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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Legacy of Darkness--Can you escape the darkness?


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all! I'll start immediately by apologizing for the punl...yes, it is that bad. Or I thought so...

After a few serious articles, I'm back with the set review for Legacy of Darkness! This is one of my favorite sets, only second to Magician's Force (didn't see that one coming, did you?)

As always, lets start with the Secret Rares!


What do I even need to say about Yata. It was the bane of everyones dueling for a LONG time despite the fact that 99% of duelists used it.
The Yata-lock, the CED Yata-Lock combo, it just goes on an on. So broken, so powerful, so banned (thanks God)

Rating: 5/5 both formats

Injection Fairy Lily

This was another anticipated card, and quite possibly one of the cutest arts in the entire game, even more so than DMG. This card is also very powerful and was used by almost everyone for a while upon release. It isn't so common to see one anymore though.

Rating (then): 4.0/5
Rating (now): 3.0/5

Secret Rare Average (then): 4.5/5
Secret Rare Average (now): 4.0/5

Secret Rare Average: 4.25/5

Ultra Rares:

Dark Ruler Ha Des
Freed the Matchless General
Maruading Captain
Tyrant Dragon
Fiber Jar
Airknight Parshath
Yamata Dragon
Creature Swap
Last Turn

Most of the Ultra Rares of this set are excellent. This set introduced several excellent cards making new decktypes playable such as Fiends, Warrios, Dragons, and Spirits (I guess...)

Dark Ruler Ha Des

King of the Fiends and an excellent card nonetheless. Not being able to revive him is kind of a downside, but having 2450 attack makes him stronger than 95% of your 1 tribute monsters. He also negates flip effects of any monster destroyed by a Fiend.

Rating (then): 4.5/5
Rating (now): 4.0/5

Freed the Matchless General

Freed isn't quite Matchless, but he's good anyway. He negates specifically targeted Magic Cards toward him and you can fetch any Warrior you want from your deck instead of drawing during your Draw Phase.

Rating (then): 3.5/5
Rating (now): 3.0/5

Maruading Captain

Two MC on the field creates a no attack lock for your opponent until at least one is destroyed. Plus, you can special summon a Level 4 or lower monster from your hand when you summon an MC. Used then and today in almost all Warrior/Chaos decks.

Rating: 4.5/5 both formats

Tyrant Dragon

An excellent choice for Dragon decks despite being a two tribute monster. 2900 attack and immunity to specifically targeting traps is a plus. Also, if your opponent has two monsters on the field, Tyrant Dragon can attack twice.

Rating: 3.0/5 both formats

Fiber Jar

Another highly anticipated card that was thrown into many decks. This card can essentially reset the duel (except for LP count) and it can also be quite annoying. This card became so broken that it is currently banned.

Rating: 4.5/5 both formats

Airknight Parshath

As I said a bit ago, Airknight is my favorite tribute monster in the game. He tramples and results in draw all at the same time, despite having only 1900 attack and requiring a tribute. He currently battles and usually earns the 2nd tribute spot in plenty of decks.

Rating: 4.5/5 both formats

Yamata Dragon

Yamata Dragon is a good card with a great hand effect but the fact that he's a spirit and those decks aren't really that playable at the current time, yet people tried to make the deck work...

Rating: 1.5/5 It can do stuff, but it isn't played, sorry.


Hino regretably falls into the same category as Yamata Dragon...being an unplayable spirit in the unplayable spirit deck with an excellent hand destruction effect.

Rating: 2.0/5 It can do more than Yamata, but still...

Creature Swap

Creature Swap is found in quite a few decks, now and then as well, and for good reason. This magic card can be a game ending card by simpling trading your weak monster for your opponents powerhouse.

Rating: 4.0/5 both formats

Last Turn

Last Turn is one of my favorite traps, but it can be incredibly hard to utilize successfully. You can only activate it when you have less than 1000 lifepoints. People try to make Last Turn decks and sometimes they work, but more often not.

Rating: 2.5/5 It can do stuff, just so hard to use.

Ultra Rare Average (then): 3.45/5
Ultra Rare Average (now): 3.35/5

Ultra Rare Average: 3.4/5

Super Rares

Dark Balter the Terrible
Exiled Force
Reinforcement of the Army
Spear Dragon
Fiend Skull Dragon
Luster Dragon
Twin-Headed Behemoth
Asura Priest
Drop Off

Dark Balter the Terrible

Dark Balter is an excellent fusion monster. At the cost of 1000 lifepoints, you can negate the activation of a magic card plus, effects of effect monsters destroyed by Dark Balter are negated. A card we see Morphed quite often.

Rating: 4.0/5 both formats

Exiled Force

This is another great Warrior card seen in many of our Warrior/Chaos decks today. Sacrifice Exiled Force to destroy one monster on the field.

Rating: 4.5/5 both formats

Reinforcment of the Army

A great searcher card used also in twos by the Warrior/Chaos decks. It allows you to move any Level 4 or lower Warrior from your deck to your hand.

Rating: 4.0/5 both formats

Spear Dragon

Spear Dragon does as its name implies, spears or tramples if your defenes is lower than 1900. However, this card has the drawback of Goblin Attack Force...0 attack and it switches to defense after an attack.

Rating (then): 4.0/5
Rating (now): 3.0/5

Twin Headed Behemoth

A very interesting Dragon we received from LOD. It definately has a place in the Dragon deck. When destroyed, it can be revived with an attack and defense of 1000, but only once...

Rating: 3.5/5 both formats

Asura Priest

This is one of the most playable spirits in the game. Having 1700 attack points, Asura Priest can attack every single monster your opponent may have on the field (or Scapegoat for that matter.)

Rating: 4.0/5 both formats

Drop Off

I really like Drop Off, and wish it were used more often. This card sends the card that was just drawn by your opponent straight to the graveyard. I believe this is one of those cards that comes down to the "space" issue.

Rating: 3.0/5 both formats

Fiend Skull Dragon and Luster Dragon I give 1/5 simply because they aren't that great and aren't really worth playing.

Super Rare Average (then): 3.85/5
Super Rare Average (now): 3.70/5

Super Rare Average: 3.775/5

Notable Rares

The Warrior Returning Alive

As the card implies, it simply brings a Warrior from your graveyard to your hand. Also used in our Warrior/Chaos today.

Rating: 4.0/5 both formats

Thunder Nyan Nyan

A 1900 attack level 4 monster with an interesting downside. If there is a NON light monster on your side of the field, it is destroyed.
Obviously for use in an all Light deck.

Rating: 3.0/5 both formats

Bottomless Trap Hole

This card is played then and is seeing widely more and more play all the time in the current game like people all of a sudden said WOW, this is a great card. Superior to the original Trap Hole.

Rating: 4.0/5 both formats

Rare Average: 3.66/5

Legacy of Darkness (then)= 3.87/5
Legacy of Darkness (now)= 3.67/5

Legacy of Darkness = 3.77/5

As a reference... :)

4.6-5.0 = A

4.1-4.5 = A-

3.6-4.0 = B+

3.1-3.5 = B-

2.6-3.0 = C+

2.1-2.5 = C-

1.6-2.0 = D+

1.1-1.5 = D-

1.0 or lower = uh-oh

On a quick Recap:

Legend of BEWD set: 2.10/5 = C-
Metal Raiders set: 2.60/5 = C+
Magic Rulers set: 2.70/5 = C+
Pharoh's Servant set: 3.60/5 = B+
Labyrinth of Nighmare set: 3.60/5 = B+
Legacy of Darkness set: 3.77/5 =B+

Well, after the first 3 sets being kinda eeehhhh, we've had 3 B+ sets in a row, so they are definately improving. Next time will be the review of Pharonic Guardian, and we'll see if it can be the first set to break the "A" mark.

Until next time, feel free to contact me about anything @ tsearcy@lssu.edu.

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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