo card. Why is this the most important part of the weekend? Check Metagame.com on Mondays in the upcoming weeks for an explanation. Also, check Pojo’s Card of the Day out next Monday. *grins*

However, before you head out this weekend to a Sneak Preview Event near you (because you know you want to), please read through this list of things to remember about the events taking place this weekend, as well as a few other things you should keep in mind.

First of all, the main event, similar to the last sneak preview event for Flaming Eternity, is opening dueling. This event should cost around twenty dollars to enter. Each entrant will receive five packs of The Lost Millennium for this event, along with a small sheet in which to receive signatures from other duelists. Each entrant will then construct a 20-card minimum deck out of those five packs. Once your deck is complete, you’ll be ready to start dueling! There are no assigned duels in the main event. You may simply wander about in search for other entrants who are looking for duels. Once you find opponent, you will play a standard match against them (standard rules apply, 8000 life points, etc.). Once a winner has been decided, both duelists sign the other duelist’s sheet. Each duelist repeats this process until they have dueled five different opponents. Once your sheet consists of five signatures, simply return it to the tournament manager and you will receive another pack of The Lost Millennium! Six packs for the price of five is certainly a sweet deal!

After the main event is under way, the tournament organizer shall begin to accept sign-ups for the side events for the day. Here’s a list and description of what side events you will be able to enter:

Sealed Flight- Remember that main event from the Rise of Destiny Sneak Preview? That was a sealed flight. The entrance fee for this sealed event is twenty five dollars, and it’s a lot more competitive than the relaxed atmosphere of the main event. A sealed flight involves a group of either 16, 32, or 64 duelists. Each participant will receive five packs of The Lost Millennium in which they must construct a 20-card minimum deck (note that you only have around twenty minutes to build your deck). This side event is set up as a swiss style tournament, in which participants are paired up against each other with the help of the MANTIS tournament system. After a specific amount of rounds (depending on how many entrants are in the sealed flight), prizes are handed out depending on how many wins you received. Typically, the duelists with the most amount of wins will receive 10 packs of The Lost Millennium, while those with one win less than the top duelists will receive four packs. Those with two wins less than the top players will receive another pack. These prizes may change depending on entrants and how your tournament organizer wishes to handle this.

Booster Draft- Ah, the beloved booster draft. This is, by far, one of my favorite events in any Trading Card Game, and Yu-Gi-Oh drafts can be quite fun. But what is a draft, some of you may be asking? In a Yu-Gi-Oh! booster draft, each participant (most likely four for this one) is given three packs of The Lost Millennium. Each participant begins by opening two of their packs and combining its contents. Each participant then takes two cards from the combined total of 18 cards that they opened up. Once each participant has picked their two cards and have placed their choices face-down in front of them, each player then gives the remaining cards to the person to their left. This process is repeated until all participants have gone through their cards. After the first two packs have been taken care of, all participants open their final pack. Each participant chooses one card from those nine cards and puts it face-down in front of them. The remaining cards are passed to the right, and the process repeated until all cards have been selected. Once this is completed, participants must construct a 20-card minimum deck out of the cards they chose from cycling through their packs. After duelists construct their decks, the duelists duel against each other in a single-elimination bracket. The winner received four packs of The Lost Millennium, while second place receive two packs. The entry fee for this even will most likely be fifteen dollars.

Constructed Side event- This one is simple enough to explain. For seven dollars, four duelists can go at it in a single-elimination event with their standard advanced format decks. No sealed events. No TLM cards except as the prize. Obviously your chances of winning four packs as first place will be increased if you run a Tsuku-lock deck. (don’t mind Mike’s biased comment)

That’s the general idea of what events you can expect to participate in this weekend. Here are a few notes though before you head off this weekend:

-Even though you’re receiving The Lost Millennium cards early, they are not tournament legal in events such as regional tournaments (and higher) until July 1st. However, that really good “Amazoness Chain-Master” promo is legal upon release, so go nuts with that.

-Most tournament organizers will accept cash and checks only for entry. Unless you know there’s an ATM near your tournament’s location, it’s a good idea to come to the event with a decent supply of cash, especially if you intend to enter many events.

-The events will have judges available who will be more than happy to assist you with questions outside of the events. Feel free to ask judges questions about the new cards.

-These events are pretty laid back, so be sure to come by and have a great time!

Also, I’ll be judging at the San Diego Sneak Preview event, so if you’re stopping by the San Diego Convention Center for the day, be sure to say hi. I’ll be the judge who constantly looks dazed and confused. (I’m not though…I don’t think.)

If there’s an event near you, I strongly encourage you to attend. These Sneak Previews are a lot of fun, it’s a great chance to enjoy sealed Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments, and most of these events will have a load of free things you have a chance of receiving. Oh, and you can get an “Amazoness Chain-Master” for entering the events, so stopping by should be a must.

Have fun this weekend, and for those in the San Diego region, I hope to see you there!

-Dawn Yoshi


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