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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
The State of the Current Metagame Part XIII--A New Look at a New Format

Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! It seems as though earlier in the week the article I did about the possible new Ban List became the actual Ban List, so I'm continuing my State of the Metagame series discussing the new list and the new Format. You still have a week or so in the previous format, as the new one doesn't take effect until September 1st.

Confiscation, Metamorphosis, Ring of Destruction, and Snatch Steal were banned. There were all good choices and some made sense with other things that were brought back.

As far as Restrictions, I'll just touch on a few things in a bit more detail. Brain Control being limited means that all decks using a fair or more than fair amount of tributes need new ways to take opponent's monsters to tribute, especially with Snatch Steal being gone. I would expect Soul Exchange and Creature Swap to become big real fast.

Megamorph being Restricted is good for everyone. Now, you only have one copy, but it can still help you finish a game quite quickly. It is a powerful card and one that deserves what it received.

As for Semi-Restrictions, one notable thing is that the Gadget monsters were all set to two a piece. This will help to slow down the Gadget Deck a little bit, but it doesn't hinder them as much as you thing.

Gadgets will still be powerful, and I won't expect seeing them going anywhere anytime soon.

Other things worth noting:

Triumphant Returns:

Breaker the Magical Warrior and Magician of Faith both escaped the Ban returning to their Restricted slots. This is obviously two cards that everyone will be scrambling to put back in their decks. These two cards single-handedly make this a rich format again for all players.

You can use more of me! Let my reign begin!

Jinzo dropped from 1 to 2...this makes a lot of people uneasy, but I don't believe this is really something to worry about. Granted, Jinzo control can make a shot to the top, and people may be more weary about using Trap cards as there is more than one Jinzo lurking, not to mention all the Monarchs still looming about.

Royal Decree is also now Semi-Restricted, and where I don't see people using two Jinzo except in a Jinzo Lockdown/Control, and I CAN see people using two Royal Decrees, even maindeck or one main one side.

It's easier to use two Traps, even if they are continuous, as opposed to two Jinzo.

DD Assailant has been completely unrestricted. DD Warrior Lady still is the removal monster of choice, as far as most Warriors go. Warrior removal, or even some off the wall removal and return Decks might find use for three Assailants, but I wouldn't expect to see people just plopping two or three in a Deck and hoping for the best.

Remember, just because a card can be used in more copy than one, doesn't mean that it will. Remember that so many people worried about having three Injection Fairy Lily's and three Sacred Phoenix's at their disposal at the beginning of this format?

Tier 1 Decks for the Format:

Monarchs--Monarchs are still going to reign, maybe not overall, but they will still be gunning for top contender. Raiza is still in full bloom, and the others aren't going anywhere. Monarchs and Monarch Control will still be very popular.

Control/Soul Control--I expect Control, namely Soul Control to come roaring back with a vengeance. Why? As previously stated, Brain Control was limited, so you can load up Soul Exchange and this Deck power right back up toward the top.

Diamond Dude Turbo--Format by format, this Deck is slowly being slaughtered. The Restriction of D-Hero Disk Commander and the Semi-Restriction of D-Hero Malicious are both prime examples of that.

For those of you who can still play the Deck properly, it will still be a force to be reckoned with.

Gadgets--Also, as previously stated, all three of the Gadgets were Semi-Restricted which does slow the speed of the Gadget Deck down.

However, overall, the Deck is still a very viable and playable option.

Grandmaster/Six Samaurai--This may finally be the format where enough people realize that all the Six Samaurai and Grandmasters can finally make their ascent toward the top! This list actually seems to help them the most, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Chimeratech One Turn/First Turn Kill: Chimeratech is still as powerful and deadly as ever. It still has many OTK and FTK Decks, and it wasn't all that hugely effected by the new list. Don't expect it to go anywhere either.

Tier 1.5/2 Decks for the Format:

Elemental Hero Big City--The Elemental Hero Deck, namely the Big City Deck is still quite powerful, but I don't see it being able to rise above the line it continues to hover over of "I'm good, just not quite good enough to compete at Tier 1"

Jinzo Control--As I said, with Jinzo being at two now, I'm sure some people will attempt a Jinzo Lockdown/Control Deck, which actually has some potential and promise. However, I don't see it powerful enough to be on top.

Warrior Toolbox--The Warrior Toolbox is always a popular choice, but hasn't really been able to hold on to the top since the banning of BLS.

Having three DD Assailants doesn't really do anything to this Deck, one way or another.

Crystal Beasts: The Crystal Beasts are another popular Deck right now, but they simply don't have the necessary power or consistency to be a Tier 1 Deck even with the new and popular Rainbow Dragon.

Sky Scourge Decks: These two Decks, or one Deck if you are playing both monsters in the same Deck are also powerful, but very inconsistent. It is fairly difficult to run this Deck, and just not stable enough to be on top.

Well, that's my thoughts and views for this new format, and I'm fairly pleased overall with what has been done! That does it for today, and please, as always, feel free to contact me with anything @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~



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