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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
What the **** was Konami thinking? ...or my analyzation of the New Banned List...


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! As stated on the main page today, the new Ban List has been posted, and I'm here to talk about it and give you my thoughts as to props or slops as to what was done.

We'll begin with newly banned cards

Cyber Jar, Dark Hole, Exchange of the Spirit, Last Turn, and Time Seal were banned

Cyber Jar--This actually isn't the end of the world. Was it necessary?
Not necessarily, but it doesn't hurt. It can be useful in a pinch, but hurt you also. This is actually a decent ban as it is something you don't have to worry about flipping anymore.

Dark Hole--Ok, thank God they realized that Dark Hole needed to go back. Dark Hole is one of the core magic card staples we had that was banned with good reason and deserves to stay there, as fun as was to use briefly again.

Exchange of the Spirit--Here's one I don't really get. It was all ready Restricted upon release. They then banned Pot and Graceful and we don't even have Foolish Burial. To anyone who had the guts to make this deck, it was tough enough to pull off. I don't really agree.

Last Turn--Again, this is one that I don't really understand. Last Turn is an excellent, actually my favorite alternate win condition, but was it being used THAT much that it needed to be banned? One of my favorite fun decks has just been slaughtered.

Time Seal--Time Seal is some nice and annoying tech that had been popping up in many decks and side decks since the last Ban List when into effect in October. Banning...meh. Restricting it might have been enough, but this isn't a bad move, I guess.

Newly Restricted

DD Assailant--This is quite possibly the smartest restriction of all.
It needed to happen, and it will force people to find other things to play, not even just in the Warrior deck. The select few who didn't run it don't care, they just don't have to worry about it.

Drop Off--This, along with Time Seal had been popping up as tech.
Apparently Konami is trying to limit and/or eliminate hand destruction and neutralizing draws. This card can be annoying, but meh again.

Graceful Charity--Ok, this may have been the biggest mistake of the Restrictions here. Dark World got a MAJOR boost from this as Graceful Charity might as well read "Draw 3 cards from your deck, discard 2 Dark World monsters from your hand, and Special Summon them to your field."
Outside of that, I'm glad it's back, but Pot would have been better, and Graceful should have stayed gone.

Last Will--I'm moderately glad about this, but some real fun decks got killed by this. It hampers Exodia and Rescue Cat's OTK decks, and any other deck that used more than one as deck. It actually was fairly warrented.

Level Limit Area B--This one of course hurts stall decks and offensive/defensive burn decks terribly. I don't think it was really necessary to Restrict this, though we do have two Magician of Faith.

Mask of Darkness--Next to DD Assailant, this is the best move in terms of Restrictions. You'll see in one of our CotD this week my thoughts of this card, but until then, just know that I think this was a good move.

Mirror Force--I don't even care anymore. Mirror Force cycles with each list, on and off, on and off, so LET US KEEP IT, or KEEP IT BANNED, though it is one of my favorite traps.

Pot of Avarice--I think at two this would have been enough, as few people played more than that. It may be over-estimated at two, but it does put those players in check now that we have Graceful back. One is enough.

Treeborn Frog--No, just no. This did not need to happen. To get the effect, you only need to run one, and Restricting it only hurts the Frog deck and the Fusion D.3.S. Frog which it powers up.

Newly Semi-Restricted

Apprentice Magician--Excellent move here, aside from the fact Magician of Faith is still at one. It's more powerful than most people realize, this was as I said an excellent move.

Deck Devestation Virus--Another card I really feel meh about. I wasn't really aware it was much of a problem, but it must be somewhere...maybe? This is really one of those, like most of these, that didn't need to be done.

Magician of Faith--Another of the few good moves done by Konami this time. We still only have one Morph and one Limiter, but it does help power up the aforementioned decks. Nicely done here.

Nobleman of Crossout--I actually liked this card at one, because I thought one was enough. This is one of the most annoying cards in the game, two may be, as I believe we'll find out, one too many.

Reflect Bounder--This one really wasn't necessary at all. I expect it to completely come off, come the next list, because in short, it really isn't that good anymore, but it does help Machines a little bit if they want to use another.

Well those are my thoughts, so I would like to know what you think.
Feel free to agree or disagree, just keep it clean. I've still got things in the works here. I'll be giving you all a review of World Championship 06 for GBA. I've got more set reviews coming, and I'm next to finished with the cards I'm creating.

Until next time, please feel free to contact me with anything @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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