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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Final Jeopardy


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all!

Ok, today's article I entitled Final Jeopardy. I will give some final thoughts of mine as to the new banned list, and will give you a bit of an update of the 7 Trials to Glory Video game which I have spent FAR too much time playing.

Also, I need to make a few comments before I begin. One, sorry for not having an article in two weeks, I've been on Spring Break from college and just got back from Cancun where I had NO computer access. As I checked my mail for the first time in 2 weeks, I had over 150 messages. That'll keep me busy most of the day :) Second, since I haven't even looked at them, trivia winners will be in my NEXT article, as will a new question. Sorry folks, I just didn't want to name winners twice.

Now, as for the banned list. I've already given my opinions on this once, but I'm going to take a bit of a more in depth look at this now. We were given back Graceful Charity. However, we were able to keep Pot of Greed AND Sinister Serpent. Don't get me wrong. This isn't terrible at all. I like having such a big draw gun back. However, I still don't see why Sinister Serpent didn't get its loop on the ban wheel. It is the universal discard and most anyone who has it uses it. Also, I would have liked to have seen Graceful Charity stay banned, along with Painful Choice just so POSSIBLY Monster Reborn could've come back.  That would've all but eliminated the bump and dump revive combo. (Except for Card Destruction...?)

Fiber Jar...a very destructive Jar that I have, yet never have used. I don't like its effect. I find it very disturbing at about any point in a duel after the second or third turn. I have to say a good move was made here. Magical Scientist finally got a boot which is not much short of a Godsend. Mirage of Nightmare I also enjoy seeing banned especially with Black Luster Soldier still running rampant which escapes me. CED is on his second loop of the ban, and BLS survived how? Switching Confiscation and Delinquent Duo is nice. I prefer Duo myself and am glad to have one of my favorite magic cards back :) Change of Heart is a great card to have banned, and really only hurts tribute heavy decks and possibly massive swarm/beatdown. Most decks should get around it pretty easily.

As for Restrictions, D.D. Warrior Lady, one of the other few and far apart good moves made here. She'll still be abused, but having less of her makes her a FAR less threat. Mirror Force...I love having one of if not my favorite trap cards back. However, this time around we seem to be slowly getting all of our field clearers back, except Raigeki but we got Lightning Vortex for that.
United We Stand is one of my favorite equips, but I don't see why we got it back and didn't get Mage Power banned. We have still only 1 MST which I believe should've been semi-restricted with United We Stand and Mirror Force being back, but what do I know? As for semi-restrictions, these hardly effect me at all. The only one I even played once was Vampire Lord but know this.
Even being able to use two of the almighty V-Lord, I still don't see Zombies becoming the total dominating powerhouse. We'll see...

As for Yugioh: 7 Trials to Glory...the game is fun. I enjoy playing it and have spent far too much time doing so as I said earlier. I still believe WWE 2003 is my favorite though. All the main characters from the anime are in this...Mako, Mai, Yugi, Bakura, Tristan, Kaiba, Tea, Weevil, Rex...however I'm yet to find Mokuba. He seems to just be a referee like he was in the show for Battle City. Some duelists you can find only certain days. For a while, I could only find Kaiba on Fridays and ONLY in the tourney room of the K.C. dome.

The game gets better as you progress. I like more challenge being involved that you can't just input a code for EVERY card you need (unless you save a heck of a lot of DP). Also, on a side note, the cards banned DO change EVERY SINGLE WEEK. A nice gentleman told me he opened a CED and it was banned. I've had weeks with NO cards banned, others with as many as 7 so far. So it does vary. I'm updating the score to an 85/100 or a b.

Finally, sure, we all have our thoughts about the new banned list. However, a true player such as myself, and as I hope you all who read this are, will take it and move on. You'll abide by it if only because you have to. We aren't the ones in charge of these things, we just take them as they come. So, it does us no good to complain when there's nothing we can do about it. I will continue playing because I like the game, regardless of how stupid something maybe.
We're all entitled to our opinions of these things.

Now that I'm back, I am answering every e-mail (Note to self, no more trips...)

Please contact me @ tsearcy@lssu.edu with anything you'd like, I'm here for you

Until next time,

You stay classy, planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~


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