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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
The State of the Current Metagame Part XV (Version I)--Analyzing the new Online Card Game Ban List
February 19, 2008

Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! (Look, I can do more than one article a month!) Anyway, for those of you who keep in touch with the game, or visit the forums at all, the new Ban List for the OCG is available. As you also may or may not be aware, the Ban List we receive tends to mirror fairly well, if not exactly, what happens there. So, I'm going to do an analysis of what has happened, at least to the OCG world. Anyway, this is Version I because Version II will be when we get our Ban List.

Newly Banned:

Magician of Faith

Breaker the Magical Warrior

Call of the Haunted

Magician of Faith:

Magician of Faith is a good ban, as it was when it was banned before.

Magician of Faith can singled handedly turn a game in your favor, or your opponent's, simply by adding a Magic card from your Graveyard to your Hand.

Breaker the Magical Warrior:

Breaker was also banned before, in lieu with Magician of Faith. It makes sense also, just as it did before. Breaker is almost a guarenteed card advantage attached to a 1600 (or 1900) beatstick.

Call of the Haunted:

I don't really have a problem with Call being banned. Apparently cost free monster revival is frowned upon...or so it seems. (More on that

later.) Call and Premature Burial aren't giant problems in the Divine Monarchy format.

Newly Restricted:

Raiza the Wind Monarch

Advanced Ritual Art

Monster Reborn

Nobleman of Crossout

Ojama Trio

Raiza the Wind Monarch: Raiza being restricted is a welcome move to the Format, but realistically, it doesn't slow down the Divine Monarchy. Raiza can be replace by Mobius and/or Zaborg, depending on what you want to destroy.

Advanced Ritual Art:

Another good move to help slow down Demise decks, along with its own One/First Turn Kills. The deck(s) are definately more difficult to play and function, but they are still going to be powerful.

Monster Reborn:

Monster Reborn is a great reason to have Magician of Faith be banned.

However, Dark Magician of Chaos, for one, may see increased play in some Decks because of this. Welcome back cost free Monster revival.

Nobleman of Crossout:

What is this, cards that have all ready been Banned or Restricted cycle or something? Nobleman of Crossout is powerful, and a good card to only have at one. People don't need to be terrified to set or play defensive monsters here.

Ojama Trio:

Ojama Trio being restricted is a bit surprising, and doesn't really hurt or help anyone specfically. The format and game will continue on just fine.

Newly Semi-Restricted:

Cyber Dragon


Light and Darkness Dragon

Foolish Burial

Book of Moon

Mage Power

Magical Stone Excavation

Cyber Dragon:

It's nice to see something being done about Cyber Dragon, but it's too little, too late. Cyber Dragon is still an excellent card, but it's not the triple terror it was. Even in a Cyber Dragon/Dragon Mirror Deck, two should be plenty.


Necroface is a cautious semi-restrict, I believe. If played properly, it can do some terrible milling and Deck destruction. The potential to recycle, repeat, and reuse is horrifying, so I welcome a little balance.

Light and Darkness Dragon:

Light and Darkness Dragon is unwieldly powerful, and this is an awesome move, but this card definately deserves a Restriction in my opinion.

This card was our #1 in our Top 10 cards of 2007 if I recall. Even at two, there is no reason why Light and Darkness Dragon can't be Tier 1.

Foolish Burial:

Foolish Burial gained incredible new power via Phantom's Darkness, and having two is still a lot of dumping power for Dark Armed Dragon, Dark Decks, and pretty much any other Deck that was all ready using it. It might slow you down a little, but it isn't that tough of a blow.

Book of Moon:

With Magician of Faith banned, Book of Moon's (arguably) primary target isn't an obstacle anymore. However, Book of Moon is still powerful, and there are still plenty of Flip Effects to utilize in the game.

Being a great offensive and defensive weapon, this could be dangerous.

Mage Power:

This also strikes me as a little odd, but it's hard for an equip card, even one of the best, just behind United We Stand, to be a solid power card in the Divine Monarchy. Equip cards aren't safe folks.

Magical Stone Excavation:

This I don't quite understand...I partly feel that we were given the "gift" of another MSE due to the banning of Magician of Faith. It's just a more costly way of getting your coveted Magic card back from the Graveyard. Remember...Monster Reborn is back.

Newly Un-Restricted:



Pot of Avarice

Creature Swap

Apprentice Magician

Reckless Greed


Gadgets still hover around in the Tier 1, while being only at two each.

While being at three, there is absolutely no reason why they can't flourish and stay on top. Gadgets will swarm back, perhaps as much as when they arrived.


It seems insulting that you can use three Jinzo...a Trap lockdown Deck with three Jinzo and some Royal Decree...that might be able to hold its own, even against a Divine Monarchy. However, Jinzo could go completely ignored.

Pot of Avarice:

Whatever...I couldn't care much less about this. Pot of Avarice isn't needed in more than one anyway, except in some rogue Decks, as it's almost only good in the mid to late-game anyway. Go ahead and use three.

Creature Swap

Creature Swap is still a dangerous Magic card, but apparently just not one the population seems to care about using...or at least care about using in abundance. Monster destruction is the theme, not swapping apparently.

Apprentice Magician:

Three Apprentice Magician could be just what you needed for a few rogue off the wall Decks. However, with Breaker banned, one of the key Magic Counter recipients, Apprentice becomes less of a problem.

Reckless Greed:

Let's see...reveal three at once...Draw 6 cards...and only skip two Draw Phases? That still seems like a +4 to me, even with two lost Draws. It's not that big of a deal, but someone, somewhere, will be doing that. Maybe...

Well, that's how it looks, and hopefully, our list is at least marginally different. Hell, I hope our list is VERY different, as this is completely terrible. However, I'll save any real criticisms or praises for our list. Keep your fingers crossed, this could be the worst format yet...

That does it for today, and I hope you enjoyed it! Question, comments, concerns, or anything else you would like to contact me for, please feel free to do so @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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