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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Interview #2 Jason of Johnson City, Tennessee


Hello again, I'm back with interview number two. Today I interview Jason from Tennessee, but there's still forty-eight states left and I want to here from YOU!

Dark Paladin: What is your first and last name?

Jason: Jason Brooks

Dark Paladin: How old are you?

Jason: 21

Dark Paladin: What city and state do you live in?

Jason: Johnson City Tennessee

Dark Paladin: How long have you been dueling?

Jason: Since the game started back in March of 2001.

Dark Paladin: Cool, it's always nice to meet people who have been around since the beginning of the game. Real veterans. What is the current deck type you run?

Jason: My deck cant really be described. I guess you could call it choas but i dont really get BLS out that often for a game win.
Personally I just use him to help me gain the upper hand at the moment. After that he just serves as a warning to my opponents that I can counter whatever it is they are about to do.

Dark Paladin: You use Soldier yet you don't depend on him for your victory. That's pretty unique. Most people use him as the ONLY way to win. What is the most significant tournament achievment you have acquired, and when?

Jason: I almost always place first in my local torunaments, depending on the format being played that week. I dont fair as well in pre ban anymore but i do always make the top 4. But my biggest achievement personally was placing at Regionals last year in 20th place out of i think 120 duelist. The nubmers are shadey because of all the things that I've done since. Though I did beat a guy who had qualified for Nationals at the event in Charolete that was fun plus we both had fun talking about all the stuff we played.

Dark Paladin: Awesome Jason, you seem to be quite the successful duelist. What is your favorite card and booster and why?

Jason: Jinzo, Pharo's Servant
Why is said (card/booster) your favorite? Well its a bit of a story.
Back when the set first came out my friend was building an Exodia deck.
He was close to finishing it and realized he didnt have enough 7 tools of the bandits, and asked if i had a spare. Personally I had amasaed just under a dozen of them for some reason or another and said I would trade him one for his Jinzo. Since then it has remained main decked for me and has always come up when i need him the most. Sorta like my friend is helping me in every match.

Dark Paladin: Awesome, that's a bit of the anime touch in there hmm...like between say Yugi and Joey, but it's still cool. What do you believe is the biggest problem in the metagame today?

Jason: The lack of orginality even in decks. I dont mean make an original deck I mean create some tech for your main deck that no one is expecting. I use Windstorm of Equata and it confuses all those that come against it and never can figure out why i use it.

Dark Paladin: I couldn't agree with you more, that's something I believe that is truely hurting the game today--the complete lack of originality. What do you believe can/should be done to fix said problem?

Jason: There is nothing more that can be done than to help people learn and understand that the unexpected can be the difference between winning and loosing. Even one card change can create havoc or some like throwing in soul release as side board knowing youll come up against choas, or using enemy controler/book of moon/windstorm of equata to create problems for beatdowns. Just orginality in decks could go a long way to making us all better players.

Dark Paladin: Again, I couldn't agree more. Ok Jason, last question.
Do you believe the new ban list will help or hurt the game and why.

Jason: The new ban list will help balance out the game a littlebut some of the cards being banned dont make sense. I can understand BLS EOB, Mirror Force, Delenquient Duo and Sinster Serpent. Those are understandable but Ring of Destruction threw me for a loop. As did Graceful Charity if Serpent is gone then why bother banning a draw card that forces you to discard 2.
If topdecked as your only card in hand Graceful can almost hinder and much as it helps.

Also Ring of Destruction isnt much of a big deal without barrel behind the door or trap board eraser to help it out. Even with Limiter Removal unlimited to 3 a deck its still not going to be game changing without playing 2 or 3 and Ring of D.

Though some of the stuff that is becoming unbanned doesnt make sense Dark Hole can be a game changing card if used properly, though I guess that could be said of any card. But Dark Hole could make the entire field change giving the person who uses it a bit of an unfair advantage. Though Dark Hole is the only card i know of that is coming off the ban list. Try as I might I'm only finding bits and peices of information and can draw my conclusions from that.

Dark Paladin: Thanks for your time Jason!

As I said, I'd like one interview PER state...Tennessee and Georgia are done, but e-mail me if you're from any of the other 48 states @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

First person from a state will be interviewed.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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