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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Dark Paladin's two cents on the ban list news


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! Today I've decided to chime in on the ban list update for Asia, and give my thoughts as to if it were to become our list.

Keep full well in mind a couple of things however:

a) The list we get very well may NOT be card for card how the Asian ban list is.

b) For anyone who regularly visits the forums, Kevin from UDE said that the ban list may very by geographic location according to the metagames state in the particular region

However, as I said, let's go over the Asian list as though it were ours.

Newly banned:

Black Luster Soldier--Part of me doesn't want to go into this just in case we get duped and BLS survives yet another ban cycle. If true, this is of course excellent but keep in mind what I said in a previous article...if BLS isn't our problem, something ELSE will be. There will always be the dominant deck. It has been BLS for too long, but there's always going to be a winning dominant deck/card.

Sinister Serpant--This was necessary I believe, and more necessary than people may seem to realize. It seems those who used and abused Serpant agree with it, and those who didn't don't understand. Constant returnable fuel for discards needed to be limited.

Delinquent Duo--This can be absolutely crippling whenever used, especially in the early game. With the return of Confiscation, this was an excellent ban.

Graceful Charity--I don't really understand this at all, especially if BLS gets banned for us. There isn't much dump/revive going on with Monster Reborn banned, even with the use of Premature and Call. We started with Mirage of Nightmare and no Graceful, then Graceful and no Mirage, now neither...without Chaos, banning this I believe should've warrented Mirage to return.

Ring of Destruction--This trap can also be crippling and an unwelcome game ender to many decks. It was also an excellent way to eliminate the threat of BLS, but this card should allow Sakerutsu Armor to reign supreme, especially since Mirror Force is leaving us again.

Mirror Force--Since Asia got Dark Hole back, I guess the trap monster removal was gone. Mirror Force is extremely powerful, but I don't enjoy the fact they keep removing and giving it back. I love Mirror Force and wish it would stay usable, or stay banned.

Newly Unbanned (0-1)

Confiscation--We need to keep some forms of hand disruption in the game, and this is far less crippling than Delinquent Duo, despite the fact that you get to see the opponent's hand. I believe we should have left this as well, but oh well.

Dark Hole--I just simply want to know WHY?!? Unbanning this should have warranted a banning of Torrential Tribute at the least. You can play Dark Hole while you have NO monsters while TT requires at least a monster to be summoned first. Having both, even one of each, is NO good.

Newly Restricted (1 per deck)

Thousand Eye Restrict--The best fusion monster we have currently and used and abused by far too many people for far too long. This was an excellent choice, and I believe one of these terrors is more than enough.

Tsukuyomi--With Tsukuyomi Chaos roaring everwhere, and Tsuku showing up more and more outside of Chaos, three of these could mean some terrible things for decks including Book of Moon and the like.

Night Assailant--This guy was popping up in 2's and even 3's in many decks on accounts of he's valuable resource management and extremely versatile monster destruction. One Assailant IS enough.

Scapegoat--All I can say is this may be the single best restriction on the entire list. Goats are popping up everywhere, at least in 2's, more often in 3's. Even with Goat control and trample, 12 goats is far too many.

Book of Moon--Restricting Book of Moon AND Tsuku wasn't completely necessary, in my mind. Restricting one, and semi the other would've been fine, but this is one less dangerous threat to worry about.

Metamorphosis--With Thousand Eye Restrict restricted, people really don't really need more than one. Maybe a second for Dark Balter the Terrible or something, but it's nice to know if you see one there isn't another.

However, I'd like to know something:

Even with Graceful and Delinquent gone...why didn't Magician of Faith get a restriction. IF Dark Hole returns, one Magician of Faith is more than enough...why, just why?!?

Semi-Restricitons remained the same...but two cards were taken off the list...

Maruading Captain


Vampire Lord

Now, let's take an in-depth look at this.

Maruading Captain: Will people USE three?

Let's look at some good of using three Maruading Captains:

It adds more speed to Warrior, Warrior/Beatdown, and Beatdown in general. It adds a little more power to the Warrior deck also that Maruading Captain plus one Warrior equals a no attack lock.

As for some bad...

Two, let alone three Maruading Captain is attrocious for hand management, especially in Traditional. If you normal summon one, you can play another monster. It adds field advantage, but lowers your hand, which is bad with Yata (traditional) looming. Even in Advanced, small or no hands isn't good. I don't see people using more than two, but we'll see.

Vampire Lord

I still believe personally Vampire Lord should never have been allowed to be unrestricted.

Goods of using three:

Well, honestly, there isn't that much. Granted, you have that third 2000 tribute monster with all the pros of a Vampire Lord adding more power to the Zombie deck, but does it really?

Some bad...

Three tributes in a deck is not good...two is more than enough, and Zombies (if this list is for us) will be more powerful than now. I believe three tributes will slow the speed of the deck down, even with
3 Pyramid Turtles. Think, if you use all your Turtles for V-Lord, you can't fetch anything else (obviously). Two is still more than enough, and I don't see people (successfully) using more than two, but we'll see.

Anyway, those are my thoughts, and I welcome your feedback.

Please contact me @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~

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