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Dark Paladin's Yu-Gi-Oh! Dimension
Mini-Article (my favorites)


Hello again to Pojo and Yugioh fans one and all!

Also, thank you to all who wished me a Happy Birthday.

Well, I was going through some of my card binders and old decks I use to have and I\'m going to give you my list of my 10 favorite cards in all of Yugioh and my opinion of the 10 most underrated cards in all of Yugioh.

Ten Favorite

10) Question
9) Tyrant Dragon
8) Maruading Captain
7) Waboku
6) Injection Fairy Lily
5) Magic Cylinder/Mirror Force
4) Breaker the Magical Warrior
3) Dark Magician
2) Dark Paladin
1) Dark Magician of Chaos

Why are these my favorite cards? Well, the first four are pretty self-explanatory. As you all should know by now, I love Spellcaster/Magician cards. Dark Magician of Chaos is simply amazing. Dark Paladin is second if only because he is a fusion. Dark Magician is nothing too special, but he is one of my favorites. Breaker also rocks the house. Next, Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder are my two favorite traps EVER. Mirror Force is so destructive and Magic Cylinder CAN be a game winning trap. I guess they both can be, I guess.
Injection Fairy Lily, the very first card I pulled from Legacy of Darkness. Oh how popular she was I honestly didn\'t know I still had a copy of her. Waboku is my favorite trap besides Mirror Force and Magic Cylinder. It protects you from almost everything. Maruading Captain, I amazingly pulled in the SAME pack I got Lily. He was my favorite card back when I ran my Warrior deck nearly two years ago. Tyrant Dragon...now I really do NOT like Dragon cards that much at all. Except for my 1st edition BEWD from Legend of Blue Eyes, this is the only Dragon I held on to. I love his picture and he is one heck of a card. Finally, Question. What a pain this card can be. (I swear that I have NEVER cheated when using this by manipulating my graveyard.) My thing is, make sure the first monster you discard is good, via Graceful, Mirage, Painful, etc. and then use this late game. Odds are, your opponent isn\'t going to know what that monster was. (We did see Joey use it on the anime against Marik to get his Jinzo back.)

"I'm sorry, dumb silence wasn't the answer we were looking for!"--Joey Wheeler

Ten Underrated

10) Interdimensional Matter Transporter
9) Reflect Bounder
8) Reload
7) Royal Command
6) Time Seal/Drop Off
5) Megamorph
4) Big Eye
3) Maha Vailo
2) Miracle Dig
1) Solemn Judgment

Now, for these cards, I had to put some thought into this. Interdimensional Matter Transporter is essentially a more specific Waboku that only saves one monster. IT can be helpful. Reflect Bounder is a specifically set 1700 Magic Cylinder in monster form. He can be a decent monster for BLS in a chaos deck.
Reload--for those who play Card Destruction INSTEAD of Reload, I have to ask why? Reload has 2 big things Card Destruction doesn\'t. One, it\'s only for YOU, and two it\'s quickplay. Royal Command is a sweet LON card negating all flip effects. Continuous trap does = BAD if only because of Jinzo but it can really REALLY help you. Time Seal and Drop Off are essentially the same except if Drop Off works, your opponent LOSES the card where Time Seal just delays them from drawing it. Megamorph...this card has potential and possibilities yet few people play it. There is the Cyber Stein/BEUD/Megamorph FTK combo though.
Big Eye is simply amazing. Seeing YOUR five cards and arranging them in anyway.
This can be good, but if the 5 cards are junk then it wasn\'t a big help. Maha Vailo can be a God in an equip deck built around him. However, relying on equips does bring him down, but if you can protect them he\'ll be a force.
Mirace Dig can be a lifesaver. With all the BLS Chaos, DMoC, and other remove from game effects, why not side-deck at least one? Finally, Solemn Judgment.
This card can have a hefty price, and it\'s effect is best used late game.
However, it negates EVERYTHING, what is not to like about that?

Also, here's an example of a Gearfried the Swordmaster deck and results from the tournament it will be used in will follow!

Monsters (17)
(3) Gearfried the Iron Knight
(2) Gearfried the Swordmaster
(2) Marauding Captain
(2) Mataza the Zapper
(1) Exiled Force
(1) Breaker the Magical Warrior
(1) Tribe-Infecting Virus
(1) D.D. Warrior Lady
(2) Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
(1) Mobius the Frost Monarch
(1) Jinzo

Spells (15)

(2) Release Restraint
(3) Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
(1) Monster Reborn
(1) Premature Burial
(1) Snatch Steal
(1) Heavy Storm
(1) Pot of Greed
(1) Graceful Charity
(1) Raigeki
(1) Change of Heart
(2) Reinforcement of the Army

Traps (9)

(1) Imperial Order
(2) Compulsory Evacuation Device
(1) Hallowed Life Barrier
(1) Magic Cylinder
(1) Call of the Haunted
(1) Ring of Destruction
(2) Waboku

Personally, I don't believe in Mirror Force. Most people are anticipating it so they waste their Harpie's or Heavy and end up destroying Waboku or Hallowed Life Barrier, which I usually chain to. Those 2 cards are much better than Mirror Force in my opinion. Now, I realize I can't revive Iron Knight with Premature and I can't revive Swordmaster at all (unless I use A Feather of the Phoenix or Monster Reincarnation, but you can't call that revival now can
you?) but I usually end up using revival cards for some other monsters like Mataza or Jinzo. Of couse, Kotetsu is VERY fun to use! I can get Snatch Steal and any other equip card in my deck so he is very useful. The rest explains itself, M/T Removal, Swarmage, Deck Thinning, Swordmaster, Mass Monster Removal (MMR).

I really like the card, so I hope the deck does well. I would love to see an underrated and fairly unusable card fare well. Good luck.

Deck rating: 80/100

Well, I hope you guys respect and enjoyed my opinions. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me with any comments (NO HATE MAIL PLEASE) @ tsearcy@lssu.edu

You stay classy, Planet Earth :)

~Dark Paladin~



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