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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
What the **** was Konami thinking Part II or The State of the Current Metagame Part IV--Surviving the next 6 months

Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! I continue my series of articles analyzing the State of the Metagame and what can be done about it. First and foremost, however, one very important thing must be done.

DAWN YOSHI--Thank God you had the courage (or bull headedness) to write that article yesterday. Everything you said, however harsh, was true.
I personally believe the fact it was said harsh help to get your point across. Well done, and again, I couldn't agree more.

Some of my points here will coincide with Dawn, so bear with me, but I got things to say, capice? As stated, this "update" to the Ban List did absolutely NOTHING TO HELP ANY ISSUES CURRENTLY IN OUR METAGAME!

Three of the five cards banned make NO SENSE at all. That's 60% of cards that were banned without warrant? I mean, Exchange of the Spirits...not even close. Last Turn however, I mean, when the hell was the last time you went to a SJC and lost because of a Last Turn combo?

On that same note, when was the last time you were in this situation?
It's your move, you have nothing on the field, and nothing in your hand, and a mere 700 lifepoints. You know you only have two cards left in your deck: Premature Burial, and Goblin Attack Force. Your opponent has 900 lifepoints and no monsters on the field, just a face down card. You draw and get Goblin Attack Force for your opponent to chain Time Seal???

I thought not, it's almost seems that there is a wall with every Yugioh card on it at Konami Headquarters and they just throw darts blindly...whatever they hit becomes Banned or Restricted or so on and so forth.

Off the nine newly restricted cards, only ONE just ONE of nine is anything to actually help our game. Yes, Mirror Force came back, but it comes and goes so I'm purposely ignoring it. I also don't believe Pot of Avarice was powerful enough to be restricted and Treeborn Frog...let's just say that was a big check in the "Let's restrict as much crap as possible" box.

DD Assailant was Restricted, however, one of the few, actually essentially the only good move, aside from banning Dark Hole again.
However, reducing one threat while NOTHING ELSE WAS ADDRESSED would be like bringing home one Soldier from Iraq. Sure, he/she and his/her family is happy, but is the problem gone?

Exactly. Next, Last Will and Level Limit Area B were restricted? Yes, they were. Last Will was no where near that powerful, and how many of us actually ran three anyway? Was it "clutter the restricted list with junk time?" Level Limit Area B now that's just wrong. Stall decks are severely hurt, and they aren't that powerful to begin with. I mean no offense, I have a fun stall/burn deck, but it sucks.

Finally, Graceful Charity came back INSTEAD of Pot of Greed. This gives Dark World a major boost in playabililty, even though they don't get their best effect if you discard them yourself. I don't want the next article to be "The State of the Current Metagame Part V--Dealing with Dark World."

Now, semi-restrictions. This is the only part of the list that even remotely made sense. We were given back an extra Magician of Faith, which is good, and Apprentice Magician was put in check at two. I don't really have any complaints about this one.

Now, what can we do about this? Well, as the name of my article implies, we need to trudge through these next six months. If Konami isn't going to do anything about our problems, then we have to take our game into our own hands. Remember: this IS OUR GAME!

You have to build your deck specifically to COUNTER the Warrior Toolbox, not to mimic it. If you're going out thinking "If I build my Warrior Toolbox just like so and so, and maybe get my card first, then I can defeat his..." That's a nice thought, but let's come back to Earth here people.

Warrior Toolbox (and/or any other deck monster) will be a problem as long as we let it be a problem. Try making an extreme control/hand disruption deck or something. Try an awesome Monarch deck, utilizing all four of them for constant hitting of the opponents field and hand.
Pack a copy or two of DD Survivor in your main/side deck.

DD Survivor, remember him? He returns to your field during your End Phase if he is removed from play. That's just one card ONE SINGLE CARD that can help you counter DD Warrior Lady and DD Assailant now, and remember, there's only one of each you'll find in a deck now, if at all.

Other problems you'll encounter in decks...traps, namely ones activated in response to monster summoning and monster attacks. Start maining or side-decking things like Trap Jammer or Seven Tools of the Bandit.

NOTE: YES, I said SEVEN TOOLS OF THE BANDIT. 7 Tools is actually a good card, but people don't care and/or realize it due to lack of deckspace and thinking "negating one trap for 1000 lifepoints isn't worth it."

Suppose you're going in for that game winning attack and your opponent flips Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, Sakuretsu Armor, or any other attack stopping trap. Or even just you summon your monster and BAM...Bottomless Trap Hole. We need more trap negation in the game.

Same goes for Magic cards. Hammes Shot, Fissure, Lightning Vortex, and Smashing Ground are just examples of many field clearing/monster clearing cards you'll find in various peoples decks. Try running or siding a Magic Shield Type 8 or even a Magic Jammer.

NOTE: Magic Jammer, YES Magic Jammer. Sure, it requires a discard and it ONLY negates one magic card. Well suppose, you are negating Lightning Vortex or Smashing Ground to save the only monster protecting your 150 lifepoints?

I feel better, as I've gotten to rant, and I tried to be humane, but things had to be said. That does it for today, and I'll be continuing my "What the **** was Konami thinking and The State of the Current Metagame Part...(V is next)

Please feel free to contact me with anything @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

I've got a review of the World Championship GBA game coming this week, more set reviews, some deck builds and such coming for you soon.

Until next time, You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~

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